Chapter 3

Faced with a powerful man, Xia Jiayue was very glad that she had washed her ghostly face earlier, otherwise she would surely be criticize by Xu Yanwen!

Xu Yanwen lowered his eyes and asked her,

“Why are you still here this late?”

“This, that…”

Xue Jiayue turned her eyes to find  words, her brain was spinning fast then suddenly remembered that Xu Yanwen himself was still here so late. She lifted her chin to asked him with the same question,

“What about you, what are you doing here so late?”

Xu Yanwen frowned slightly at what she said and replied,

“It’s Zhou Chenguang’s birthday, and everyone came over to celebrate with him.”

“Then I’m also celebrating my friend’s birthday”

Xue Jiayue told her lie quickly but was also feeling a little bit guilty.

Xu Yanwen saw her expression clearly and asked,

“Which friend?”

Xue Jiayue heart thumped erratically, she just made up her excuse on the spot and obviously don’t have any friend who celebrated it’s birthday.

She don’t know what Xu Yanwen thinks of her, and even if she knew surely she wouldn’t be moved.

As if Xu Yanwen was a role husband that care so much about his wife!

Asking how and why his wife was still outside in the middle of the night, does any husband would even asked who were your friends you had played with? He was just making sure that he wasn’t being deceived!

And Xue Jiayue know for sure that this was the case.

“Don’t you think you’re too nosy and annoying?”

Surprisingly Xue Jiayue boldly talked back, she doesn’t know where the courage came from but probably because of the original body was too depressed for a long time and wanted to rebel, so she subconsciously said the words from her heart.

Xu Yanwen’s eyes were slightly cold,

“I’m your….”


Xue Jianyue cut him and did not paid any attention, she hang her bag on her shoulder, ready leave.

A large hand reached over and clasped her wrist, displeasure was evident on his voice,

“Where to?”

Xu Jiayue glanced at him and said in an annoyed tone,

“Going home.”

Xu Yanwen held her wrist and said,


Xue Jiayue raised her eyebrow in amusement and a smile was hanging on her lips,

“Not celebrating with your friends anymore?”

Xu Yanwen’s face was still expressionless and calmly replied,

“It’s already late, I have business trip tomorrow morning.”

Hearing the word ‘business trip’, Xue Jiayue’s heart leap in joy, Xu Yanwen’s business trip was a good news, she would not have to face his cold and expressionless face and would not be questioned as an impostor in case she did out of habit from the original owner, also she needs to thinks what she needed to do next.

But before she could be happy for long, she heard Xu Yanwen add,

“I’ll be going to C City for one day and come back in the evening.”

The flame that was ignited a moment ago was, extinguished instantly1, Xue Jiayue sighed inwardly,

Good ah! a day business trip is still called business trip!

People did not used it wrong, it was me who misunderstand!

Xu Yanwen saw her dejected face and gave her a strange look.

Receiving his strange look, Xue Jiayue still did not say anything, she doesn’t want to talk at the moment especially to Xu Yanwen.

Xu Yanwen took another looked at her and said,

“Let’ go back.”


Xue Jiayue carried her bag on another side while her another wrist was clasped by Xu Yanwen as they went out together.

When they arrived outside, the driver brought the car over, Xu Yanwen reached out to open the door and said Xue Jiayue,

“Get in.”

Xue Jiayue looked at him and saw that he was still expressionless, so she didn’t bother to be polite with him and got in the car directly, Xu Yanwen followed after.

In the back of the car, Xue Jiayue sat by the left window, her eyes kept looking out of the car, as if there was some attractive scenery outside.

Sitting on the other side was Xu Yanwen who called Zhou Chenguang first, saying that he had to leave first, and then dealt with the e-mail sent by the overseas branch.

During this time, Xue Jiayue was sitting quietly beside him, looking out of the window without even moving.

It was probably because Xue Jiayue was too quiet unlike her usual self that Xu Yanwen subconsciously looked at her several times.

The quite Xue Jiayue did not even noticed Xu Yanwen looking at her. She kept looking out the window, the light on the street caught her eye, thinking that the night scenery was actually quite nice.

The car drove smoothly all the way and soon returned home.

In order to make it convenient for Xu Yanwen to go to work every day, Xu Yanwen and Xue Jiayue live in a high-end apartment in the city center after their marriage, where every inch of the land was gold and money2.

This apartment was called Ningxuan Yayuan, was known as the most expensive apartment in the capital.

Garden design, antique pavilions, small bridges and flowing water, these elegant and peaceful place were located in the heart of the city, which was also in line with its name Ningxuan Yayuan3.

The two entered the house one after the other.

At this time, Xu Yanwen’s phone rang, he took it out and looked at it, then quickly walked into the study room to answer the call.

Looking at Xu Yanwen’s back , Xue Jiayue curled her mouth thinking that he doesn’t dare answer the phone in front of her maybe because it was his little lover who can’t see the light4.

But this was also good, may she could divorced Xu Yanwen earlier, and then take a large money and go away to a place where no one knows her, away from the male lead Xu Yanwen and the heroine Han Mengxue, and just live her life leisurely.

Of course it could be better if she could go back before then, she wouldn’t had to worry about those things.

Xu Yanwen went to the study to answer the call and did not come out again. Xue Jiayue on the other hand put her bag on the cupboard by the door and walked into the her own bedroom , on the left side according to the original owner’s memory.

Indeed, there was a close door opposite to her room, that was Xu Yanwen’s room. The two of them had been sleeping in separate rooms since they got married.



The flame that was ignited a moment ago was, extinguished instantly1 – the happiness she felt earlier was instantly gone

every inch of the land was gold and money2– everything in the city was expensive

Ningxuan Yayuan3.- raw was 宁轩雅苑这个 ning for peaceful, ya for elegant, and yuan for park

who can’t see the light4– secret love affair

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  1. Menina, você é incrível! Sua resposta superou minhas expectativas (sério, nunca entendo porque as protagonistas femininas são “submissas” na frente do ML. Acho tão patético!), estou realmente impressionada com sua atitude. Continue assim!

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