Chapter 4

In Xue Jiayue’s room, a large bed was placed against the wall on left side and a cloakroom next to it. On the opposite side of the bed was a dressing table on top which were all kinds of bottles from various luxury brands.

In addition there were T City’s bracelet and C City’s necklace, these jewelries with great values were carelessly place on the table.

Before transmigrating, Xue Jiayue was the only daughter on an ordinary woker’s family, their financial conditions were average. After graduating from University, she immediately started working and earned 10,000 yuan a month.

She would take out 3,000 yuan to send home for medicine and improve the life of her sick parents. These expensive cosmetics, skin care products, jewelry and other expensive things were only things that she has seen but cannot afford to buy.

Xue Jiayue looked at those things, it was fake for her to say that she was not excited to see and touched those things. However she also knew that these things does not belong to her, she may be wearing them now but in case she could go back to her previous life, she wanted to continue living her ordinary life.

She behaved herself calmly, just because she suddenly dressed as a rich person doesn’t mean she need to be one.

Seeing that it was late, Xue Jiayue opened her closet and took out her pajamas and take a shower in the bathroom.

Xue Jiayue has a habbit of thinking about things when she takes a bath.

At this moment she took her time sorting her memories for the current situation while showering.

According to the plot in the original book, now she and Xu Yanwen were still nominally husband and wife. Although Xue Yanwen doesn’t love her, he doesn’t treat her badly.

As long as she doesn’t make trouble, and not make father Xu angry to the point of being hospitalized, and the only person who cared her then Xu Yanwen would not sent her to the mental hospital.

She just need to wait until Xu Yanwen meets Han Mengxue, the heroine and for them to fall in love, then she could divorce Xu Yanwen peacefully, she could also take some money and live peacefully away from them.

However at present, Han Mengxue hasn’t returned yet. They still need to act as husband and wife for a period of time.

Fortunately the two of them has been sleeping in separate room, and had a nominal relationship. As long as she doesn’t seduced Xu Yanwen like the original owner and would not offend him, they could live peacefully.

After thinking on what to do and had a good shower, she went out of the bathroom.

Coming out of the bathroom, Xue Jiayue did her skin care according to the memory of the original owner.

After that, she didn’t feel sleepy but hungry instead.

Xue Jiayue only drank wine that evening and did not eat anything, so she went to the kitchen to look for food.

She found a handful of noodles, a few eggs and a handful of lettuce, just enough for a bowl of egg noodles.

All of these ingredients were bought by the original owner. Two days ago she decided on a whim to please Xu Yanwen and be the wife that would make him happy.

In order to capture a man’s heart, one should capture a man’s stomach, so the original owner decided to start with cooking.

She asked sister Jen from the old house not to come over to help and said with confidence that she could cook and make a good meal.

But the first meal she cooked did not enter Xu Yanwen’s stomach, he worked late from day to night and the next morning went to G city for business trip.

The ingredients she bought were she put were put in the fridge, and before the original owner could cooked for Xu Yanwen again, she crossed over.

Xie Jiayue cooked a bowl of noodles for herself, putting an egg on top of the noodle to complete her meal.

She carried her egg noodles to the table and sat down, just as she picked up her chopsticks and prepared to eat the noodles, she saw the study room opened from the inside and Xu Yanwen walked out with a cup in his hand.

Xu Yanwen went to get some water, he was just passing by the dining table when he saw the bowl of egg noodles in front of Xue Jiayue.

A fine white noodles, golden eggs and green lettuce looked so enticing and very delicious, as if enchanted, he was tempted that he can’t help but gulp.

Xue Jiayue saw Xu Yanwen staring at her and her noodles, embarrassed to eat alone, she asked Xu Yanwen with a friendly smile on her face,

“Do you want to eat?”

Xu Yanwen did not have the habit of eating late night snacks, he has always been very self-disciplined, but at this moment, he suddenly felt particularly hungry, countless cravings in his stomach, tempting his appetite.

