Chapter 8

Standing in the ultra-luxurious parking lot, Jian Ruixi had the feeling that she was on sheep car cruise.

With many choices, Jian Ruixi had a hard time deciding. Fortunately she remembered that once in the ancient times, there was an emperor named Jin Wudi who had 3,000 concubines or more.

It was a big problem for him to decide which concubine he would sleep with, every night.

So Emperor Jin Wudi came up of the way to fix his dilemma. He would seat on his palanquin and in whose palace he parked would be the concubine he would sleep with that night.

Jian Ruixi felt that she was like Emperor Jin Wudi, looking at these fat and thin “concubines”.

She happily forget about everything. Accompanied by Assistant Wen she strolled into a large parking lot and finally stood in front of the black Land Rover.

“This is it.”

Assistant Wen handed the car keys, half surprise and half joking he said.

“Madam has good eyes, it is also one of Preside Fu’s favorites, usually when not at work, President Fu drives this when he goes out.”

The Land Rover was a global limited edition car. The appearance was elegant and autocratic style of Land Rover.

And as long as it was a man, it would be harder to resist its charm, so it was listed in the top 3 of President Fu’s car.

Assistant Wen was not surprise, it’s just that it was bit unexpected that Madam Fu would like the same car.

He remembered that Madam Fu usually drives sports car, and it’s not just her. All the noblewomen in Hong Kong liked colorful sports car.

In which Fu Shiyuan also had a rather few cool convertible cars. But Madam Fu actually just passed by them and chooses one of President Fu’s favorite car.

Assistant Wen doesn’t know if it was intentional or not.

Jian Ruixi did not understand Assistant Wen’s hidden meaning in words and only thought that it was a compliment at her taste and said with rather modest smile.

“It only shows that I have similar aesthetics with Ethan.”

She also like this Land Rover in her previous life. It was just a pity that they were all global limited model that couldn’t be bought with just money alone.

Of course, she can’t afford even if it was offered with just money since she was just a third tier star.

Jian Ruixi couldn’t wait and took the car keys from Assistant Wen.

“I’m ready to go. A’ Wen you go and do your work.”

Assistant Wen stood by and watched Jian Ruixi start the car in a natural and unrestrained manner, leaving him with a dust.

The excitement in her eyes didn’t seemed like she was faking it. With a knowing smile, Assistant Wen told the bodyguard who had already gotten into the car.

“Follow the madam well. She hasn’t driven several in the capital for a long time and may not be familiar with the roads here. Don’t let her have an accident.”

All the people around Jian Ruixi were afraid that she was not familiar with the place, but she was no longer the old Jian Ruixi.

She arrived at the department store smoothly and started a day’s shopping trip.

Jian Ruixi has also a lot of money in her previous life. She drives a seven figure luxury car and lives in an eight figure luxury house.

She could also do shopping without looking at that tag and let the sale’s representative swipe her card to her heart content.

But not to the point of squandering money like dirt—

In other words, with her wealth she could spend a hundred yuan in a day but could not do it again on the next day or she would go broke.

After all it was also her hard-earned money, so she would know her limitations. But compared with Madam Fu, even if she spends millions of yuan it was just a drizzle in the rain1.

And when a local tyrant becomes a rich woman, Jian Ruixi’s shopping desires were completely satisfied. She stayed in the mall whole afternoon, buying her lunch and snack inside.

Although her money was not depleting even she buys too much but her physical strength was. Jian Ruixi had drained her energy and was already dragging her legs by 4 pm.

She decided to find a coffee shop to sit down and recharge herself with food.

Sitting down, enjoying her food, Jian Ruixi was thinking of things that she needs to do.

Since she decided to ‘change’, nothing was more efficient and convenient than slowly showing her changes little by little to her circle of friends.

And to start, she decided to take a picture and posted it as her moments in weibo.

Soon after, Madam Fu’s noblewomen friends left some comments.

[So Annie went to the mainland without a word, no wonder I didn’t see you at the party today.]

[It’s tiring to go shop by yourself. I can’t stand it, that’s why I’d rather have the new seasonal clothes delivered to my home saving time and not having to suffer]

Even rich people had someone like this.

Jian Ruixi thought. She sighed in her heart and then replied.

[Shopping is about enjoying the process. If you had someone sent those clothes to you, what’s there to enjoy?]

She send a few more replies before she close her Wechat and put down her phone, then leisurely finished her food.

Not long after, her phone rang again, thinking that it was one of her noble friends call. But unexpectedly what she saw was Fu Shiyuan’s name.

Jian Ruixi raised her eyebrow suspiciously but quickly replace it with a warm smile.

“Ethan, are you not busy, calling during working hours?”

“I am busy but just had a short break.”

Fu Shiyuan’s voice on the phone was still clear and pleasant.

“Where are you?”

“Department store.”

Jian Ruixi supported her chin one hand and pouted.

“The shopping mall in the capital is too big. I’ve only been in two floors but I am already so tired, so I stopped at a coffee shop to rest.”

Fu Shiyuan chuckled and chatted with Jian Ruixi leisurely.

“Do you still want to continue shopping after your break?”

“No, no, no, I’m afraid my feet won’t going to endure longer if I walked again.”

“Why don’t you go home and rest?”

“I have nothing to do at home, might as well stay her and drink some coffee and have dinner in a little while.”

Talking here, Fu Shiyuan just laughed and asked.

“Why don’t you come here and rest? The department store is not far from the company. I’ll invite you to dinner?”

Jian Ruixi was caught off guard and surprisingly asked.

“Go to your company?!”

“You don’t want to?”

Fu Shiyuan asked in relaxed and composed manner.

“Of course not.”

Jian Ruixi laughed like Fu Shiyuan. She knows that she need to give the boss a face2.

“It’s just that I’m afraid of being stopped by your receptionist saying ‘I’m sorry you didn’t make an appointment in advance, it may not be convenient for President Fu to see you’. Isn’t it like that on TV?”

Fu Shiyuan didn’t expect that his wife knows how to joke. He laughed heartily giving a lot of face to his wife2, and said on humorous manner.

“It should be me who need to book an appointment with you so don’t worry about that.”

After they arrange to meet, Jian Ruixi beckoned the bodyguard in the corner.

“I’m going to Ethan’s company. You can go home but you need to help me send today’s spoils3 back home.”


just a drizzle in the rain1– small amount of money

boss a face2 and giving a lot of face to his wife2– show or treat someone with respect, honor and dignity

spoils3– also known as loot, something valuable or desirable gained through special effort or oppurtunity


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