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Chapter 17

Li Jun was determined not let the assistant director make friends with Shen Yan.

If this were other people, they might feel embarrassed, but Shen Yan would not, she herself was busy and even made people feel that she was unapproachable, also she doesn’t really care.

In a few days, it would be clear who was right.

However Shen Yan might not want to talk to others but there would always be someone wanting to annoy her.

As the sun set, the breeze blows, bringing some coolness to the summer.

He Han walked next to Shen Yan, there was also a person beside He Han who was holding a fan, fanning her making sure she was pleased.

“Junior sister, what are you doing?”

He Han moved closer to Shen Yan, who was alone.

Shen Yan’s voice was not friendly,

“Want to fight?”

He Han was immediately stunned. She was thinking that since Shen Yan was isolated, if she takes the initiative to talked to her then rumor would spread beautifying her name more, but didn’t expect Shen Yan to instantly argue with her.

Without waiting for He Han to open her mouth, someone speak out for her.

“Shen Yan, what’s wrong with you?”

“Yes ah, He Han has been good to you but your always bullying her.”

“She’s just jealous of He Han.”

He Han looked the people with begging eyes and said,

“Don’t be like this, my junior sister just probably doesn’t want to talked to me.”

She continued,

“By the way junior sister, since you don’t like sharing room with me, I’ll move out in a moment.”

People chorus in agreement.

Frowning, Shen Yan slowly stood up,

“He Han do I seemed to look liked I am bullying you? Then that was really not a good thing to do.”

He Han inwardly mocked, She Yan was willing to apologizing to her, but what could an apology do? Since Shen Yan owes her, she need to get it back.

“You’re my junior sister of course I won’t bicker with you.”


The sound echoes.

Everyone swallowed their saliva, some people even took a step back, She Yan even dared to talked back to the director, of course she would also dare to slap He Han.

He Han’s cheeks were red, this was not the first time she had suffer a loss from She Yan, she also understands why she lose before.

However how and why could She Yan still recklessly beat her even if she had the upper hand.

Shen Yan shook her wrist,

“It’s really wrong for me to do this but since the others already accused me of bullying you even if I didn’t do anything wrong of I would feel sorry for myself.”

As the surrounding was quiet, the assistant director voice suddenly rang loudly, he shouted.

“It’s time to eat, time to eat! Today’s dish are chicken legs ah!”

After taking a look at the assistant director, Shen Yan took her things and walked towards him to receive her lunch box, like nothing happened.

The assistant director mouthed Shen Yan,

“Chicken wings.”

Today, the crew’s lunch was chicken, and the assistant directory added another pair of chicken wings to Shen Yan.

After taking her share, Shen Yan waited for the assistant director to finished since she has something to say, but the assistant director deliberately ignored her, afraid that Shen Yan would want him to buy another stock.

Shen Yan shook her head with a smile on her lips, she turned around to eat her lunch when He Han came towards her wanting to retaliate from the slap.

But Shen Yan held her wrist with one hand and said lightly,

“If you have the ability, you can continue to climb up to the position where I won’t dare to hit you.”

All the people who finished their work, came over to watch a good show.

He Han stretched out another hand to hit Shen Yan, who quick let go of her and retreated, she spun around, making the hem of her skirt into a beautiful arch in the mid-air and finally stood firmly.

He Han fell to the ground, she pointed at Shen Yan and said angrily,

“She Yan, you’re deceiving people too much!”

Li Jun came over this time, and said in a loud voice,

“What are you doing?”

Shen Yan ignored Li Jun and half squatted down, holding her chin with one hand and looked at He Han,

“Don’t mess with me.”

She got up and nodded to the assistant director, then returned to her position and began eating her lunch.

The group of actors who was watching the show were also hungry after shooting for so long, although they want to watch a good show, they still need to eat, and since the assistant director shouted again to get their attention.

They all ran towards the assistant director and received their meal, but there was also some people who stayed wanting to pleased He Han and stood beside her, accusing She Yan.

He Han who couldn’t accept her defeat ran towards Li Jun and said,

“I want to add another scene. I think people like Princess Lan who was so kind, would not let a person drown when she sees one.”

She leaned over and whispered to Li Jun,

“And besides, it’s always up to you whether you will broadcast it or not.”

Li Jun hesitated, He Han added quickly,

“Zhang He wants to invite you for a dinner, he recently bought another stock.”

“Your suggestion is good, it fits Princess Lan very well. Go and discuss it with the writer.”



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