“Do you still have more?”

Xu Yanwen walked over, put the glass of water in his hand on the dining table, pulled out the dining chair and sat down, with a look of waiting for Xue Jiayue to feed him.

“There’s more.”

Xue Jiayue smiled faintly, there should be more left. She still wanted to get along with him in a friendly way of course she could not offend him for such small matter.

“I haven’t touch this bowl. You eat first. I’ll just cook again.”

Then Xue Jiayue gave her egg noodles to Xu Yanwen and went to the kitchen to cook another bowl of egg noddles.

By the time Xue Jiayue finished cooking the noodles, and brought them to the dining table, Xu Yanwen had already eaten most of the noodles.

“Want some more?”

Xue Jiayue sat down on the chair opposite to him and saw that he was about to finish his noodles, thinking he must be really hungry.

“No I’m full.”

Xu Yanwen seldom eats late snack and this evening, such a large bowl of noodles was already an exception.

“Then I’ll eat myself.”

Xue Jiayue picked up her chopsticks and ate delightfully.

XU Yanwen on the other hand finished his last bit of noodles, he put down the bowl and chopsticks and said to Xue Jiayue,

“Thank you for the noodles.”

Oh! He’s quite polite!

“Don’t mentioned it.”

Xue Jiayue replied.

Xu Yanwen added,

“You finished eating the noodles, and put the dishes away. I’ll wash them later.”

And knows the initiative to wash the dishes, good, good!

Xue Jiayue was very satisfied, and after eating the noodles, she really put the dishes there for Xu Yanwen to wash them.

The night was already deep, Xue Jiayue had nothing to say to Xu Yanwen, so she went back to her room after eating her noodles.

After brushing her teeth, Xue Jiayue immediately lay down on her bed and thought of her parents in her original world.

She just transmigrated and was wondering how were they doing now or if they knew something bad had happened to her, they would be very sad.

Thinking of these, Xue Jiayue’s nose felt sour1, she turned to looked at the window and prayed in her heart that her parents could live a good life and be healthy in the future.

She thought that she could not sleep thinking about these things but perhaps she was too tried, Xue Jiayue fell asleep.

As for when Xu Yanwen slept, she did not know.

In the middle of the night, Xue Jiayue felt as if someone had covered her with a quilt but at that moment she dreamed of her dear mother, so she just assumed that her mother was the one who covered her with quilt.


The author has something to say.

Xue Jiayue: Was it my mother who covered me with quilt?

Xu Yanwen: I. ..


nose felt sour1– tingling feeling when you’re about to cry

4 responses to “TTTBHSEW 4”

  1. Eu fico realmente frustrada quando o MC transmigra como bucha de canhão e faz a gente perceber o quanto a bucha de canhão original tinha se esforçado para fazer algo funcionar e nunca recebeu nada em troca. A verdadeira Jiayue aprendeu a cozinhar (mesmo sendo uma filha rica e possivelmente mimada) apenas para agradar o protagonista masculino e, no final, continuou vivendo em um casamento horrível. Eu acho triste que ela nunca vai ser capaz de receber o amor que merecia, já que uma alma transmigrada vai conseguir atrair a atenção do ML e eles vão viver felizes para sempre (por isso eu prefiro histórias de segunda chance, onde a mulher que sofreu resolve mudar sua atitude, ao invés de transmigração, que uma pessoa completamente diferente assume o papel do original e recebe tudo aquilo que o original desejou). Mas, enfim, tenho altas expectativas para essa história (só espero que Xue Jiayue não se torne uma mulher fraca, sem personalidade, comandada pelo macho, igual os outros romances de casamento)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i really enjoyed reading your comments (。◝‿◜。), actually I am have one novel that has second chances
      The villain’s Reborn ex-girlfriend. i don’t if you like it but you could try.
      base on the comments on NU ML is not so likeable (•⚗৺⚗•)


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