Chapter 5

Early next morning, Xue Jiayue was awakened by a sharp knocked on the door.

After graduating from college Xue Jiayue was already living alone, when she heard the knock she directly went down the bed and open the door.

Seeing that there was no one outside the room, she decided to check the living room door and see who was knocking on the door so loudly that she could even hear it from far away.

She confusedly looked the tall figure on living room door facing his back from her.


“Jiayue, what’s wrong with you? Why did you beat Su Ziqiao, how did you and he…”

As soon as the door opened, Zhang Renyan came into the room with anxious and worried voice.

When Zhan Renyan saw that Xu Yanwen was the one opened the door, she quickly stopped talking and took a careful look at him.

She was looking at him as if she was worried that he had heard something he shouldn’t be hearing.

However with her just few sentences, she had already said almost everything about Xue Jiayue and Su Ziqiao.

Mesmerize, Zhang Renyan looked at the handsome face of Xu Yanwen in front of her. Before she moved her lips and finally greeted him.

“Brother Xu.”

Xu Yanwen gave her a cold gaze and slightly nodded at her before letting her in.


Seeing Xue Jiayue standing in the living room, Zhang Renyan called her again and quickly walked towards her.

Xue Jiayue was still wearing her pajamas, the left side of her face has an indentation from sleeping, her eyes still looked in daze, not until Zhang Renyan pulled her hand that she was completely awake.

She just transmigrated last night into a novel called, “The President’s Wife is so Addicting”. In front of her was the original body’s best friend for five to six years, Zhang Renyan.

The original body treated Zhang Renyan as her true best friend and was genuinely good to her while Zhang Renyan covets the original body’s husband, Xu Yanwen.

And from time to time Zhang Renyan would give her some ‘good’ advices.

The original owner of her body would do so many excellent things in the story. Later she even made Master Xu angry, and this best friend of hers, Zhang Renyan contributed a lot.

What a good friend she was!

Last night, Su Ziqiao who tried to take her to a hotel was introduces by Zhang Renyan. According to the plot in the story, the photos of her cheating was taken by Su Ziqiao with Zhang Renyan’s instruction.

Zhang Renyan then took the photos, and deliberately exposed those obscene pictures on Patriarch Fu’s banquet that put him directly to the hospital.

Xue Jiayue looked at Zhang Renyan in front of her, as the original owner’s best friend, she would often share her complaints about Xu Yanwen to Zhang Renyan.

Zhang Renyan clearly knew that the original body and Xu Yanwen do not get along, that the two only had a superficial brother-sister relationship.

“Why are you here so early?”

Xue Jiayue already guessed the reason why she came running so early.

“I came to see you. I’m worried about ou.”

As Zhang Renyan spoke, she subconsciously glance in Xu Yanwen’s direction, looking as she was afraid that he would her something.

Xue Jiayue frowned slightly, Zhang Renyan’s words were suspicious, which makes people doubtful.

Looking at Zhang Renyan’s face again, she looked very anxious and worried on the surface but the words she said did not mean that at all!

Immediately, Xue Jiayue understood the real reason why Zhang Renyan’s purpose of coming over so early!

It must be because of last night after she transmigrated and did not follow the plot but instead beat Su Ziqiao.

Zhang Renyan did not get her cheating photos, and was unwilling to give up, so she tried to think of another vicious plan.

Zhang Renyan knew that Xu Yanwen must also be home so early in the morning, so she deliberately came early, taking advantage of Xu Yanwen at home, saying some ambiguous words.

Even if she could not make Xu Yanwen hate Xue Jiayue, she could at least put a doubt on their relationship.

Sure enough she was a good friend who can’t let the opportunity slip!

Xue Jiayue took back the hand that was pulled by Zhang Renyan, Zhang Renyan also felt the obvious changes on Xue Jiayue’s attitude.

She first looked at Xu Jiayue and then secretly looked at Xu Yanwen’s direction, then she pretends to lower her volume sand said,

“Jiayue, I have something to tell you, let’s go to your room, okay?”

This feign mystery could be easily discern by a wise person, like Xu Yanwen.

He’s so smart, can’t he tell?

Zhang Renyan’s plan was really clever!

Without waiting for Xue Jiayue to speak, Zhang Renyan pulled her again,

“Let’s go, Jiayue.”

Xue Jiayue thought for a moment, she and Zhang Renyam had things to work out with and some of these, were not suitable for Xu yanwen to hear. So she turned around and headed to her room.

Zhang Renyan walked behind Xue Jiayue, entered the room, turned around to close the door but she did not close it tightly and purposely left a gap in the door.

Xue Jiayue walked to the window before turning around and looked at Zhang Renyan coldly. She was disgusted by Zhang Renyan, a woman who coveted her best friend’s husband and tried every means to break them.

Her voice sound so disgusted,

“What do you have to say so early in the morning? Leave after you’re done..”

When she said those words, it felt like she was chasing Zhang Renyan away. Zhang Renyan’s heart thumped.

Did Xue Jiayue found out about her plan?

No, no. She don’t.

Zhang Renyan denied the idea, she knew that everything she does had been in the name of caring about Xue Jiayue. And Xue Jiayue blindly believed her.

The two of them had been friends for so many year, Xue Jiayue has confided in her with so many things about Xu Yanwen and her.

She even instructed Xue Jiayue to do several things that could damage her reputation, but Xue Jiayue did not find anything wrong with it.

It was also absolutely impossible for her to notice something wrong within one night, so she must had thought too much.

Confident that Xue Jiayue couldn’t discover her plan, Zhan Renyan’s heart calm downed again, and went back pretending to be very concerned about Xue Jiayue, she said.

“Jiayue I am really concerned about you. how could you beat up Su Ziqiao? He was just genuinely cared for you.”

Xue Jiayue sneered when she hear this.

This best friend of hers is really awfully considerate!

“Care about me? He likes me?”

Zhang Renyan found that Xue Jiayue’s tone was not right and her expression made her feel unfamiliar. Xue Jiayue in front of her seemed to be a different person, making her almost unrecognizable .

She couldn’t help but felt worried, her calm heart started to beat erratically again. She answered Xue Jiayue but not as confident as before.

“..Ye.. yes ah”



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