Chapter 6

Ha! Ha!

Xue Jiayue sneered at her again and said.

“Zhang Renyan, my dear best friend, you probably forgot that I am a married woman now? You even introduced me to cow head that tried to tempt me to cheat. What exactly are your intentions?”

She, she actually knew, actually guessed what I was up to?!

Zhang Renyan was flustered, but she had deceived Xue Jiayue for so many year. She knew Xue Jiayue’s character very well and used that to manipulate Xue Jiayue, so she quickly explained.

“Isn’t that what you said? That brother Xu… you cannot stand it anymore and just find a strong and big to try? That’s why I introduced Su Ziqiao to you, I also asked your opinion before, didn’t I?”

“You nodded your head and agreed, this cannot be blamed on me, I was only thinking about you!”

Zhang Renyan continued.

The words were really nice, everything was for Xe Jiayue. Even introducing the cow head to Xue Jiayue and luring Xue Jiayue to cheat wer all for Xue Jiayue’s sake.

They were simply the best of friends in the world! But Xue Jiayue blamed her instead of thanking her!

This was purely wrong, she was extremely wronged!

What a glib tongue ah!

Xue Jiayue thought.

If Xue Jiayue was still the original Xue Jiayue, she would have been coaxed by Zhang Renyan’s words and might have quickly forgiven Zhang Renyan again.

But now the Xue Jiayue has change her core and was no longer the old Xue Jiayue. She will not be fooled and coaxed by Zhang Renyan’s words.

“That’s enough.”

Xue Jiayue was so disgusted with Zhang Renyan in front of her that she wanted to vomit in disgust and didn’t want to see her again.

“Let’s cut off our friendship and stop seeing each other.”


Zhang Renan could not believe what her ears heard. She has been playing with Xue Jiayue on the palms of her hands, she couldn’t think that Xue Jiayue would actually cut off their friendship!

Even if Xue Jiayue wanted to cut off their friendship, it should be after she achieved her goal, not now.

And Xue Jiayue initiating to cut off their friendship felt like she had suffered a huge insult.

“You can go now.”

Xue Jiayue waved her hand coldly, not hiding her disgust for Zhang Renyan at all, as if one more look at her was too much to hurt her eyes.

“Why? You have to give me a reason!”

Zhang Renyan shouted angrily.

“You still want a reason?”

Xue Jiayue raised her eyebrows, looking like what-kind-of-face-do-you-have looking for me to ask for a reason.

When Zhang Renyan sees this, she realized that Xue Jiayue has change. She can’t use her previous attitude again.

Zhang Renyan couldn’t make a stalemate with Xue Jiayue now. Her goal hasn’t been achieved yet.

Thinking about her goal and Xu Yanwen, who she loves, no matter how bad Xu Jiayue’s attitude towards her was, she must bear it before she has a chance to fight back.

Thinking of this, Zhang Renyan immediately change her strategy and played the emotional card.

“Jiayue we have known each other for so many years, we have always been good friends, we walked together through many storm. How can you say goodbye?”

Xue Jiayue laughed.

“Because I don’t want to be cheated by my so called best friend again, so I don’t want to see her again!”


“Still not leaving, want me to call someone to invite you out?”

Xue Jiayue really called someone and gave the orders.

Zhang Renyan grrited her teeth, telling herself not to panic and mess everything. Her plans has not yet been realized, and this matter still needs to be considered in the long run!

“Jiayue, don’t be angry, if you want me out, then I’ll just go.”

With red eyes and extremely hurt expression on her face, Zhang Renyan gave Xue Jiayue another look with reluctant eyes before turning around and walking out.

Xue Jiayue looked at Zhang Renyan’s back with indifferent eyes, thinking to herself that she had finally solved this trouble!

Unexpectedly, when Zhang Renyan arrived at the door, she abruptly stopped and said in a low voice.

“Jiayue, after you have calmed down, and not angry anymore, you can call me. We are still friends!”


Xue Jiayue was about to vomit in disgust at what she said.

“Don’t worry, there will never be such a day!”

She was not stupid, with Zhang Renyan such a vicious woman as a friend, she was afraid she would die faster.

Zhang Renyan finally opened the door and walked out.

Xue Jiayue looked at the closed door and breathed a sighed of relief.


Zhang Renyan did not see Xu Yanwen in the living room it looks like he has gone out. Just now when she came, she found Xu Yanwen was preparing to go out.

But when did he leave?

How much did he hear?

No matter how much Xu Yanwen heard, Zhang Renyan believes that the words she said, certainly have an impact on Yanwen. And that was enough for her.

Zhang Renyan left the Xu house, she had just walked out of the house building when a black Bentley pulled up in front of her.

The car window rolled down, and Xu Yanwen’s handsome face appeared in front her.

“Brother Xu!”

Zhang Renyan’s heart was thrilled, she knew what she said would work, otherwise how could Xu Yanwen be here waiting for her?

Unliked Zhang Renyan’s excitement, Xu Yanwen’s voice was cold and his expression was also cold.

“Don’t appear in front of Jiayue again!”

Zhang Renyan’s heart that was full of excitement was instantly extinguished and her eyes widened incredulously.

“You’re still so protective of her even now?”

“Jiayue doesn’t like you!”

So get as far away as you can!

Xu Yanwen was completely defending Xue Jiayue’s attitude.

Zhang Renyan was very hurt. She likes him so much, but he couldn’t see it. He obviously does not love Xue Jiayue but he was still protecting her!

Loves make people crazy, and Zhang Renyan was crazy, not to mention she was not rational from the start.

She blurted out,

“Do you know what Xue Jiayue has been doing behind your back?”

Xu Yanwen frowned.



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  1. É por isso que eu digo, não tenha amigos. Esses “amigos” em novel’s são todos uma merda! Mesmo quando eles não são traiçoeiros, na maioria das vezes eles só causam danos ao MC, igual aconteceu em ‘Sweet Wife In My Arms’ (não leia esse romance, pode causar úlcera no estômago) onde a amiga e Yan Huan causa os dois pontos de ruptura dela. Faz alguns dias que abandonei esse romance (SWMA), mas, o ódio ainda corre em minhas veias!

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