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Chapter 64

Fu Zhen raised his head, under the light Jiang Hengshu’s blue eyes was reflecting his figure and as if a sudden force surge into his heart making him feel that he’s not someone negligible.

Jiang Hengshu sat up straight, straightened his back and said to Fu Zhen with an unprecedented solemnity,

“I am sorry I have not able to formally introduce myself to you.”

Fu Zhen blinked, influenced by Jiang Hengshu he also sat up straight. Looking at Jiang Hengshu, he didn’t know what he was going to say next.

“My name is Jiang Hengshu, from the Jiang family in Hexi. My ancestors started a small business, later after several generations the business gradually grew bigger. My father was the chairman of Heming group and my mother was the principal of Jianda.”

Fu Zhen directly froze, he thought that the family conditions of Jiang Hengshu should be good but never thought that he would come from the Jiang Family in Hexi.

Although he didn’t care much about the family business, he still know about the Jiang family.

He looked dumbfounded in front of Jiang Hengshu, completely unable to imagine that the only heir of the Jiang family would one day be working with him on the construction site.

He remembered that Jiang Hengshu was wearing a blue overalls and carrying sandbags on the construction site everyday—he still felt surreal.

After a while Fu Zhen regain his voice, he asked Jiang Hengshu.

“How did you.. you get to the construction site?”

In response, Jiang Hengshu explained,

“It may be late attack of the eight-grader syndrome1. I went abroad after graduating college to work as a mercenary for a few year and the last assignment I took was to investigate a case of a missing person on a construction site.”

Fu Zhen was like a piece of wood, only after a while that he let out a sighed. He still couldn’t believe it, his straightened back collapsed and his expression was a little trance.

“By the way,” Jiang Hengshu suddenly opened his mouth again,

“I take back what I said before.”

“What?” Fu Zhen lifted his guard up, fearing that he would say something more astonishing.

The corner of Jiang Hengshu’s mouth raised into a tiny arc and said to Fu Zhen,

“The Chun Huashan is the best.”

Fu Zhen burst into laughter, revealing the two dimples on his cheeks, like a young dog who had just released from the chains he rushed towards Jiang Hengshu and hugged him, patting his back.

Jiang Hengshu whispered into Fu Zhen’s ear,

“Do whatever you want, I’m always here to help you.”

Fu Zhen doesn’t need any help from Jiang Hengshu. He only needs that Jiang Hengshu won’t be hurt in this matter, and now that he knows Jiang Hensghu’s identity—he can definitely proceed.


Soon after the release of Chun Huashan, there were rumors in the internet saying that the film was not directed by Zhao Jin but by a newbie director. However it was soon suppressed by water army2 without even raising a slight splash.

Later, Zhao Jin used his power and influenced to seal all the accounts that said he was not the real director.

The actors of Chun Huashan were also blocked at the same time, their acting career became bumpy but some of them knew how to follow trend soon found their way out. However some of them were born with pride and no one’s threat could make them yield.

At the press conference, there were only a total of three actors from Chun Huashan. After all it has been two years since the film was shot, many actors were not in the circle anymore.

Zhao Jin could also not find these people and some people were not willing to admit that it was him who directed the film, so he found someone to threatened them that if they ever reveal the truth he promised to make them regret for the rest of their lives.

But Fu Zhen on the other hand, was waiting. He was waiting for the film’s influence to expand more widely and hit a box office, that’s when he would release the evidence that would make Zhao Jin fall miserably.


“This movie..”

Fu Jianchen pressed his forehead, he felt as if there was something grinding his skull, that’s making him suffer a lot,

“Was this the film that Fu Zhen made in those years?”

The secretary was confused and had no idea what Fu Jianchen question meant.

After a long time, the secretary heard Fu Jianchen say to him,

“Buy me a ticket for Chun Huashan.”

The secretary responded and quickly took care of the matter. He immediately delivered the movie tickets to Fu Jiachen when he was about to leave work.

After coming out of the cinema, the secretary found that Fu Jianchen’s eyes were red. He had worked with Fu Jianchen for so many years but he had never seen him like this.

“Go back.”

Fu Jianchen said slowly, his voice was little hoarse.

When Tang Wanwan returned home, she couldn’t find Fu Jianchen so she asked the maids about his whereabouts. The maid said that he had gone to the garden after coming back from the company and hadn’t returned yet.

Tang Wanwan directly went to the garden to look for Fu Jianchen and found him standing in front of the rockery in the middle of the garden, motionless as if he was a statue.

Tang Wanwan asked him,

“Dad what are looking?”

There was a voice in Fu Jianchen’s heart that keeps on telling him,

Don’t turn your head, don’t turn your head!

But after being called ‘dad’ by Tang Wanwan a few times, he turned his body uncontrollably and when he saw her eyes he immediately felt that things under the rockery were not so important anymore.

He smiled and said,

“Nothing. Let’s go, its cold here outside. Let’s go back.”


Tang Wanwan nodded, came over and wrapped her arms on Fu Jianchen  while her eyes swept towards the rockery that Fu Jianchen was looking but didn’t find anything unusual on the rockery.



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eight-grader syndrome1– also known as Chunibyo for Japanese term, used to describe early teens who have delusion of grandeur, who desperately want to stand out that they have convinced themselves they have hidden knowledge or secret powers.

water army2– metaphoe refers to a large number of ghoswriters paid to post online comments with particular contents

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