Chapter 9

The whole evening, Qin Li talked to Ruan Tian’s parents very harmoniously and Qin Li’s unbridled attitude also made Ruan Tian’s parents very pleased, looking at him as if they are looking at their son-in-law.

Ruan Tian nearly ate half of the toffee he was hugging. Hu Shi who only notice him and grabbed the toffee from Ruan Tian who was extremely protective of his foods.

“You can’t eat too much sugar.”

Hu Shi keep the toffee and motioned to Ruan Tian,

“Don’t just sit there, send Qin Li out.”

Ruan Tian licked his sweet and greasy lips, got up and unenthusiastically send Qin Li out.

In the hallway.

Qin Li pressed the elevator button and asked Ruan Tian,

“What do you like to eat? I will bring it for you tomorrow.”

Ruan Tian’s eye lit up instantly when Qin Li said that he was going to buy food for him, he quickly said,

“I want to eat glutinous rice, toffee, matcha mousse and also egg tar, caramel pudding…”

He earnestly counted, turning his brain to recall the sweets he had eaten before and suddenly found that Qin Li was getting closer and closer to him—so close that he could hear Qin Li’s breathing.

Ruan Tian blinked innocently, staring at Qin Li who was very close to his face.

“Your eyes are very beautiful.”

Qin Li said seriously.

Ruan Tian’s eyes are indeed very beautiful with black and shiny pupils without slightest impurities, but it also had a slightly seductive style.

Qin Li stared at the mole on the end of his eyes and asked without moving his gaze,

“Anything else?”

Ruan Tian was quickly distracted and did not care about Qin Li who was still staring at him in close range and continued to count on his hands.

“And also donuts…”

“All sweets?”

“Well you said you want to buy it for me!”

Ruan Tian stared at Qin Li like a cat who was about to blow up his hair, afraid that Qin Li would suddenly break his promise.

Qin Li continued to get closer, his lips lightly touching Ruan Tian’s lips, he then quickly licked Ruan Tian’s soft and sweet lips and lightly said.

“Too sweet. Just this time.”

“Is it very sweet?”

Ruan Tian touched his lower lip with his finger and licked it.

“It’s not sweet.”

He said truthfully,

“It’s my mouth that’s sweet.”



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  1. TianTian tempting Qin Lin for a kiss 🤭
    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. So the just be out here kissing…not that I’m complaining😝


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