Chapter 10

As Ruan Tian said this he took out his fingers and pulled out a few transparent saliva with it, sticking on his already moist and soft lips.

Qin Li’ eyes darken, his head rang like thousand drums, staring at Ruan Tian unable to speak for a while.

“You can’t go back on your words!”

Ruan Tian stared at Qin Li nervously, afraid that he would back out on his words.

Ruan Tian heads was shorter than Qin Li, his frame was smaller, his hands and feet were also very small, the person itself was very delicate and can be easily carried in his arms if he wanted to.

How could Qin Li refuse such beautiful person like an angel asking for his help.

“Okay, no regrets.”

Ruan Tian remembers that Qin Li willingly always bought him delicious foods and doesn’t care if he eats it or not, so he quickly smiled at Qin Li forgetting his previous annoyance.

When he smiled, there was a shallow pear vortices on his cheeks, his beautiful peach eyes were also narrowed and the mole at the end of his eye was particularly seductive.

Qin Li especially loved Ruan Tian’s smile and said in a deep voice,

“Don’t smile like that.”

“Ah?” Ruan Tian was puzzled.

“It’s ugly.”

Ruan Tian annoyance resurface,

“You’re the one that is ugly, do you even have some aesthetic sense? Others say I look beautiful.”


Qin Li quickly change the subject,

“Take a good rest. Call me whenever you want something.”

Ruan Tian exploded,

“You make it clear, where am I ugly!”

“You are the most beautiful, okay?”

“It’s perfunctory, you are doing this deliberately.”

Ruan Tian turned his back at Qin Li,

“You go. I don’t want to care about you.”

“…..” Qin Li’s expression stiffened.

“I will bring the food here tomorrow.” Qin Li decided to seduce Ruan Tian with food again.

Ruan Tian’s expression change a little, frowned and pouted,

“Don’t listen to my parents. That night was an accident. I don’t want you to take responsibility, and you don’t have to feel guilty. You already have someone you like, and I also have someone I like. We don’t need to hold each other. Besides I haven’t decided whether or not to have this child.”

Qin Li’’s face suddenly sank and said,

“What did you say?”

His words were full of murderous intent.

Ruan Tian shrank his neck subconsciously,

Qin Li went crazy!! Scary!!

Did he say something wrong?

Qin Li must have imagine him as another man last night, could he leave him just to take care of himself?

Besides, he has not successfully confessed to Deng Ru yet, he was a loyal cat who only persevere and never gives up halfway and besides he already promise his body for his life savior.

He heard that the best way for humans to repay their kindness was to pay them with your body.

“Are you going to kill the child?” Qin Lin continued coldly.

His eyes were like layer of frost, his thin lips are tight, and the whole person was like a sharp blade carrying a shuddering momentum with anger and violence.

Ruan Tian’s feet were soft and he was frightened, he shook his head and tremblingly said,

“No. I… I’ll discuss it with you.”

Qin Li still said with a cold face,

“You must never abort the child privately.”

“….Oh..” Ruan Tian fearfully said.



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