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Chapter 62

Fu Zhen put the green plant he bought home one by none on the balcony and filled the plastic spray with water, while the hot pot was prepared by Jiang Hengshu.

Although Jiang Hengshu only put a little bit of chili pepper in it according to Fu Zhen’s request but it still tasted nothing but spicy. Fu Zhen’s lips were almost numb from spiciness, it was also red, shiny and seemed to be swollen.

He wasn’t aware if he had eaten some pepper but he keeps on coughing.

Jiang Hengshu patted him on the back until the coughing gradually stopped. He turned the pot around, put the clear soup pot in Fu Zhen direction and poured a cup of sour plump soup in it.

He took a chopstick of mutton and rinsed it on a clear soup pot before putting it on Fu Zhen’s bowl and said to him,

“You should eat less spicy food.”

Fu Zhen hadn’t ordered spicy dishes in a long time but the spicy level Jiang Hengshu made today was actually within his tolerance rage. He looked at the red bottom of the hot pot with his blurry eyes and wanted to eat another slice of meat, but Jiang Hengshu stopped him and insisted,

“You shouldn’t eat it.”

Although Fu Zhen only eat little but that night Fu Zhen still had a stomach ache. Jiang Hengshu went out to several pharmacies to get him some medicine and stayed with Fu Zhen until he felt a little comfortable, and fell asleep.

Since then, Jiang Hengshu’s pot has become a clear soup or tomato soup, and strictly forbids Fu Zhen from eating spicy food.


In a blink of an eye, it was January 12th, the day Chun Huashan would be release.

His film would finally be released after more than two years. Of course, Fu Zhen wanted to see the difference between the “Chun Huashan” with Zhao Jin’s name and the one he edited two years ago.

In the evening, when Jiang Hengshu came home, Fu Zhen said to him.

“Let’s go see a movie today.”

Jiang Hengshu naturally did not refuse. On the first day, the release of Chun Huashan, the film arrangement rate was not high and the attendance rate was also not good. The large hall only has 20 to 30 viewers and looks a little empty.

Chun Huashan tells the story of three generation, Chen Fusheng, Chen Zhiye and Chen Hua. The emotional entanglement between father and son.

The Chen family has been living at the foot of Chun Mountain for generations, making porcelain for a living. Chen Fusheng was a grumpy and old-fashioned which was a standard image of a strict father.

While Chen Zhiye was weak and shy under his father’s strict education and Chen Hua was the child he had with a woman after a night’s romance. The woman gives the child to him before leaving.

The film starts with the birth of Chen Zhiye and the burial of Chen Fusheng, various memories were interspersed with sadness and happiness.

A short film of 2hours with 50 years-time line, was perfectly integrated.

The film was well received right after its first release, and for the first time since director Zhao Jin’s cheating scandal broke three years ago, it has appeared in the media in a relatively positive light.

‘They had to admit that character and ability really had nothing to do with each other.’

Was every first sentence a critic would write for a review of Chun Huashan, not commenting on director Zhao Jin’s character and basing on how excellent his work this time.

The rating for Chun Huashan was not very high on the first day, one because the director had a scandal and the audience spontaneously boycotted it, and the other reason was because it was a movie about familial love and most of the actors in it were unknown to the audience.

But in later time, Chun Huashan would hit higher viewing rate that the first day had and finally break through a billion on the seventh day of release.

The techniques used by the director in making the film were not particularly skillful and superb but the emotions sent in the film can precisely reach the hearts of every viewer.

This was a natural talent, many filmmakers can’t do it even after years of hard work. It’s amazing that this talent appeared on Zhao Jin now.

Looking back at Zhao Jin’s previous films, they could say that although there were few good ones, they were still much worse than that of Chun Huashan.

Is this some out of the body experience?

Fu Zhen who was sitting in the cinema was expressionless.

Apart from the name of the director, from the beginning up until the end of the film, there was almost not changes, even the sentence Chen Hua said to his father when he was at his father’s graveyard,

“I want to stay with you forever and won’t go anywhere.”

Was not deleted.

This sentence seems a little abrupt between Chen Fusheng and Chen Hua’s relationship, but this was actually meant for Fu Jianchen.

There were many other scenes in this film that were meant for Fu Jianchen, many details also reflected Chen Zhiye as Fu Ting.

In the second half of the film, there were gradually sobs in the cinema.

Fu Zhen however was completely unmoved and just looked at the screen indifferently, summarizing which scene was not perform well during the shooting.

Two hours later, when they came out of the cinema it was already completely dark outside. Fu Zhen asked Jiang Hengshu,

“How was the movie?”

Jiang Hengshu thought for a while and gave a two-word evaluation,

“Not bad.”

Fu Zhen was not satisfied, after all the last time he and Jiang Hengshu went to see a movie, he said it was also pretty good.



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TL: Huashan in english is mountain or a small hill

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