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Chapter 19

Thinking of these, Shen Yan thinks it shouldn’t be a big deal to audition casually so that she won’t get casted.

“OK but that Xianxia drama feels really good.”

“I will look at it carefully.”

Because He Han changed her room, Shen Yan has now the room all by herself.

Lying on her bed, Shen Yan was thinking of the audition Zhou Ruo gave her earlier.

Frowning slightly Shen Yan remembered that Meng Yi’an hated her so much that she would need to avoid any TV series, movies and endorsement related to the Meng Group, especially if she could see Meng Yi’an.

In her previous life, she rarely see Meng Yi’an and in this life he would definitely appear less.


The assistant director, approached Li Jun to discuss moving Shen Yan’s diving rescue scene on the last day of the shooting.

“Director, if the diving rescue scene is shot now, how awkward is it for Shen Yan to continue filming in the crew later, why not move this scene to the end?”

Li Jun was just back from talking with Zhang He about the money-making plan and drank some wine.

When he came back and listened to Li Jun’s explanation he agreed immediately, only after agreeing to it, did he reacted and asked.

“Aren’t you on good terms with Shen Yan?”

“I think I still have to listen to you, after all you are still my director ah.”

Li Jun laughed out loud after hearing what the assistant director said.

“It’s good that you have figure it out, it’s good ah.”

After breathing a sigh of relief the assistant director secretly sent a message to Shen Yan, saying that it was done, while pretending to listen to Li Jun.

“You don’t know ah, Zhang He is a real man, generally no one will recommend stock to others, after all, stock is about getting money and losing money. But this Zhang He, for his girlfriend’s sake he recommended it to many of us.”

If Zhang He would heard this, he would cry out that what he was wrong. He never wanted to recommend stocks from the first place.

Recommending stocks was risky, but these was what He Han wanted. She wanted face so she recommended it without knowing anything about it.

Later, Zhang He also felt that Yuran would rise, so he broke the pot1.

“Listen to me, hurry up and sell off your stock in Chen’s, then buy it on Yuran instead.”

Li Jun grunted.

“When I have my money, I’ll invest in my own movie and become a famous director.”

The assistant director nodded his head, and gave some, “ah, en and okay” as a reply before running straight away.

After seeing the departing back of the assistant director, Li Jun thought something.

“How did he know about the additional scene for Shen Yan?”

After realizing that, Li Jun shouted.

“It was you who were eavesdropping at the door today!”

The assistant director ran even faster.

He Han never knew about how the assistant director convince Li Jun about the jumping scene. Anyway the next day, when they started shooting, Li Jun simply did mention anything to Shen Yan.

He Han was probably afraid of suffering again, so she did not find any fault with Shen Yan and only waited for the scene to shoot where she would dive.

However the director promised her to let Shen Yan dance at least a dozen times. The thought of Shen Yan’s wretched appearance, He Han’s whole mood was very pleasant.

For the sake of proving his statement to the director, the assistant director doesn’t dare to chat with Shen Yan on the set.

But he still added another extra drumstick to Shen Yan’s lunch every time they eat.

The days flashed instantly, and it’s finally the day where Shen Yan’s character was killed.

Early in the morning, He Han arrive at the set, she approached the director and said.

“Director, the weather is good now ah, how about shooting the diving scene now.”

“Wait for the last scene, or it will be awkward.”

She Yan arrived at the set about the same time as usual. The people on the set looked at Shen Yan sympathetically, as it was clear how He Han was going to torment Shen Yan.

He Han was very confident, she stretched her waist and walked next to Shen Yan.

“Today, we have a fighting scene, I’ll stand opposite to you in a moment and watched you saved people.”

Watching you jump dramatically and pitifully!

Looking at He Han, Shen Yan said.

“The skirt is a little long.”

He Han snorted out a laugh.

“This costume was specially made for me by the crew, much more gorgeous than your costume.”

More gorgeous?

She Yan just thinks that it was inconvenient for He Han to run while wearing it.

Just don’t fall and trip.

Li Jun who was sitting with a speaker, shouted.

“Okay, okay all departments hurry and get ready.”

Shen Yan’s scene were very few, so she finished all the scenes within an hour and half except the diving scene.

He Han excitedly ran to the pavilion and sat there, waiting for Shen Yan to dive into the water.

Worried that Li Jun forgot the turn on the water, she also did not forgot to look towards him. Li Jun nodded slightly, assuring He Han.

Just then, someone ran into the set, shouting.

“It’s down, it’s down.”


broke the pot1– spill information


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