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Chapter 71

The Jiang family’s hospital was located far from the noisy city, no car whistles, and noisy crowd. The ward was also very quiet, time and air flow together.

The warm yellow bedside lamp stream shines in Fu Zhen’s face and could see those fine fluffy hairs on his face.

Jiang Hengshu noticed that Fu Zhen’s eyelashes twitched gently, he was about to wake up but Jiang Hengshu hadn’t thought on how to talked to Fu Zhen about the news.

Shortly, Fu Zhen opened his eyes, looking at the white ceiling above his head, he was in trance for a moment. After a while he remembered what had happened before he fainted, he turned his head slightly and looked for Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu was standing quietly not far from his hospital bed, looking down at his belly. The looked in his eyes seemed to be a little heavy.

Fu Zhen was frightened by his serious expression, he blinked.

He was a little uneasy, does he have some incurable disease?

Fu Zhen asked Jiang Hengshu carefully,

“What’s the matter?”

Jiang Hengshu walked over and sat down at Fu Zhen’s bedside, he tried to make his voice sound less excited, he held Fu Zhen’s hand and said to him,

“You… are pregnant.”

Fu Zhen directly froze, like a piece of wood dumbly looking at Jiang Hengshu. His expression was almost the same as that of Jiang Hengshu when he heard these words from the doctor.

It took him a long time to realize what Jiang Hengshu meant by those words he said.

The difference was, Fu Zhen knew that the child in her belly was his and Jiang Hengshu’s.

It was the first time Jiang Hengshu encountered this kind of thing. After thinking about it for a long time, he said to Fu Zhen,

“The doctor said it is safe have this child. If you want to keeps this child I will raised him with you. I will treat him as my own child, but if you don’t want to…”

Fu Zhen looked Jiang Hengshu’s serious appearance when he spoke. He was very move and wanted to laugh, he did and he smiled.

His eyebrows were curved, he opened his mouth and interrupted Jiang Hengshu,

“The child is yours.”

“…. Want this child—”

Jiang Hengshu’s voice suddenly stopped, he looked at Fu Zhen. His blue eyes were slightly  confused, as if he didn’t heard what Fu Zhen had just said.

Fu Zhen held Jiang Hengshu’s hand and said to him,

“If I am really pregnant, then this child could only be yours.”

The confusion on Jiang Hengshu eyes deepened, he didn’t understand how the child in Fu Zhen’s belly became his.

Fu Zhen pursed his lips, and looked at Jiang Hengshu’s beautiful blue eyes like gems. He said in a soft voice,

“On Decemeber 6, in the bar, it seems that you were drugged that night. I was asked by the bar manager to help you to room 306 to have rest. I might have drunk something, so we just…”

He could hear every word Fu Zhen said but when combined he was unable to understand it. The room was so quiet that if a pin was drop it could be heard clearly.

After a while, Jiang Hengshu digested all of Fu Zhen’s words. He looked at Fu Zhen’s face and asked him,

“It was you that night?”

Fu Zhen nodded shyly.

Jiang Hengshu took a deep breath, and buried his face in Fu Zhen’s palm. He spoke on a muffled voice,

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I…. I thought you were..at that time…”

Fu Zhen opened his mouth, flustered, not knowing how to explain to Jiang Hengshu.

When Fu Zhen first wanted to talked about it with Jiang Hengshu, he told him that he already had someone he liked, and he didn’t want to turn this into a problem for Jiang Hengshu, so he didn’t mentioned it.

After that he and Jiang Hengshu got together and gradually forgot about it.

Jiang Hengshu took his hand and raised his head,

“Forget it, it doesn’t matter.”

Fu Zhen found that Jiang Hengshu’s eye seemed to be filled with tears, this was the first in such a long time that he saw similar traces of weakness on Jiang Hengshu’s face.

But soon this traces disappeared without a trace. Jiang Hengshu straightened his face, it was very difficult for a man to get pregnant and have a child.

Just like when he didn’t know that the child was his own, he calmly gave Fu Zhen the opportunity to choose.

“This child, if you don’t want it, then we won’t have it.”

After saying this, he added.

“I’ll listen to you.”

After being shocked for a moment, Fu Zhen also began to be troubled by this problem. He never thought that one day he could be pregnant, now in his belly was the child he had with Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu gave him the choice whether to have this child or not.

Fu Zhen has no way to make a decision, he can’t imagine himself one day with a big belly in front of everyone’s eyes, but this child belongs to him and Jiang Hengshu.

He thought of a small child who look exactly like Jiang Hengshu in the future and would call him father, thinking of this his heart went soft.

“Let me think about it.”

Fu Zhen said to Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu raised his hand and strokes Fu Zhen’s forehead twice.

“Don’t put any pressure. It doesn’t matter to me whether I have this child or not. If I like him, it’s because this child belongs to you, so you are the most important to me. Do you understand?”


Fu Zhen nodded.



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