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Chapter 65

On January 12 Chun Huashan was releases and at the same time the star studded movie entitled Republic of China’s Detective was also released. This was also one of the reason that Chun Huashan has only 20 million earnings on that day.

On January 13, the rate of Chun Huashan rose slightly on the second day of its release.

On January 14, Chun Huashan accumulated one hundred million for its earning rate.

And on January 15, the reputation of Chun Huashan broke out completely and went against Republic of China’s Detectives, breaking through 200 million on that day.

Until January 16 the earning rate continued to rise.

No one knew if director Zhao Jin hired a group of water army, or if the nation were really expressing their good opinion on the movie.

Forums were all hyping up trying to meagerly contribute to the Chun Huashan thinking that they maybe also recorder in the history of film as one of the supporters.

During this time, director Zhao Jin also appeared frequently on various variety shows, telling the audience about his difficulties while shooting the Chun Huashan. Before the release, some actors even told the other that the film was not made by him in order to extort money from him.

He even jokingly said he lost some hair for this matter for a while now and how he became a Mediterranean1.

When the host asked him which actor he was referring, Zhao Jin said with a smile that he could not destroy the future of others. After saying this, the host even gave him a thumbs up of approval on how humble and forgiving he was.

At the end of the program, Zhao Jin also said that he would make a sequel on Chun Huashan if he had a chance, hoping that the audience would support him again.

Such a shameless person should have been very rare in this world.

Fu Zhen was still very calm during this period, watching Zhao Jin bouncing around on ‘his’ hard work. While he gathered and edited evidence little by little, wanted the masses to know that it wasn’t Zhao Jin’s work

However he didn’t want to reveal that he was the one who made the film, after all the film was made to tell Fu Jianchen about his love and attachment to his once father.

Furthermore there was also another reason, it was the time he and Tang Wanwan had an accident. Fu Zhen’s comment section on his weibo were not much better than Zhao Jin before the release of Chun Huashan.

Zhao Jin just had a scandal, while Fu Zhen almost killed someone.

Never overestimate nor underestimate internet user’s memory. They could ignore someone’s former black spot2 but they could also dig black spot even if it was more than a decade ago.

Two days before shooting the Chun Huashan, Zhao Jin did appear on set, he was the teacher introduced to Fu Zhen. However many of Fu Zhen’s ideas were not compatible with Zhao Jin, Zhao Jin also found himself unable to control Fu Zhen, so he was only on the set for a few days and left after.

After Zhao Jin left, the few scenes he directed were all rejected by Fu Zhen and re-shoot everything.

Jiang Hengshu helped him find out what Zhao Jin did after he left the set. He found out that he actually went abroad to travel with his mistress and was photographed by a paparazzi, Zhao Jin even used a lot of money to suppress the news.

As long as these evidence were to be released even if Zhao Jin has many tongues3 he would not be able to make it clear.

These days, Jiang Hengshu was gradually getting busy. He goes out early in the morning and would be back late in the evening. His father returned early from his trip, and was allowing Jiang Hengshu to gradually take over the affairs of the family.

In the evening of the 15th, Jiang Hengshu came home and had just talked to Fu Zhen for a while when the phone rang, showing an unfamiliar number.

Jiang Hengshu didn’t care too much and just casually slid down to answer, but didn’t expect that the call was from Tang Wanwan.

He don’t know where and how she got his number, but she wanted to have a little chat with Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu immediately turned on the speakerphone, while Fu Zhen was listening from his side, the corners of his mouth held a playful smile. Tang Wanwan was finding trouble again, he actually had a sense of foreboding omen.

Tang Wanwan didn’t know that Jiang Hengshu turned on the speakerphone, and was still talking some useful and useless nonsense on the phone.

The meaning could be summarize as, as long as Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen break up, she could provide some benefits that Jiang Hengshu could never imagine.

However Jiang Hengshu directly hung up on the phone.

After a while, Tang Wanwan’s call came again, this time her first sentence was,

“I know some secrets of Fu Zhen. If you want to know, come out and meet me.”

When Jiang Hengshu was about to hang up the phone again, Fu Zhen took his hand and nodded to him.

He was curious to know what secret Tang Wanwan would know about him.

Tang Wanwan informed Jiang Hengshu of the time and place, saying she would be waiting for him there tomorrow.

After the call ended, Fu Zhen looked at Jiang Hengshu,

“Do you have time? I can go by myself if you don’t have time.”

How could Jiang Hengshu let Fu Zhen go and see Tang Wanwan alone, he decisively replied,

“Let’ go together.”



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Mediterranean1– I really don’t know understand why author-nim describe it as Mediterranean, maybe like the clear sea, his head is getting balder…? Please comment below if you know ^^)

black spot2– scandal

Zhao Jin has many tongues3– even if someone will help him prove his innocence it will be of no use

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