Chapter 8

Ruan Tian didn’t say a word, he was guessing the chances that Qin Li knowing the matter and cried without tears after discovering that Qin Li had 90% chances of knowing the truth and the remaining 10% was purely his self-comfort.

Seeing that Ruan Tian didn’t plan to confess honestly, Qin Li could only say,

“My mother receive your mother’s call earlier and told her everything.”

Ruan Tian let out a cry, squirming in embarrassment, hiding his head under the quilt, his legs are still kneeling making the buttocks wrapped in his shorts tightly—and facing Qin Li.

The shorts were thin that they couldn’t hide his sleek and beautiful buttocks, and his inner thighs were white in color.

Uncontrollably, Qin Li thought of the feeling he felt when he was kneading this piece of soft flesh that night and the flustered touch still wrapped around his fingertips making him clench his finger subconsciously.

“Ruan Xiaotian.”Qin Li’s tone fell a few degrees.

Ruan Tian struggled for a long time, got his head out of the quilt, his fluffy soft hair, pair of peach eyes full of charm and the mole at the of the eye, like a finishing touch, setting off the stunning beauty of on his beautiful face.

“Just laugh, just laugh. I know it’s shameful and you’re seeing me as joke.”

Ruan Tian said with aggrieved expression as if he was abandoning himself.

Qin Li don’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard this,

“What should I laugh about?”

“You won’t laugh at me?”

“No.” Qin Li sighed,

“I still don’t know why this happened but if he is related to me I will definitely be responsible.”

Ruan Tian breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this and Qin Li didn’t really laugh at him.

“Let me talk to uncle and aunt first, you change your clothes and come out.” Qin Li said.

Bewildered, Ruan Tian asked,

“Why do I need to change my clothes?”

“Change your shorts.”

Qin Li slightly frowned,

“Although auntie is your mother, there should still be distinction between men and women.”

“So demanding…” Ruan Tian muttered.

Qin Li is so nosy with his business.

So annoying!

As soon as Qin Li went out, Ruan Baitang invited him to have tea and chat, Hu Shi served Pu’erh tea which is treasured at home, while making the tea she was also listening next door with her ears perk up.

After a while, Ruan Tian also came out of the bedroom after changing his clothes.

He has a good-looking appearance and can easily wear any clothes and hairstyles fashionably making him look cute.

Hu Shi called Ruan Tian and asked to help served the tea, then grabbed and questioned him what Qin Li had said to him.

Ruan Tian was still thinking about his mother’s betrayal, he just glance at her quietly and let out a cold snort from his nose.

Hu Shi just shakes her head and could only watch Qin Li and listen to his statement.

Ruan Baitang chatted with Qin Li about every day happenings then asked about his father’s condition and turned the topic to the immediate matter.

Qin Li didn’t beat around the bush, he spoke very sincerely and decisively,

“I will be responsible for Ruan Xiaotian until the end—as long as he wants. I can provide for him and raised the children for the rest of my life. I will do my best to take care of them and let them live without worries, after all it was my fault too and the child has my blood too.”

“I came in hurry tonight before I had time to discuss with my parents. I believe they will agree and support me—but if they don’t I still fulfill what I said earlier.”

After the long speech he had, Ruan Baitang and Hu Shi looked at each other, obviously surprise and shocked.

They didn’t expect Qin Li to be able to say what he said, raising Ruan Tian and the child for a lifetime, he also said this smoothly and naturally at that, as if he rehearsed it a countless time.

Ruan Tian was sitting, holding a bag of toffee in his arms and said disapprovingly as he ate,

“I can support myself, besides the child is not necessarily his.”

As soon as he said this, three pairs of eyes that were burning with flames instantly turned around and stared at him viciously.

Hu Shi roared angrily,

“Are you still messing with other casually?”

“No, I’m not!”

Ruan Tian patter his almost frightened little heart and even denied,

“I didn’t, I’m not joking at all.. maybe it was a spirit or a ghost..”

He had the illusion that he would be shot to death by their eyes if he admitted it.

“What ghost, after founding the People’s Republic of China you mustn’t believe on those ghost thing. You have to pay attention to science instead and dare not blame your mother for beating you.”

Ruan Tian curled his lips, chewing the toffee seriously and stopped talking to the boring people next to him.

He can really support his kitten and there are real spirits and ghost in this world.

Hmmp! Stupid humans, believe it or not.



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