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Chapter 76

Recalling back the time when Zhao Jin said in a major variety show that Chun Huashan was made with thoughts and love for his father, majority of the netizens just wanted to vomit everything they had eaten.

Qian Zhong knew nothing about the new evidence provided online, he was still talking and laughing in front of the host, however most of the audience below already knew the truth.

Earlier they were all applauding Qian Zhong and laughed with him, but now they were all indifferent, just wanting to see how Qian Zhong would act next.

Later, some of the people who were watching Qian Zhong’s interview took it as a joke. Someone even secretly took out their phone to video it live letting everyone who was not there see a big joke.

[Slap the face of that greedy liar!]

[If he said that the director of Chun Huashan is not Fu Zhen I might have believe him but he strongly emphasize that the director is Zhao Jin, he didn’t even blush when said that]

[Annual Confuse Behavior Award +1]

[Solid hammer!]1

Qian Zhong who was sweetly enjoying his time doesn’t know that the future he dreamed  of was already  and completely ruined.

If Mars didn’t hit the earth, it might not be possible to turn over.2

When Jiang Hengshu came out of the bathroom, Fu Zhen had already turned off the phone and put it on the bedside cabinet.

He seemed to have fallen asleep but his eyelashes that were fluttering like a butterfly wings betrayed him.

Jiang Hengshu chuckled softly, lifted the quilt and lay down beside Fu Zhen. He patted Fu Zhen’s back with his palm and said,

“Go to sleep.”

Fu Zhen rubbed his head against Jiang Hengshu’s neck before nestling down.

Jiang Hengshu turned off the bedside lamp, and in a short while only the sound of Fu Zhen’s even breathing filled the room.

It was good night’s dream.


Today was January 23 and it was also Tang Wanwan’s wedding day, which would be held at Eston Manor like what Tang Wanwan once told Fu Zhen.

Tang Wanwan sent Fu Zhen an invitation some time ago, but Fu Zhen believes that he has no relationship with Tang Wanwan, and there was no need to attend her wedding.

He would rather draw two color inserts or draw a sketch of Jiang Hengshu.

The morning sun shines through the glass window, and the carved bed curtains spread a mottle silhouette on the beige floor.

Fu Zhen was sitting on a thick carpet holding a drawing board with one hand, and holding a pen with his other hand, concentrating on his drawing making sure that the finishing touches were all good.

His long hair was hanging down in front of his forehead, making the shadow on the drawing board that looked like a knife from the middle.

After finishing the two color inserts, he was ready to take on a few more portraits, for extra money.

The court session would take at least 10 days and in a few days it would be Chinese New Year again, so it was likely that the case would be held until the next few days or could be weeks,

It was estimated that the money would take some time to enter his pocket.

“What’s next?”

Jiang Hengshu took a day off from his work to spend time with Fu Zhen at home, posing and modeling various pose for him.

Fu Zhen stopped the movements of his hands and thought seriously,

“If there is enough money, I would like to restart the Shazou Chronicle.”

Jiang Hengshu has not seen the Shazou Chronicle but in those years abroad, Wang Tong has been around him a lot and would mention this anime every time.

He once even said that Shazou Chronicle was the light and hope of domestic animation.

However every time he talked about Shazou Chronicle, Wang Tong would end up cussing.

JIang Hengshu did not expect that the producer of this anime would be Fu Zhen to be precise he had never associated the two with each other.

Jiang Hengshu smiled and complimented Fu Zhen.

“Zhenzhen is great!”

Fu Zhen blushed shyly, he always felt that he was being coaxed by Jiang Hengshu like a little child.

His health has not good for the past months, and now he was pregnant, since he had been painting all morning, Jiang Hengshu reminded Fu Zhen.

“Don’t be too tired.”

“I know.”

Fu Zhen obeyed and immediately put down the tablet in his hand, and pushed the computer aside.

“By the way,”

Jiang Hengshu suddenly remembered something and told Fu Zhen.

“My mother wants to meet you.”

Fu Zhen suddenly raised his head and looked Jiang Hengshu, behind him were countless tiny particles floating under the golden sunlight reflecting Jiang Hengshu’s eyes that was calm as the bay lake water.

There was also a small buzzing sound in Fu Zhen ears he was staring at Jiang Hengshu for a long time. 

He didn’t think and expected that Jiang Hengshu had already come out to his family, let alone that he was going to see his parents so soon.

He clenched and unclenched his two hands into fist, his was indescribably nervous and only after a long time did he open his mouth and asked Jiang Hengshu,

“They all know about it?”

Jiang Hengshu squatted down at looked at Fu Zhen,

“Now only my mother knows.”

Fu Zhen felt his face was a little hot, his mouth opened and closed but he could only said one word,


Jiang Hengshu understood Fu Zhen’s unfinished words, he soothed Fu Zhen and said,

“She will like you so…”

Jiang Hengshu gently grabbed and ruffled the front of Fu Zhen forehead, and with a tempting voice he softly asked,

“Do you have time..?”



[Solid hammer!]1-  it is used when there was a rumor about somebody but they don’t admit it, then comes the evidence which confirms the rumor,boom, the evidence came down on them like a hammer. is only an internet slang comes from gossip

If Mars didn’t hit the earth, it might not be possible to turn over.2- if he could turned back time he would surely not made the same decision

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