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Chapter 72

“Lie down a little longer, and I’ll get you some food.”

Jiang Hengshu stood up and walked outside the room.

After less than 20 minutes, Jiang Hengshu came back, he brought two worth of foods and accompanied Fu Zhen on eating the food in the ward. After eating their fill, Jiang Hengshu put the boxes into a plastic bag, ready to throw it into the garbage can outside.

“Jiang Hengshu…”

Fu Zhen stopped Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu looked back at him,

“What’s the matter? Is something uncomfortable?”

“I want to keep him.”

Fu Zhen said shyly, like a chick that just got out of its eggshell.

“I just felt it move inside.”

The baby in Fu Zhen’s belly was only one month old, and it should look like nothing more than a gestational sac at the examination earlier, so it should be impossible to feel him moving under normal circumstances.

Jiang Hengshu nodded,

“Okay, let’s keep him.”

After this matter was decided, Jiang Hengshu went out, dumped the leftovers into the biodegradable and threw the lunch box on the non-biodegradable. He then washed his hands and returned to Fu Zhen’s side.

Fu Zhen was leaning on the pillow. After Jiang Hengshu returned, Fu Zhen grabbed his hand and said to him,

“Don’t do anything dangerous, just like today.”

With a smile, Jiang Hengshu said to Fu Zhen,

“Aren’t you the same?”

Similarly, regardless of his own danger, he wants to push JiangHengshu away.

“But you are not the same as me.”

Fu Zhen shook his head, if he had any accident, probably only Jiang Hengshu would be sad for him. It would be a different story for Jiang Hengshu, he was the only child of the Jiang family.

If he had an accident, the rest of the Jiang family would not be able to bear it, probably they would be very devastated, Fu Zhen may not meet them yet but he doesn’t want them to feel the sadness of losing someone precious.

Jiang Hengshu stroked Fu Zhen’s head,

“It’s all the same.”

Fu Zhen was silent for a while, he tilted his head and looked at Jiang Hengshu,

“When can I be discharged from the hospital?”

“I’ll ask the doctor for you.”

Without waiting for Jiang Hengshu to go out of the ward, the doctor himself came over. He had Fu Zhen’s medical record in his hand, as if he predicted that Fu Zhen wanted to leave the hospital.

“He was just frightened, there was no trauma or injuries on his body. He was just slightly malnourished, just take him back and make sure to supplement some nutrition.”

The doctor paused and added,

“Remember not to do any exercise on the bed, just bear it for nine months.”

Jiang Hengshu calmly gave a hum, while Fu Zhen did not expect this and hung his head with his face red up to his ears.

“I can understand that you young people have a lot of firepowder1 but just bear it, nine months should pass fast. But if it’s not possible just help each other with your hands.”

“Not even in the back?”

Fu Zhen asked as he raised his head to the doctor, his face was too red that it almost dripped with blood.

Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen were not lustful people but not being intimate for the next nine months was completely hard after all.

It should be perfectly normal for two people  who sleep in the same bed every night, getting all snuggly and cuddly and turning it into something more intimate was normal and inevitable.

The doctor coughed softly,

“The back is fine, but don’t be too intense, and preparation is a must and should be done well before, and also the number of times should better not be too frequent.”

Fu Zhen’s face was getting redder and redder, he now regreted asking the doctor that question just now. He tilted his head a little and glance at Jiang Hengshu beside him, who was listening very carefully while pursing his lips.


The sky was completely dark when Jiang Hengshu drove Fu Zhen back home.

Shortly after returning home, Jiang Hengshu received a phone call. Instead of carrying Fu Zhen behind his back, he directly answered the call and asked the person on the other end of the line.

“Have you found those people?”

“Found them, their license plate number is forged, after failing to hit you, they drove their car to the outskirts of wooded area leaving the car.”

The man asked Jiang Hengshu,

“So what do you want to do next?”

“Report them to the police.”


Jiang Hengshu said,

“Buying a murder should be death penalty, right?”

“This… let’s check the score situation first.”2


After knowing that those people had failed to kill Fu Zhen, Zhao Jin realized that he might not find a second chance to kill Fu Zhen in a short time. It was time to release the news, better grabbing the opportunity.

He immediately found someone to release the news that the mosaic youth in the video was Fu Zhen, the real director of Chun Huashan.

But this youth was simply relying on his family’s background to become the director of Chun Huashan and the real person behind the scene making the film successfully was Zhao Jin.

However while spreading the news, Zhao Jin was actually still waiting for Tang Wanwan to persuade Fu Jianchen to clarify for him.



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firepowder1– lust/libido

“This… let’s check the score situation first.”2– death penalty is depending on the evidence presented

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