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Chapter 11

These ladies who had nothing important to do on weekdays and couldn’t just met with any random men—their lives are quiet boring so they find some reason to organize parties or get together to have some fun.

During spring, it was usually good for outdoor activities like; flower viewing, and any other activities that could be enjoyed during spring.

However during winter, there were no flowers blooming to watch or any other plants growing, Princess Changping could only organized a Cuju tournament fit for long winter.

After all it was better to kick a ball and sweat on cold season.

Jiang Liangchan arrived last and alone. She was very nervous, mainly because she doesn’t know the appearance of the people in this story besides their names that was written on the plot.

She doesn’t know how to face this people.

As for what Jiang Yunting said, there may be a lot of people who hate her but she was okay with that and doesn’t mind it seriously.

At most it was the male lead who hated her so much that he wanted to kill her but as for other people….

She wanted to tell Jiang Yunting that in the story there actually no one who likes them.

As soon as Jiang Liangchan entered the door she immediately felt the unfriendly atmosphere.

As soon as she walked up, she heard someone say,

“Oh, isn’t this our number one beauty in the capital? I thought it was too cold today that she couldn’t come.”

Jiang Liangchan looked over and found the girl who was talking, her looks were average but she dressed a lot harder than she look.

On this kind of weather the girl was wearing a green thin skirt, and just by looking at her Jiang Liangchan felt colder.

Seeing that Jiang Liangchan was looking at her, the green skirt girl squinted her eyes and became meaner,

“Our number one beauty is indeed beautiful, I heard that there was this girl work in a brothel who looks exactly like her and looks like the business was very booming since the many men love her.”

People around them smiled knowingly.

Among them, smiling widely was a slightly plump girl in pink, sitting next to the green skirt girl.

Jiang Liangchan turned her head to Chun Xin.

Chun Xin immediately leaned forward and whispered,

“Liu Qingru, sister of Liu Cheng who was beaten by you. The one who laughed like a duck was Song Yuzhen, the daughter of Song Shangshu, the Ministry of Rites.”

In the morning on the way out with Chun Xin, Jiang Liangchan lied that she hadn’t sleep well yesterday and her eyes were in a bad condition and that she couldn’t see people clearly.

She asked Chun Xin to look and remind her the identity of the people around her at any time.

Hearing who that person was, Jiang Liangchan understood—no wonder she was so hostile towards her, she was just looking after her brother.

Seeing the ladies laughed maliciously at her, it seemed that before she came, Liu Qingru already talked about the brothel woman.

Jiang Liangchan smiled slightly and sat down on the empty seat opposite to Liu Qingru.

She was wearing the thickest dress inside today. She wore a snow-white and a well fitted skirt with a short coat underneath.

Outside the short coat, she also wears a fiery red fox fur cape. This kind of scarlet color can only be manage to wear by a beauty like her.

The white short coat and the scarlet cape were warm and elegant to look at, also making her skin looked brighter and eyes more attractive, looking like an unstoppable beauty.

Liu Qingru who had obviously dressed up on purpose, was overshadowed by Jiang Liangchan, looking so dull.

Jiang Liangchan ignored her all the time. She took the tea from the servant girl and took a sip from it.

Before sweeping a cold look at those who covered their mouth while snickering, and speak unhurriedly.

“Thank you for the compliment, but if I may say, indeed there were only few people who have seen how wide the world is. Fortunately I’m one of those people so I won’t foolishly rank the beauties.”

Jiang Liangchan took another sip, before she continued.

 “After all, there are many famous and beautiful women in the capital, so I don’t dare to claim this first place.”

Jiang Liangchan’s voice was neither high nor low, just enough for everyone to hear.

And the proud face on Liu Qingru’s face stiffened.

Those women who just laughed at Jiang Liangchan also looked a little ugly.

But Jiang Liangchan didn’t seem to notice. She leaned over the table and took Liu Qingru’s hand with a concern look in her eyes, she said.

“I heard that your brother had a dispute with a woman and was beaten by that woman on public, did you happen to get hurt also? No matter how rude a man is, how can she be impolite and hit people in the street.”

Hearing Jiang Liangchan say this, many people lowered their head and covered their mouth with a handkerchief to hide their smile.

A big man, who speak rudely in the street, was beaten and hurt by a woman!

This joke was enough for them to enjoy from some time.

But some of them also noticed, Jiang Liangchan’s sarcastic comments, thinking.

How can Jiang Liangchan be so poisoned just by few days, they hadn’t see her.



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