Chapter 8

The doors and window of Hua Shan’s room were tightly close, she had already told bao mu that she was already tired today and wanted to rest so she wouldn’t find her later.

Today she earned enough silver, the bao mu was in a good mood, didn’t give her a hard time and let her go.

But Hua Shan who was tired and wanted to rest, was inside the room perfectly refreshed with a perfect curved smile on her lips and pouring tea for a man.

This man is Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was drinking tea, his expression was faint while listening to Hua Shan talking.

Hua Shan who was in front of him was pleased with herself frowns slightly.

“The gongzi who came today is really the one you said yesterday?”

Chen Feng voice was flat,

“Don’t you always remember faces, you don’t recognize her?”

Hua Shan bit her lips and remembered the person from yesterday, but… the bearing was really different.

Hua Shan told Chen Fang what had happened today.

Chen Fang’s expression was indifferent, she was not sure what was going on.

Thinking about the person today, even though she disguise herself as a man she still can’t conceal her stunning beauty and unlike herself, that young lady has been pampered since she was a child and she seemed calm and honorable between her gestures.

What’s more today she rewarded her with one hundred fifty two ingots.

Not to mention that one hundred fifty two ingots—she never had that while working on fan painting.

She usually has a high self-esteem and never feels a loser, the world chose a family for her not she choosing a family for herself.

But today she seems to felt inexplicably have lost.

She originally saved Chen Feng’s life, she was his life saviour in return Chen Feng was good to her, he usually walked in and out of the brothel but never bothered to glance at her sisters which made her feel that this man was her own.

Thinking that Chen Feng had a lot of contact with such woman she felt like she had been stabbed by a needle.

Seeing that Chen Feng hasn’t commented on anything and was only thinking of the behavior of the guest today make her feel that there was another reason.

Hua Shan said angrily,

“Gongzi, I seem to understand again this young lady is really vicious.”

Chen Feng raised his eyebrow slightly, put down the tea cup in his hand and looked at her,

“What did you say?”

“I was almost deceived by her, the reason she came her today was to humiliate me through pipa first after seeing enough of my embarrassment she pretended wanting to watched me dance and then gave me enough reward. I’m afraid she giving me a stick and a carrot treatment, also maybe the money was given to me was use to humiliate me.”

Chen Feng did not say anything and continued drinking his tea.

Hua Shan was a bit anxious, although Chen Feng has always been lazy to talk but today she didn’t know why but she wanted to pull the stunning lady down in front of Chen Feng and eagerly wanted to see Chen Feng revealing his disgust to her like yesterday.

She said a few more words that the young lady was being very mean.

Chen Feng interrupted her,

“She shouldn’t mean that today.”

Hua Shan was stunned.

Is Chen Feng talking for the young lady?

Chen Feng met her shocked and questioning gaze, he calmly said.

“She is not such cunning and sharp person, if she is deliberately trying to hit people she will fight them bluntly. She is too lazy to play tricks, if she wants to humiliate you today, not this way”

There is another reason, he knew it in his heart but didn’t say it out loud.

In Jiang Liangchan’s eyes Hua Shan who’s working on a brothel has a low status, if she really wants to humiliate her there is no need to use her brain not to mention deliberately knowing her shortcoming and then spend all her money just to embarrassed and humiliate her.

If she really came to humiliate her, she would directly bribe someone to scratch her face or drive her out—that’s definitely her character.

Perhaps the changes was because of Chu Qing.

Chen Feng didn’t say much more, he straightened up, cut off Hua Shan and said,

“You should proceed carefully, I will send someone to watch and protect you.”


After Jiang Liangchan’s adventure outside she felt relieved.

No wonder it was always easy to spend the a hundred taels of silver in ancient times.

The one hundred and fifty two teals of silver in the sleeve are so heavy!

The moment she took out the silver, she felt to light that could fly.

The capital is quiet prosperous, on the way she passed there were many vendors selling along the street, she took fancy to a cold cake stall. There white cold cake was sprinkles with sweet-scented osmanthus honey which made people drool.

Just as she was to dig out her sleeves and find that she is too poor to take anything out.

After searching all over her body, she only had one tael left.

And the cake cost two tael.

Chen Feng haven’t left too far from the brothel when he saw a familiar figure in front of him, he saw Jiang Liangchan standing.

The scene this time is even more unexpected.

Jiang Liangchan who coolly spend her money inside the brothel earlier was now standing in front of a cold cake stall—


In front of the cold cake, Jiang Liangchan felt the power of poverty.



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