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Chapter 73

The reversal of Chun Huashan was discussed fiercely by the netizens. Although his face was mosaic, they could still determined by his his voice how young he was, especially since his figure was still young on the video, and he should also be good-looking.

But unfortunately he suffered such injustice from the scum Zhao Jin.

They were all filled with righteous fury, and could not wait to act as a judge themselves to bring Zhao Jin to punishment. And since the real director has not appeared they even suspected that Zhao Jin murdered that director, so he could brazenly took out the film and put it on his own name.

The netizens were arguing with Zhao Jin’s water army on the internet, and paid people who only posted the same sentence every time were naturally no match for these sand carving netizen1 and it didn’t take long for them to lose one after another.

And the netizen who fought for justice finally won.

It was at this time that Zhao Jin found someone to put the news that the mosaic man was Fu Zhen.

Netizens never expected that the real director of Chun Huashan would be Fu Zhen who made a huge incident and almost killed Tang Wanwan, two years ago.

All the netizens who just wanted to help the director fight for justice were all dumbfounded however there was also larger number of people also didn’t know who Fu Zhen really was.

So all news about Tang Wanwan and the incident that happened two years ago were all dig up by these people.

Everyone who read the news and didn’t know about the incident, thought that Fu Zhen was no better that Zhao Jin.

Sure enough ability has nothing to do with character.

The netizens lamented and pitied the movie Chun Huashan for not getting a good creator.

After this incident, the netizens decided not to participate in the dispute between the two of them anymore, let them dog-eat-dog2 and also boycotted the Chun Huashan.

They do not want their money be sent to a murder or a thief’s hands.

The Republic of China’s Detective which was also released at the same time as Chun Huashan got a good number of viewer’s rating in those two days they boycotted Chun Huashan.

However, when the audience came out from the cinema hall of Republic of China’s Detective they all had one comment:

Bah! What rubbish!

Fu Zhen doesn’t care about online insults, he was only waiting for the court hearing and get his own part of compensation.

Apart from the capital he got from Fu Ting that year, he should still have a lot of money left, which could let him do a lot of things.

No one expected that the movie Chun Huashan would rise again after two days and half. Although the young people on the internet boycotted the film, their elders who seldom go to the cinema in weekdays were attracted by the film and even took their children to watched it for the second time.

[Sh*t! My dad and mom had drag me to the theater and if I don’t go they would said I was unfilial!]

[Same world, same parents!]

[Ha Ha, my father who was a university professor asked me to write a two thousand word impression after watching it]

[If this was really directed by Fu Zhen, he was only 17 or 18 at that time, isn’t that impossible? I don’t think Fu Zhen was the real director of Chun Huashan either]

The online discussion of Chun Huashan was still in full swing and the viewer’s rate has resumed to its usual growth rate after a brief break.

On the other hand Tang Wanwan’s heart was like being gnawed by a group of ants just by thinking that the income of the movie would end up in Fu Zhen’s pocket.

Each of her past enemies were defeated after they all fell in the mud, and has no possibility of turning the table’s over3.

But why is that Fu Zhen keeps on resurging like a wild shrub even if he can’t afford to fight!

He was obviously in a dire situation and has no hope to get up!!

Thinking back, after that incident, she actually hinted Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting many times to send Fu Zhen directly to prison or to Africa to do hard labor but Fu Jianchen just drove him out of the Fu Family.

She wanted to make Fu Zhen live a miserable life, but someone was secretly protecting Fu Zhen and let him escaped several times.

Fi Jianchen and Fu Ting may look like they were responding to her request but she always felt that they were secretly and unconsciously disobeyed her many times.

She always had a feeling that one day Fu Zhen would destroy everything she had tried her best to get. And she would never allow such a thing to happen.

So she believes that the movie Chun Huashan was not just between Zhao Jin and Fu Zhen but in a way a fight between her and Fu Zhen.

She would definitely not let Fu Zhen get back up this time. She had already done whatever it takes to be where she was right now, and no one will take it away from her!

After knowing that Zhao Jin failed, Tang Wanwan went home. She saw Fu Jianchen was sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper.

Tang Wanwan went to Fu Jianchen and sat down, she held his arm and said to him,

“Dad, I want you to do me a favor.”


Fu Jianchen asked.

“Do you know there is a movie called Chun Huashan that was released recently?”

Fu Jianchen paused for a moment while flipping though the newspaper but immediately he appeared as if nothing had happened and said,

“I have heard of it.”

Tang Wanwan did not noticed Fu Jianchen’s abnormality. She said to Fu Jianchen.

“Someone released a news that this movie was directed by Fu Zhen, but I think this movie was not made by him, looking at his age at that time. Also I know that father has been regretting after driving Fu Zhan out of the Fu’s house for me.”

“And I also know that I can’t compare myself to brother Fu Zhen in your heart but can you help me this time.”

Tang Wanwan added, she deliberately belittle herself making Fu Jianchen feel sorry for her.

Fu Zhen had indeed hidden the film from Fu Jianchen at that time to give Fu Jianchen a surprise but their bank card would always get notified for every purchase, so how could Fu Jianchen not know nothing?

Also it was Fu Jianchen who helped Fu Zhen on finding those actors secretly.

Tang Wanwan finally stated her purpose, she asked Fu Jianchen.

“Dad, director Zhao Jin has helped me a lot. I want you to help me clarify.”

 Fu Jianchen still did not raised his head, he looked at the newspaper in his hand, but words seems to have grown wings and all flew up from the paper around his eyes4.

He remembered what he had found under the rockery, there was an extended version of Chuan Huashan and a letter from Fu Zhen.

The letter was still in his study, which he still did not dared to open.



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sand carving netizen1– wanted justice

dog-eat-dog2– a situation of fierce competition in which people are willing to harm each other in order to succeed

turning the tables over3– an advantage over somebody who previously had an advantage over you

but words seems to have grown wings and all flew up from the paper around his eyes4– did not understand what he read

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