Chapter 6

When Master Fu came back, Jian Ruixi was glad that she already knows from the young Madam Fu’s memory what she was planning. She knew that the body was on ovulation period when she arrived in the capital and was planning to sleep with her husband.

If she arrived two days later, wouldn’t the rice already cooked1 and was already carrying a ball2?

It’s not easy to give birth to a baby, no matter how many times she thinks about it, Jian Ruixi was not willing unless given a billion yuan.

So the rich husband really just had an overtime and came back in the middle of the night, however Jian Ruixi doesn’t care at all, she was facing another problem.

In her memory the couple had not seen each other for more than a year. What if she accidentally won the lottery3?

These days was a risky days4 for her, she needed to find a way to avoid the husband and wife obligations. Jian Ruixi needed to think quickly, she was very satisfied with her new ‘career’ now-– this was what she had been dreaming of.

But it was also necessary to maintain a friendly relationship with this Master Fu. While thinking of a way out Jian Ruixi also tried to put on a virtuous expression,

“Husband, you’re back?”

Fu Shiyuan was already standing at the bedside, when he heard her words, he stopped for some reason and raised his eyebrow. He elegantly and handsomely bent down to put his palm on Jian Ruixi’s forehead, with a gentle smile and considerate tone he said.

“There’s no fever, then I’m relieved.”

Master Fu’s expression was quite subtle but because of her occupation, Jian Ruixi didn’t missed the changes on his expression.

Although she had a poor academic performance and was unable to saw the meaning of Fu Shiyuan’s expression, she was still certain on one thing, the problem was what she said.

Jian Ruixi subconsciously tilt her head and remembered that Master Fu and Madam Fu had been calling each other on their English names.

What husband and wife?

They were not corny at all !!

Beseech thy guidance, the first day of crossing seems to fall directly off the horse, waiting online for help! Urgent!

Jian Ruixi screamed on top of her lungs in her mind.


Although he worked overtime in two to three days, Fu Shiuyuan’s rest were more regular than that most young people, because no matter how late he worked overtime, he always get up on time and it never changes.

Just like last night, he didn’t go to bed until about 2 o’clock in the morning but he still opened his eyes at half past six in the morning.

Fu Shiyuan has no habit of staying in bed, as soon as he opened his eyes he was ready to get up but didn’t want to turn around.

The person who was sleeping so soundly next to him was sticking like an octopus, a jade arm came across and rested on his waist, she was also indistinctly sleep talking.


“It’s okay, go back to sleep.”

Fu Shiyuan lowered his voiced with a hint of tenderness, gently patting her back soothingly through the quilt, his behavior was described as gentle and considerate but his expression was not.

Fu Shiyuan looked at the person pillowed next to him, the woman who was called his spouse, slowly a trace of interest could be seen on his eyes.

He remembered very clearly that last night when he arrived home in the middle of the night, his wife’s reaction was not like a surprised but rather caught off guard, so much that when the maids had all retired and they were all alone in the bedroom, she preferred to pretend sleeping rather than facing him.

At that time Fu Shiyuan just came out of the bath, he thought they could have time to have a good talked but he didn’t expect that she had already fallen asleep.

After she finished eating, she didn’t even washed her mouth, Fu Shiyuan didn’t believed that she could just fall asleep that fast, what’s more her uneven breathing had already betrayed her.

However, he was not in the mood to expose her poor acting skills, he pretended to find nothing was wrong and went to bed after putting the light off.

In his heart Fu Shiyuan didn’t know whether he would laugh or cry, although he was busy all day and doesn’t really mind her behavior, but her evasive appearance was deeply imprinted in his mind.

It’s probably be a kind of “I can refuse you but if you refused me I’m not happy’ attitude, in simpler words his pride. People don’t like to be avoided, not to mention him, where he was like a prince, praised wherever he goes.

But Fu Shiyuan was now thirty, not eighteen years old.

His young and frivolous self was molded into a mature man, not only was his character and attitude was changes but as well as his physical features, all those smooth edges from his youth has been long polished, like a pearl molded to its fullest radiance.

Putting on his gentle and elegant mask, as if the whole person has change into a completely different one. His wife’s degree of misdemeanor was not even counted as offense for him and he doesn’t necessarily care.

But the real question was, why was she avoiding him like a slippery snake last night but now she’s hugging and calling him dear.

Isn’t that a little too fickle?

(Going back to the night where Jian Ruixi first met Fu Shiyuan)

On the other hand, Jian Ruixi was still not done analyzing the situation. She has not forgotten the original owner’s purpose for coming to the capital, she was fully prepared for her second child and for that she made sure she was on her ovulation period when she arrived.

Striking while the iron was hot4 was the original owner’s plan, also it was written on the novel that it was at this time that the heroine confirmed her second pregnancy. The heroine was less than three months pregnant. Counting, it should be also the time where she could get pregnant.

It could be said that the time and the place were all there which make Jian Ruixi worried whether a regular contraception could resist fate.

Anyway, she was definitely not willing to have a second child, taking pills and wearing condoms were not 100% effective measures, once the accident happened she’s done.

The real effective way was to abstain from sex, do nothing, in order to eliminate the possibility from the source.

But she also knows that since Madam Fu came all the way from Hong Kong to the capital just see her husband, even if it was miles away. The least Fu Shiuyuan could do was to “thank her”5, and that would be harder to refused.

Fu Shiyuan had to work every day and still needs to work until midnight, in fact traveling from company to hotel was more convenient than going back home.

But since she was home, Fu Shiyuan had taken his time to go home and accompany her. He’s given her so much face ah!

So she couldn’t imagine herself saying to Fu Shiuyan,

“Honey I don’t want to do it today, we should just go to bed and cover ourselves with quilt…”

Wouldn’t Fu Shiyuan thinks that there’s something wrong with her head?

The main point Jian Ruixi was worried about in front of her wealthy husband was, she just want to be a rich young noblewoman as her career and as Fu Shiyuan as her boss. However she has no interest on a loving husband and wife nor the happy couple plot.

It was the best interest for them especially for her to actually remain as good friends. And just in case Fu Shiyuan would be flying flags outside in the future6 then she could just also find herself a tender young model to nourish7.

Jian Ruixi has never work for a corporate before nor has she acted one but she knew the consequences of offending a superior, would be very serious crime.

So she should not mixed up private and working life, however she was also worried of offending her rich husband.

Luckily, there was a saying that escape maybe shameful but useful. The best plan Jian Ruixi could think was to pretend sleeping.

Fu Shiyuan may look ravishing and elegant, but she should not be too hungry and thirsty to get tempted.



rice already cooked1– something already happened and there was no way to reverse it back

carrying a ball2– already pregnant

won the lottery3– they may end up sleeping together ( since Fu Shiyuan was too handsome, and she would feel like she won a lottery if they end up sleeping together)

Striking while the iron was hot4– make use of the opportunity immediately

“thank her”5 – by sleeping together a.k.a sex

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