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Chapter 74

Fu Jianchen sighed, this sighed was like a denial of his own timidity and annoyance at Tang Wanwan’s request. He said to Tang Wanwan.

“Wanwan ah, you’re getting married the day after tomorrow, just leave these things alone for now.”


Tang Wanwan did not expect Fu Jianchen would refused her.

“Then wait until I finish the wedding?”

“Well-behaved la1.”

Fu Jianchen coaxed Tang Wanwan but did not say any promises to Tang Wanwan. He put down the newspaper in his hand and got up from the sofa,

“I am a little tired, I’ll go up first and rest for a while.”


Tang Wanwan looked at Fu Jianchen’s back as he left and said,

“Good night, Dad.”

“Good night.”


Fu Zhen was really dragged into the mud by Zhao Jin, but he didn’t care. After all he already experience this once two years ago.

The people scolded him on the internet for wasting their time.

All he had to do now was to wait for the court session and everything should be settled.

But under such an unfavorable situation, Tang Wanwan had to wade through the muddy water, Fu Zhen had to wonder if the other party’s mind was also filled with muddy water.

After the award ceremony, Tang Wanwan was interviewed by the reporters, and was also asked about her upcoming wedding.

But then one of the reported suddenly change his question and asked Tang Wanwan’s opinion about the controversy over the director of Chun Huashan.

“I have worked with direction Zhao Jin before and I appreciate director Zhao Jin’s talent, and Fu Zhen…”

When Tang Wanwan said this, she looked down at her left arm intentionally or unintentionally. Everyone knows that when she fell off two years ago, her left arm was seriously injured.

She smiled into the microphone and said.

“I actually don’t know him very well. I came back to the Fu family later. After I came back then, Fu Zhen left the Fu family and I never saw him again, but… I never heard of Fu Zhen making a movie, maybe because I know too little about him.”

Tang Wanwan’s statement could be said to support Zhao Jin, but at the same time not telling everything. Even if later Fu Zhen had enough evidence to prove that he was the real director of Chun Huashan she would not be affected.

Her popularity has always been good, with the addition of Fu family and the Qin family as her support, her words had a certain influence.

People can’t help but wonder, maybe Fu Zhen was not the real director of Chun Huashan.

Those who didn’t speak before never dared to think of speaking, and seeing Tang Wanwan’s interview they couldn’t help but chose Tang Wanwan’s side.

They need to make sure and hold on a golden thigh2 of the Fu family’s lady, they would have much easier road to walk on the industry in the future.

So the only star who ever participated in the Chun Huashan press conference spoke at this time. The name of the star was Qin Zhong, who plays the youngest Chen Hua in the movie.

After the interview, he strongly supported Zhao Jin, he said that he mosaic person in the video that the people saw was really Fu Zhen.

At that time, director Zhao Jin didn’t really like Fu Zhen’s idea but after some consideration, Zhao Jin thought that Fu Zhen’s ideas were reasonable, so the whole movie that the audience saw now was the continuation of the Fu Zhen’s idea.

Moreover, Fu Zhen was not an adult at that time, how could such work be made by him?

Truthfully, Zhao Jin begged Qian Zhong for a long time, but Qian Zhong didn’t are to agree until he saw Tang Wanwan’s side on the matter.

Fu Zhen laughed while watching at Qian Zhong’s interview. He asked Jiang Hengshu,

“Are the rest of the evidence ready to be released as well?”

Jiang Hengshu raised his head and said to him,

“I’ve already found someone to release it.”

Fu Zhen was delighted, there should be a new reversal soon, he wondered what kind of expression Qian Zhong’s face would have at that time.


Jiang Hengshu walked over and pulled the phone out of Fu Zhen’s hand and said to him.

“It’s time for you to sleep.”

“It’s only ten o’clock.”

Fu Zhen tilted his head and stared at Jiang Hengshu in protest, he was still waiting to see the face-slap live later.

Jiang Hengshu patted his head as if coaxing a willful child,

“It’s already very late, go to sleep.”

Fu Zhen had no choice but to get up reluctantly and walked over the bedroom.

Jiang Hengshu reminded him from behind,

“Remember to drink milk, I place it on the bedside.”

“Then when are you going to sleep?”

Fu Zhen asked him back.

“I will accompany you after processing the remaining documents.


la1– sentence final particle contraction/ indicating exclamation

a golden thigh2– good supporter or backer


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