Chapter 5

Although the mistress was young when they got married and stays in the villa for a while, Aunt Wang and the other workers were all sure that the new mistress was not approachable.

First impression always last longer, so the second time they met, that was, that evening, everyone wasn’t really expecting something good. At that time Madam Fu just came back from the airport, maybe she was too tired or was not in a good mood, but she never greeted anyone and seems to be irritated.

As soon as she arrived she directly went to the master’s bedroom, shut the door and never came out.

And since the madam didn’t say anything, the maids don’t even know whether she wanted to eat or not, but wouldn’t dare to go up and asked. Instead they keep their ears open, and were ready to run up to her in unison in case she needed anything.

But when that happened, what they saw was her pitiful and helplessness self, which made their impressions change instantly.

The workers were no longer afraid and took action immediately, they helped the pitiful Madam Fu back to bed then asked if she needed something and told her,

“Madam it’s common for Fu executives to work overtime until midnight. Master Fu in particular sometimes presides over international conferences and can’t back until one or two.”

The others nodded their heads to show they all agree, they all thought that the ‘honey’ they heard upstairs was meant for Master Fu, and since Master Fu does really usually home in the middle of the night.

In order not to create a misunderstanding they had to explain.

Jian Ruixi leaned on her soft pillow and was looking calm but deep inside she was thinking.

If the husband from a rich family doesn’t go home to accompany his wife in the middle of the night, he was probably with his hot little lover.

How stupid of her if she would believe that ‘her’ husband was still working in the middle of the night? The novel doesn’t even mentioned that he was an overtime maniac.

However, in fact, she doesn’t care whether he works overtime or was accompanying his little lover—it has nothing to do with her anyway. Jian Ruixi rather would like to enjoy the people’s hospitality.

Also she instinctly thinks that she was a rich young lady and her servant should be warm and considerate towards her. She was also narcissist by nature and likes the feeling of being looked and worshipped like the stars and the moon.

When she was a celebrity she loved the attention her fans giving her, and couldn’t get herself out of it. Now was also almost the same, she drowned herself with happiness but when Aunt Wang asked her if she was hungry and she felt her stomach grumble.

Hearing her stomach, it seemed that she really was a little hungry , she looked at Aunt Wang and nodded happily.

As a female celebrity, Jian Ruixi doesn’t eat much at night, she hated exercising very much and preferred to starve or eat a little than going to gym and sweat.

If she really was dreaming or not, she wanted to eat meat.

Even if it’s not a dream, it was still okay, a rich young lady needs to keep her figure but she doesn’t have to be so thin like a celebrity and can indulge herself once in a while.

Jian Ruixi doesn’t feel any guilt at all.

Seeing that Aunt Wang happily went out to cook Jian Ruixi also dismissed the others. She sat on the bed to organized her thoughts, while receiving the memories of the original owner and recalling the novel’s plot.

There was nothing to say about the memory of the original owner. Everything was just like what she dreamed, Jian Ruixi was more concerned about the future development—the female heroine welcomes their second child.

And Madam Fu was really jealous this time, finally decide to compete with the heroine, on what? Of course,

It’s having a baby.

Jian Ruixi admitted that Madam Fu’s thoughts were right. With a rich family, family planning doesn’t exist at all, rich families all pay attention to having more children and grandchildren instead.

A man’s family was famous for its prosperous descendants. Like Master Xi who has three sons and three daughters, and his immediate descendants add up to 20 or 30. Master Mucheng also has two brothers and a sister, who also has an eldest son and grandchildren, however the Fu family was the exact opposite.

In Fu Shiyuan’s generation, it has always been only him for three generations, he was brought up by his grandparents since he was born.

Because of this the old Patriarch who was in eighties was in good mood especially after having his great-grandson, his body become more healthier than on his earlier years.

Anyone could imagine how important the child was for the Fu family and the young madam Fu was willing to have more children, her in-laws would be so much happier supporting her decisions.

The only problem was, her reason for having one was to compete with the heroine, which in the end she would not win. Since, because of the heroine’s aura, the second pregnancy was the direct descendants of a dragon and a phoenix1.

Rich families has always been superstitious, the auspicious dragon and phoenix has made the heroine more beautiful and was envied by the many, far more better than that of the Young Madam Fu’ pregnancy.

Looking at how people treated the young Madam Xi after giving birth to a pair of twins, the Young Madam Fu was not so happy especially after giving birth to a daughter. Though the Fu family doesn’t really care if it was a son or a daughter, they would still be satisfied.

But Young Madam Fu was not—with her next child she did with a test tube, if the Young Madam Xi gave birth to a pair of triplets, if she gave birth to a triplets then surely it would be her win.

With the help of modern medicine, Young Madam Fu successfully gave birth to a triplets, her parents-in-law cried on happiness and gave her a reward worth more than one billion yuan on the spot.

But what she really wanted was still not achieved, and with her successive pregnancy Young Madam Fu’s body collapsed.

The couple’s relationship has (speculation) also worsened, and the media as well as the netizens were all making fun of her and mocked her test tube babies.

So in the end, she was still not on match for her, “arch nemesis”.

It was too sad!

Jian Ruixi had just finished reminiscing the plot and was ready to shed tears,

Oh no.. I am that poor young madam Fu now!

Finally realizing this point, Jian Ruixi’s first reaction was to lift the quilt, revealing her flat and well maintained belly, no indication of being pregnant.


Jiang Ruixi finally breath a relief, Young Madam Fu has already given an excellent heir for the Fu family, so now that she crossed over, she would just sit back and enjoy her achievements, and should stop on having more children and forcibly damaged her body.



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  1. Lol didn’t that ML mention that she was pregnant currently with the second child? Haha Poor Female Lead.

    Thank you very much for your hard work. Stay awesome, stay safe. Have a great day!


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