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Chapter 18

“We will be adding this scene on Princess Lan. Besides, isn’t it summer now? It should be okay to add this scene, Shen Yan jumping on the water should be okay.”

Li Jun spoke with consulting tone to the screen writer. The whole crew’s relationship was a little bit complicated, he was also in a very difficult situation, but for the sake of the movie he can only compromise.

The screenwriter gave a laugh not agreeing to the idea, before saying.

“Change it, or add it however you want, you’re the director. I’m just a screenwriter.”

“He Han’s boyfriend invested.”

Li Jun reminded.

The assistant director who happened to be outside the door, heard the people talking about Shen Yan decided to eavesdropped.

Hearing that She Yan may need to jump in water because of He Han’s request, the assistant director, gritted his teeth.

That He Han even thought of adding a scene for Shen Yan to deliberately dive in the water!

Since Zhang He invested in the movie for He Han, Li Jun needs to heed her request even if he had to beg to the screenwriter.

Plus the crew was already poor enough even without Zhang He’s investment, he couldn’t let an investor slip by.

The assistant director continued to eavesdrop.

“Investment can make the quality of our movie better. As the screenwriter I know that you are not ignorant— you cannot be confused.”

Li Jun continued to persuade the screenwriter,

“Also Shen Yan will just jump into the water, not being suspended above the ground—how can she be so delicate. She’s just a little 18th line star.”

“The problem was not about whether Shen Yan is delicate or not.”

The screenwriter said, she was a woman who was meticulously dressed and wears black glasses.

“If this was really good addition to the scene, then that would be no problem. We can let Shen Yan shot it, but it is very clear that He Han just wanted to use this scene to vent out her anger ah.”

The screenwriter added.

“Then what do you think we need to do!”



When Shen Yan returned from the hotel after an hours rest, coming in the filming site she saw a familiar figure leaning on the director’s door.

She walked over to say hi but without waiting for her to speak, the assistant director quickly grabber her hand, signaled her to be quite, while dragging her and hurriedly ran.

When Li Jun heard noise outside, he abruptly stood up and checked the door.


Shen Yan and the assistant director ran too fast that when Li Jun came out, he did not see them.

Frowning, Li Jun said.

“You hurry and change the script ah. if you don’t want to change it, you search for another investor, then we won’t change the script.”

The screenwriter didn’t say anything, and with the way she look, the director knew that she already agreed.

Inside the elevator after Shen Yan pressed the first floor, the assistant director told Shen about what he heard,

“This He Han not only wanted to shortened your screen time ah, she also wanted you to jump in the water, after slapping you.”

After listening to the directors rattle, She Yan asked.

“Can you do me a favor?”

“Sure, I’ll go talk to the director in a moment to help you.”

“No, not that. Just make a way to postpone the scene for a few days.”

The stock market should fall a few days from now, by then the crew would not be in the mood to shoot.

The assistant director didn’t understand Shen Yan’s intention and asked doubtfully.

“So you will still shoot it after a few days—”

 Having said that the assistant director’s eye lit up.

“You mean….”

Shen Yan saw the assistant director’s looks, like he had figured it out, but also had some doubts. Then she heard him excitedly said,

“You mean, we will just finished shooting all the original scenes first before the jumping-to-the-water scene. But by then you won’t show up and would just run away? Anyway all your part was already done they can’t go after you.”

“So smart ah, not letting He Han get ahead of you.”

The assistant director added.

Shen Yan: “……”

Since Shen Yan didn’t have any idea how to explain it to the assistant director, and because even if she tried to explain, he would simply not believe her.

Instead she said,

“Ah.. yes that’s the best plan, I’ll trouble you then.”

“No trouble, no trouble, no trouble at all.”


After Zhang He invested on the movie, he would frequently visits He Han on the set and had dinner with the director.

One day, Zhou Ru took some time and visited the set, she came when He Han was eating with Li Jun along with Zhang He, so she went directly to Shen Yan.

Shen Yan told Zhou Ruo about the events that happened including the investment. And after knowing the matter this fast few days on the set, Zhou Ruo asked,

“So most of the crew invested on Yuran?”

“Yes ah, almost all of them.”

When Shen Yan talked about the investment she didn’t say anything about Chen’s company. After all, only her and the assistant director were the only ones who bought stock from them.

“This Zhang He worked in IT Company before, he just recently started buying stocks, so how could he know when will the stock will rise or not? If it goes up everyone will be happy, which is good but if it doesn’t go up, what will happen then?”

The crew blindly believed Zhang He, because they do not know Zhang He’s background. They only knew that he has made many money from stocks and that was from buying at Yuran, so they followed along.

“Hah.. let them be.”

Zhou Ruo obviously didn’t want to get involved on the matter, she got up and said.

“I still have some things to do. If I’m free next time I’ll come and visit again.”

Shen Yan walked Zhou Ruo downstairs and sent her to her car.

Her eyes fell on the magazine in the car, seeing the magazine Shen Yan flinched.

The cover on the financial magazine was Meng Yi’an.

“I have some new script on my hands after you’re done with this movie, you go and audition. Although it is not the female lead or the secondary lead but it was still a supporting role.”

Zhou Rou added.

“And if this became popular, it may make you familiar with the audience, after all your face is already there.”

After explaining her this, Zhou Ruo paused after saying,

“That TV series was invested by the Meng Group, so you need to auditioned more seriously.”

No wonder there was Meng Yi’an’s financial magazine in the car. It turns out that Zhuo Ruo bought Meng Yi’an’s magazine because the play was invested by them.

“Sister Zhou, I won’t go the audition. I recently watched a good Xianxia drama, they were actually looking for a model on their casting and I want to sign up.”

The car was instantly quite for a moment and ZhouRuo’s tone was slightly heavy.

“You send me the information and if it’s suitable, I’ll help you sign up but you must still go to the auditions for this TV series. I already decline some artist for you to get this.”

Shen Yan has no way to refused this, since other people was already declined just let her get the resources and auditioned, if she doesn’t go how could she continue to cooperate with Zhuo Ruo in the future.



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