Chapter 7

Zhang Renyan shouted hysterically,

“She cuckolded you!”

The black eyes behind the rimless glasses flashed a sharply, and Xu Yanwen looked at Zhang Renyan like he was looking at a foolish fool.

“You set a trap for Jiayue, and when she didn’t fall for it, you tattle on me, and this is how you treat your friends?”

Although Xu Yanwen exposed her true colors, Zhang Renyan simply do not feel that it was her fault.

She only did that because she liked Xu Yanwen too much, but also Xue Jiayue herself gave her the opportunity.

“If Xue Jiayue didn’t have the kind of idea herself do you think I could just give her that idea?”

Xu Yanwen curled his lips carelessly when he heard the words.

“I won’t play this kind of provocative tricks after I was three years old.”

The indifferent tone was full of ridicule and contempt for Zhang Renyan. The things Zhang Renyan did were the remaining tricks he played when he was a child.

How could he still be fooled.

Zhang Renyan was ashamed and annoyed, her face has turned red and her heart was filled with resentment against Xue Jiayue.

Xu Yanwen raised his hand and gently pushed his rimless glasses, a trace of ruthlessness appeared on his gentle and handsome face.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that you’ve been with Jiayue for so many years, do you think you’d still be standing here talking to me?”

The desperate Zhang Renyan: “…….”

“Don’t let Jiayue see you again in the future!”

After giving the warning, the window glass went back up, separating the two worlds outside the car.

Zhang Renyan lost her face, she watched as the black Bentley slowly drove out.


Sitting in her room, Xue Jiayue reached out and touched her chest where there was a feeling of emptiness.

She knew that it was not her own emotion, it should be the emotion of the original owner of the body.

She could understand the sadness, the original owner has been friends with Zhang Renyan for so many years, and has always treated Zhang Renyan with sincerity, treating her as her best friend and has given her a lot of help.

When Zhang Renyan’s father was hospitalized for surgery and lacked money, Xue Jiayue lent Zhang Renyan a large sum of money.

And everytime she went on a trip, she would also buy Zhang Renyan a gift, but what she got in return was not Zhang Renyan’s gratitude but Zhang Renyan using and framing her!

Anyone else who encounters such BFF couldn’t help but feel sad!

In fact in the original book, Xu Yanwen said many times to the original owner that Zhan Renyan was not a good person and should cut off their friendship.

But Xue Jiayue believed in her friend and quarreled with Xu Yanwen for Zhang Renyan’s sake.

They have quarreled once or twice and Xu Yanwen understood both times that Xue Jiayue treasured her friends.

But after three or four time, he lost his affection, and later Xu Yanwen was too lazy to take care of her.

Fortunately, she has dealt Zhang Renyan ruthlessly now, and would never see Zhang Renyan again.

Without Zhang Renyan’s instigation she would not make the same mistakes in the original book, and would not turn herself into the best joke.

She would just live her life well, and just wait for Xu Yanwen to divorce her.

“After getting rid of a bad friend, you can still make new friend in the future. There is nothing to be sad about, it will only get better in the future.”

Xue Jiayue comforted herself and recovered after resting for a while.

After resting, Xue Jiayue wash up, change her clothes and make herself a beautiful breakfast. She had eat and drink enough, and was full of spirit.

Today Xu Yanwen was away on a business trip and Xue Jiayue had nothing to do. Thinking that she was too idle, Xue Jiayue started cleaning the house.

Anyway, she may have to live in this home for a while, and since it’s where she’s going to live, it’s necessary to keep it neat and clean.

The house was a bit big, except for Xu Yanwen’s bedroom and study, since Xue Jiayue did not get Xu Yanwen’s persmission to go in and clean, but all the other places were cleaned.

It took Xue Jiayue several hours to finish all the cleaning. She was so tired that she collapsed on the sofa.

“It’s so tiring!”

Xue Jiayue sighed, shaking her arms and looking around the results of her labor, she said.

“It’s good to live in a big house, but it’s too troublesome to clean. No wonder the rich have to hire servants.”

At this time her phone rang, Xue Jiayue took a paper towel to wipe the sweat on her forehead and went to answer the phone.

She first looked at the name on the screen of her phone—


Grandpa? Elder Xu.. Xu Yanwen’s grandfather!

Before Xue Jiayue married Xu Yanwen, she called elder Xu lao yezi1, after marrying Xu Yanwen, she directly change and called him Yeye2.


lao yezi1– polite way of calling an elderly male

Yeye2– paternal grandfather/father’s father


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