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Chapter 9

But it doesn’t matter, she was used being poor and her experience in shopping at the street stall made her skillfully start bargaining.

When Chen Feng saw her, there was a sweet smile on her face and was talking to the vendor with a smile.

She tilted her head, her eyes were shinny and her expression was very cute like some small little animal.

The vendor was doing small business and usually the people who came to buy were ordinary people, even if the ladies of big families wanted to eat they often sent their maid to buy it for them.

It was the first time that he had spoken to such good-looking and humble lady, he’s two pair of eyes looked into her face intently.

Jiang Liangchan didn’t notice any of these and was busy with her bargaining.

Chen Fang narrowed his eyes slightly and move his gaze to look at the vendor, the vendor’s eyes were about to grow on her face but he tightly squeezed the coin board in his hand and looked calculating.

He practice martial arts all year round with excellent ears, he carefully distinguished and heard the voices of her and the vendor from the hustle and bustle of the street.

“It can’t be cheaper, two taels are already the lowest price, Young lady you seem rich, why are you bargaining with poor vendor like me?”

This is the voice of the vendor who glibly retorted.

“Where can I have an extra money? I am afraid I’m just a poor person who only have one tael, so can you just sell it to me.”

This voice was Jiang Liangchan.

Just earlier she was not afraid on lavishly spending her money at Hunchun brothel.

She gave all of that money to Hua Zhan but she can’t even afford to a cold cake?

The vendor just stared at Jiang Liangchan and the price didn’t go down.

Jiang Liangchan failed to bargain, she lowered her eye and drooped her head then turned around one step at a time.

What kind of delicacies she hadn’t eaten yet—and she wanted a cold cake to eat that badly?

The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth twitched, he didn’t dare to look anymore and continued to walk.

Just as he walked, he carelessly dropped a penny from his sleeve.

With a click it fell gently on the ground.

And he seemed to be in a hurry, not hearing anything and strode away.

As soon as Jiang Liangchan walked she saw that there was a penny in the middle of the road ahead.

Such exquisite penny, so cute and helplessly lying on the ground alone like a homeless child.

And its whole body exudes the light of the cold cake.

Holding the penny, she went back and forth three times to find someone but the road was quiet. She waited for a long time but didn’t see anyone who would come looking for the money.

It’s the money that she picked up but no one returned to look for it.

She happily took two tael of money and went back to buy the cold cake.

Behind her was a man sitting on a high wall with a straw stick in his mouth, silently watching the person below who was happily eating the cold cake.

He regretted it after dropping the money, he didn’t know what he was confused about. He actually want to help her inexplicably—maybe it was the way he saw her pitifully bargaining.

She just suddenly change, making him feel she was poor little girl for a while forgetting that this was Jiang Liangchan who bullied others.

How can she be pitiful, she only has to bully other, prepared to bully other and just bully others, these should be said three times.

 He was very displeased with his momentary softness, he turned around and walked back not wanting to watch anymore.

But as soon as he walked back he saw Jiang Liangchan walking back to the street.

Seeing the she was looking for the owner of the money, poking her head to any directions, after waiting and couldn’t find the owner she awkwardly and shyly trotted back and bought the cold cake.

It’s not about how much money but who uses the money.

It was obviously cold holding the cake with her hands she was eating it while her eyes were shining.

What’s happening.

Forget it, she already bought it and he can never take it back.

Chen Fang withdraw his gaze, stopped looking at her and jumped off the other side of the high wall.

Today, he heard some news and wanted to verify whether it was true of false, so he had no time to spend with her.

The mother of Jiang family went to worship Buddha, father Jiang, Jiang Pingxuan followed the emperor to visit Jiangnan* privately. He has not yet retuned. At dinner only Jiang Liangchan and Jiang Yunting were the only master.



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