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Chapter 66

The place where Tang Wanwan and Jiang Hengshu agreed was in a western restaurant. They did not know if it was intentional or not but Tang Wanwan arrived 10 minutes late on the appointed time.

Fu Zhen was at the table behind Jiang Hengshu, sitting back-to-back with him, and since Tang Wanwan didn’t pay much attention when she came in she didn’t know that Fu Zhen came along.

Soon after Tang Wanwan sat down, she took out a bank card from her bag and gently placed it on the table, then pushed it in front of Jiang Hengshu with her index and middle fingers, with a little contempt in her attitude she said,

“This card contains five million, as long as you leave Fu Zhen, it’s yours.”

Fu Zhen’s first reaction was not getting angry, but felt laughing instead, this was like a those dog blood drama, where the male lead’s mother confronts the heroine.

He did not expect that one day Tang Wanwan would say the same thing to his boyfriend, but who was he to Tang Wanwan anyway?

Jiang Hengshu looked at the woman across him, then lowered his head to glance at the bank card she had pushed in front of him and said to Tang Wanwan,

“You said to you knew Fu Zhen’s secret?”

Tang Wanwan was silent. It seemed that she was lying to him. Jiang Hengshu shook his head and chuckled, if it weren’t for Fu Zhen’s request, he would never come out and see her today.

Tang Wanwan felt like she’s being looked down, she pushed the sunglasses on the bridge of her nose upwards and said to Jiang Hensgshu.

“If you don’t leave Fu Zhen, my father and brother will deal with you later. Don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

“Why are you harassing him?”

“Me? Harassing him? Is this what Fu Zhen told you?”

Tang Wanwan sneered.

“Back then, I was almost got crippled after I fell because of him. Father and brother wanted to send him to prison but I persuaded them to spare him.”

Jiang Hengshu raised his eyelid, looked straight into Tang Wanwan’s eyes and asked her,

“Was he really the one who did that?”

This was the first time anyone would question her when looking straight into her eyes.

A hint of panic flashed in Tang Wanwan’s eyes, but her expression remained calm,

“Of course, would father and brother accused him for no reason?”

Sitting at the other table, Fu Zhen hold his coffee in his hand, tilts his head and dazedly listened to Tang Wanwan pouring a basin of sewage1 on him.

At that time, did Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting really wanted to put me in prison?

Jiang Hengshu did not move nor responded.

Tang Wanwan frowned, looked at her newly done nails before raising her head again and asked Jiang Hengshu,

“Are you thinking that the money on this card was not enough?”

Jiang Hengshu smiled, but this smile was especially chilling, she didn’t know when he get a blank check and put it in front in front of her. He lightly said,

“Fill in how much you want to break up with Qin Zhao.”

Tang Wanwan couldn’t believe what Jiang Hengshu said at all. She didn’t even looked what Jiang Hengshu gave her thinking he bought it on a shop that could make fake checks and certificate.

She glares at Jiang Hengshu and said,

“Are you humiliating me?”

On the other table, Fu Zhen took a small sip from the coffee, not quiet understanding how Tang Wanwan’s brain worked. How could it be humiliating her? Isn’t that what she’s doing to Jiang Hengshu?

Jiang Hengshu didn’t looked at Tang Wanwan, he picked up his coffee, took a small sip and didn’t say anything.

Tang Wanwan pursed her lips and said to Jiang Hengshu,

“I hope you won’t regret your decision today in the future.”

Jiang Hengshu still ignored Tang Wanwan, treating her a like a mass of air, completely ignored her.

Tang Wanwan was angry, it was the first time she had been treated with such contempt, even when she was still struggling at the bottom before, no one dared to treat her this way. She felt uncomfortable how Jiang Hengshu looked at her, as if she was a tiny ant with no significance.

She picked up the small bag on the seat next to her and stood up, walking out from the western restaurant on her high heels.

Jiang Hengshu didn’t even glanced at her, after the sound of the footsteps couldn’t be heard, he carried his coffee in his hand and sit opposite to Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen looked out the window, Tang Wanwan got into her car in a huff and disappeared completely from Fu Zhen’s sight. He turned his head to Jiang Hengshu and said,

“She doesn’t seemed to have settled her bill.”

Jiang Hengshu smiled and handed the menu to Fu Zhen,

“What do you want to eat?”

Fu Zhen had not been out to eat western food for a long time, he browsed the menu from the beginning to end and said to the waiter.

“I’ll have a fillet mignon, medium rare.”

Jiang Hengshu added,

“Two more spaghetti Bolognese and two glasses of lemonade please.”

After the waiter left with the menu, Fu Zhen remembered what Tang Wanwan said to Jiang Hengshu about the Weiya incident. To explain to Jiang Hengshu about this matter he would need to start from the time Tang Wanwan arrived at the Fu house.

He clasped his two hands together, moved his lips for a while but no words came out until the waiter came back with their order.

After the meal, Jiang Hengshu took Fu Zhen home.

“Jiang Hengshu..”

Fu Zhen finally summoned the courage to let Jiang Hengshu know his former somewhat paranoid and capricious self again.

“I know what you want to say.”

Jiang Hengshu paused and held his hand,

“I believe you.”



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pouring a basin of sewage1– accusing him with bad things

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