Chapter 7

Fact proved that she was not wrong about Fu Shiuyan, he was indeed a gentleman in disguise. It can be seen that the elite education he received from childhood was just a decoration.

As for why she called him “honey” sweetly in her sleep, the reason was simple, because she misidentified the person.

Jian Ruixi was pretending to sleep at first, how could she have the luxury of sleeping when something big happened to her that almost turned her world upside down, and suddenly at that.

Also she needed to share a bed with a man who was still essentially a stranger to her, no matter how badly she dreamed of being married to a wealthy family, Jian Ruixi do not have the nerve to accept it all at once.

She was worried that she would be sleepless and uneasy, so she began to do psychological hypnosis for herself while lying down, such as telling herself she was still on holiday and sleeping together with her dear boyfriend.

Unknowingly she went to sleep like this, she only not had a good sleep but also had spring dream1 with her fresh meat boyfriend.

With this it was proven that transmigrating was not a great psychological impact on a person especially for Jian Ruixi.

Frankly speaking, Jian Ruixi’s mentality was so stable, but she herself doesn’t know this. She may not had live a life like a wealthy big boss but at least she had the same quality of mentality as the big boss.

But it maybe because her dream was so beautiful that when she was half asleep she still thinks that her real boyfriend was spoiling her.

However reality was, she has no fresh meat boyfriend anymore, only a wealthy husband.

Though Jian Ruixi was already 30 years old aunt, she was the pampered and delicate type.

She has used her fairy like beauty to enter the entertainment industry and stayed there for a long time, though most of her roles were just cannon fodders and sometimes extra that were hired for their face, just like the male idols selling their fresh meat2.

How can a fairy grow old? She would always be eighteen! It was only natural for a fairy to be pampered.

Hence Jian Ruixi became more and more spoiled.

There was also her boyfriend, Chen who was only twenty-three years old, who recently graduated from university and who has never been out of the campus ivory tower3.

As a result like a young boy who got his first girlfriend, he tolerated Jian Ruixi’s childishness and would even connive at some of her pettiness that does not fit her age.

Jian Ruixi gets along with him, and treated herself like a twenty-year old girl.

She and Madam Fu were totally complete opposite of each other.

Madam Fu was born in the middle class and her parents were determined to train her as a noble and elegant lady, therefore since childhood she has been trained as one, and later married into a rich family.

The Fu family was different from other rich people, they’re wealthy with deep roots and with great background in Hong Kong, as citizens called them hao men4.

And when Madam Fu married into this family, she became the noble lady that refuses to make mistakes.

Therefore it would be inconvincible to Fu Shiyuan to see his dignified and elegant wife suddenly hugging his arms even if she was half asleep.

Her behavior was too different from her usual self and it was more contradictory than last night. It was no wonder he thought more.

Was it one must let loose the reigns to grasp them better?


 Fu Shiyuan pursed his lips and smile.

Only when he felt the person’s breathing stabilize, did he gently mover her arm away and quietly got out of bed.

Jian Ruixi had a good dream, she woke up around nine o’clock in the room alone, which was not unexpected. When she was asleep, she felt some movement, it should Fu Shiyuan getting up.

However when she went downstairs for breakfast she still asked Sister Zhang,

“Has Ethan gone to work?”

Ethan was the English name of her magnificent husband. She congratulated herself for finally remembering the name.

Sister Zhang reported everything in detail,

“Master Fu got up at six o’clock, ran a few laps, ate breakfast and went to work at seven o’clock.”

“So early” Jian Ruixi said with a sighed.

Sister Zhang laughed,

“He’s work is far, if don’t leave early Master Fu would most likely catch the morning rush.”

Jian Ruixi nod seriously, and glance at Aunt Wang with the other maids who was busy putting all kinds of dishes on the table.

At the same time Jian Ruixi thinks maybe she was thinking too much and could be that coming home late at night just for her was just a formality and nothing serious5.

Jian Ruixi decisively stopped thinking about it and enjoyed her hearty breakfast alone.

After breakfast, Jian Ruixi who was lying on the sofa doing nothing, inevitably remembered her parent, relatives and friend in her original world.

However, she was an open-minded person by nature, to put it bluntly she was heartless.

After transmigrating, the body she possess may still die, but she can only rely on her dreams in this case, since she may stay here in this world forever so rather than missing her family, relatives and friends living well in the present was the most important.

Jian Ruixi saw Fu Shiyuan’s 24-hour assistant, Assistant Wen who came to her house unannounced. She immediately came back to her senses.

“A’wen, why are you here? Isn’t Ethan busy?”

Assistant Wen said with a smile,

“President Fu is in a meeting, he is worried that you are not familiar with the capital, so he asked me to come over and ask if there is anything I can do to help or accompany you, like shopping?”

Jian Ruixi really wanted to go shopping, not because of the desire to go shop but because she found that the luggage Madam Fu brought were not in line with her style.

Probably because Madam Fu prioritize her identity, so she always dresses herself nothing but an elegant and noble way, so that people could identify her at first glance.

But in Jian Ruixi’s opinion these kind of noble and aristocratic clothes seemed a little mature for a young baby face to wear something like a forty-year-old woman would.

It isn’t worth it.

She would just rather wear a set of t-shirt and jeans, at least this could make her look like a college student, so it was necessary to go shopping and find a more suitable clothes for her.

People say that new environment needs a new start, just as how Jian Ruixi recently arrived starting her new life.

Jian Ruixi said to Assistant Wen,

“I would like to go shopping but A’Wen you are not a girl, I am afraid that you cannot give me advice but confuse me instead.”

Assistant Wen was just ordered by President Fu but seeing that Madam Fu don’t need him, he doesn’t need to force himself.

He nodded with a smile,

“Then I’ll leave the bodyguard and a driver to you?”

“Forget about the driver, I want to drive myself.”

Although Jian Ruixi enjoys the feeling of being escorted. She was already tired of going out with a bodyguard driver and sneaks like a snake to avoid paparazzi.

What she wanted more now was to walk on the street freely, enjoy her leisure time without any disturbance of paparazzi, so she naturally refused the driver chaperon.

“As for the body guard, let him drive on a different car and follow me from behind, okay?”

“Of course.”

Assistant Wen readily agreed, after all Madam Fu was his boss wife which make her his boss also. He smiled and said,

“Then do you need me to accompany to choose a car?”

As soon as Jian Ruixi heard Assistant Wen’s word, she quietly murmured,

Choose a car? Is it like going to a 4S store?

When she arrived at her rich husband’s parking lot, which could be said to hold nearly 100 cars, that’s when Jian Ruixi realizes that her poverty limits her imagination.

Such a big parking lot full of luxurious cars, 4S store can’t even start to compare.!


had spring dream1– short-lived illusion or and erotic dream

selling their fresh meat2

ivory tower3

hao men4– rich powerful families, aristocrats, big shots

At the same time Jian Ruixi thinks maybe she was thinking too much and could be that coming home late at night just for her was just a formality and nothing serious5.- Jian Ruxi was worried that Fu Shiyuan would asked for a s*x, since he purposely went home just for her and since it has been a while since they saw each other


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