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Chapter 63

Fu Zhen then asked Jiang Hengshu,

“Where is good?”

Jiang Hengshu thought for a while and replied,

“The plot was good and so are the actors.”

Although most of the actors Fu Zhen used were newbie actors when filming the Chun Huashan their acting skills were not inferior to any current actors now.

“What about the one we see on New Year’s Day?”

Jiang Hengshu tried to recalled plot but couldn’t remember anything,

“The special effects were good.”

Fu Zhen continued to asked Jiang Hengshu about his evaluation on several films and found that Jiang Hengshu could always find one or two advantages from them and even persuaded him to watch them.

Fu Zhen then realized that it might be a mistake to asked Jiang Hengshu to evaluate Chun Huashan.

Audience like Jiang Hengshu should be lousy film directors favorite. They could even appreciate any kind of movies and find joy on watching them.

But Fu Zhen did not give up, and asked Jiang Hensghu again,

“Can you tell me the rate of film on sequence?”

Jiang Hengdhu thought seriously for a few minute before giving his answers and unfortunately, Chun Huashan came in second.

Fu Zhen felt very frustrated, Chun Huashan couldn’t even catch to those film that was scored less than five on viewers rate evaluation, but it maybe that everyone’s taste were different and probably Fu Zhen’s expectations of Jiang Hengshu was too high.

Still he could accept the result and asked again.

“Why was it ranked at the top?”

“Because I watched it with you that day.”

Although this sentence sounds very sweet, but Fu Zhen wasn’t misled by the sugar coated words and said,

“Today’s Chun Huashan is also a movie we watched together.”

“It’s different.”

When they went to the cinema on New Year’s Day, either of them was focus on the movie.

He actually knows that Fu Zhen was watching him all the time, Fu Zhen thought he was watching the movie attentively but in fact he could feel Fu Zhen’s hot gaze and at that time he was already keeping Fu Zhen in his heart.

As he spoke he reached out and held Fu Zhen in his arms, the distance between the two people ware shortened in an instant. The warm breath of Jiang Hengshu wrapped Fu Zhen as they walked towards their home.

Under the bare street tress, their shadows depended on each other.

Fu Zhen didn’t want to ask anything anymore.

After returning home, Fu Zhen opened the pack of sausage he had bought in the supermarket the day before yesterday and made a pot of delicious rice with a few vegetables and eggs.

After the meal, the two people then began their respective work in their bedroom but Fu Zhen was not in the mood to draw, he remembered Zhao Jin’s name as the director on Chun Huashan.

Fu Zhen climbed to the opposite side of Jiang Hengshu and sat down, he pursed his lips and looked at him. He seldom showed such serious expression in front of Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu put down his book and looked at him quietly.

Fu Zhen took two deep breaths and finally made up his mind, he said to Jiang Hengshu.

“Jiang Hengshu, I have something to confess to you.”

Jiang Hengshu nodded, did not speak and just looked at him, eyes full of tenderness.

Fu Zhen lowered his eyes, not daring to looked at Jiang Hengshu, he opened his mouth and talked to Jiang Hengshu about his life, who he is, his hatred towards Tang Wanwan, Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting, including Shazou Chronicles and Chu Huashan.

“…. Chun Huashan was actually made by me years ago, it was originally my graduation work but because of my conflict with Tang Wanwan it was completely blocked. I don’t where Zhao Jin got it from but I want to release all the evidence about Zhao Jin stealing the copyright in a few days, but just by doing it, it may attract the attention of Tang Wanwan and them.”

“They might help Zhao Jin and together will fight back, we may encounter some thorny problem and your work may also be affected.”

Fu Zhen’s voice were getting smaller and smaller, although he still doesn’t know what Jiang Hengshu’s work were. Fu Zhen still feels very distressed at the thought that he may be put on the same situation as him before.

They might be force to work on the construction site by Fu Jianchen.

In fact, what they have now was good enough. He and Jiang Hengshu had their own home and they could live a happy life, this was something he didn’t dare to think about when he was just driven out of the Fu family.

It was just he was a little resentful that his heart’s work was stolen and wasted by another person, but as the time goes by he should be able to forget about it one day.

Fu Zhen took a deep breath and said to Jiang Hengshu,

“Forget it, that’s it.”

He would do nothing as long as he could protect the peace that they have at the moment.

Jiang Hengshu quietly listened to Fu Zhen’s story and when Fu Zhen fell into silence, he said softly,

“Do what you want to do, just do it and do not worry about me, if there is anything you need help with just tell me.”



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