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Chapter 67

On January 18, Chun Huashan broke 300 million at a single-day, and the cumulative box office broke one billion.

It was also in this day that Fu Zhen submitted all the evidence about the Chun Huashan to the court, at the same time, he used his money to find some water army on the internet.

The number of these water army was not large but they were all high-level, soon after they sent out the evidence the media also heard about it, making the headline exaggerating.

Zhao Jins wants to block all these comments as before but the wiebo refuses to. There were too many people forwarding comments this time, and they couldn’t be blocked at all, if they really follow Zhao Jin’s idea, their weibo would be shut down.

In just four hours, more than 50% of weibo’s active users knew that this Chun Huashan was not directed by Zhao Jin himself.

When this happened, Zhao Jin was doing a live stream with a certain video software. He just got in touch with the live streaming and was very interested in this kind of development where he could face-to-face with his fans, so he would a live streaming every day for half an hour.

During this time he chatting with his fans and answered some of their questions. He really enjoyed the feeling of being sought after.

Although Zhao Jin was old, with not much hair, close to being bald, he was still good looking. He looked much better than other directors in the circle.

There were all kinds of people who would blow rainbow farts1 on his broadcast, one or two would scold but was immediately deleted by his room manager. So atmosphere was very harmonious.

Zhao Jin was good at talking, otherwise there would be no women who would be willing to follow him on his desperate situation, he was also good at making jokes making everyone laughed.

Some fans even told him that if he didn’t want to make movies in the future, he can follow Mr. Guo, a comedian on talk shows.

After this, the screen was covered with layers of ha ha ha ha, and in the middle of this laughs Zhao Jin found a fan raising a question.

[Director Zhao, what was the most memorable thing about your work on Chun Huashan?”

Zhao Jin pretended to frown,

“While filming the Chun Huashan, an old friend sent his students to me to learn some skills, but this student was arrogant, and cannot bear hardship. He was also cocky who cannot listen to anyone’s words, he finally left the site after two days and run away.”

He added,

“He was originally my old friend’s favorite student but he didn’t have any achievements after so many years.. Ha.. young people this days, it’s better to be modest.”

Not long after Zhao Jin finished this sentence, a large number of new accounts suddenly floated into his live room and completely ignored the harmonious atmosphere, directly calling Zhao Jin a thief, shameless and a real scum.

Zhao Jin didn’t understand what was going on, just as he was about to asked, his phone rang. He picked it up away from the camera.

As soon as he picked up the phone, the person on the other end of the line asked him,

“What’s going on with your Chun Huashan?”

Zhao Jin was still confused he asked back,

“Why, what’s the matter?”

“Someone on the internet said that you didn’t film Chun Huashan.”

“That is nonsense, a slander!”

Zhao Jin immediately refuted, his sound very annoyed but deep inside he was very guilty. He had heard that Fu Zhen died in an accident, so he dared to take out the film and put it on his name.

Isn’t Fu Zhen dead?

Or was there someone else who knows about it?

The man continued to asked Zhao Jin on the phone,

“I haven’t had had a chance to look at those things they sent out online, so I’ll asked you. is it true that you made Chun Huashan?”

Of course, Zhao Jin didn’t deny it. If he says that he really stole other people’s achievements, no one will help him. He deeply understand that all he could do this time was to refused admitting anything.

He said in an affirmative tone,

“Of course, who else would it be if not me?”

“I hope so.”

The man said those three words before hanging up.

Zhao Jin returned to his live-stream, the pop-up screen was filled with all kinds of obscene language and was simply unbearable, Zhao Jin coughed gently and said eight words to his fans,

“Whose lying or not everyone should know it.”

Then he turned off the live broadcast.

Zhao Jin immediately logged on to weibo after his live stream and the hot search of “Chun Huashan director is not Zhao Jin” had already exploded and was on the top search while the following forty hot searches also had seven to eight related to this matter.

Zhao Jin was trembling all over, his finger shivering as he clicked on the topmost searched.

Fu Zhen’s evidence was perfect, but he didn’t release all of them on the internet. What viewers could see was a 20 minute video.

In the video the real director of Chun Huashan has a mosaic on his face, while Zhao Jin was sitting on a chair with an umbrella while playing with his phone. After a while, the two people have a dispute about the scene they just shot.

Zhao Jin was determined to let other side remake but the real director didn’t agree.

Zhao Jin in a fit of anger, yelled at the director,

“Shoot it yourself, I don’t care about you!”

After he said this, he picked up his clothes that were on one side of the chair, turned around and walked outside the set.

It was completely clear from this video that Zhao Jin was not the director of Chun Huashan and many of his ideas do not fit with the real director of Chun Huashan.

Zhao Jin immediately recognized that the man sitting in front of the camera with mosaic on his face was Fu Zhen.

Was this video released by Fu Zhen?

Zhao Jin turned off his phone, sat down on the sofa behind him, closed his eyes and began to think on how to solve the problem.

He found the film Chun Huashan when was collecting the remains of his old friend, and Fu Zhen was his old friend’s most proud student.


blow rainbow farts1– negative comment


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