Chapter 7

Jiang Liangchan didn’t know how to get along with Hua Shan, judging from her appearance she didn’t seem to be an easy person to get along with. The woman of the male lead, if its high of a hurdle its better to stay away.

Thinking of this, Jiang Liangchan stood up and said,

“There is still something we need to do today, so we’ll go first. Come and enjoy the beautiful dance of the fan painting girl on another day.”

Hua Shan’s face was no longer vigilant and repulsive as before, she was now forcefully showed a calm appearance and together with bao mu* they send her to the door.

(TL: *female brothel keeper)

When he was about to step out of the threshold, Jiang Liangchan suddenly thought of something and turned to bao mu with affection.

“This girl is a wonderful dancer, she is a treasure, you must protect her an don’t let people bully her.”

The Bao Mu nodded again and again,

“Naturally, gongzi can rest assured.”

Jiang Liangchan looked at Hua Shan which was obviously taken a back.

The bao mu looked at Hua Shan and smiled deeper.

It seems that this girl does have a potential to be favored by such generous customers and must be cultivated.

After Jiang Liangchan said this she hesitated but soon left.

What she said was actually: according to the plot the original body should have come to find fault and smash her face or drive her out or kill her. In short the plot will last then ten and half days.

Today she resolved the crisis of the first day and she was sure that she would never find fault with Hua Shan.

But just in case if the plot was irreversible, what if the painting Hua Shan does not die by her hands but by others?

The most important thing was, what if the male lead doesn’t know that she regrets what she did and thinks she killed her, what if the plot was still on her back?

Jiang Liangchan hesitated for a long time and really wanted to say directly that she was Jiang Liangchan did not bully Hua Shan at all, now or in the future. If in case something happens to Hua Shan she was not the one who did it!

When they were gone, the guest officer who had been sitting back to them, also slowly got up.

He only ordered a pot of biluochun*, put a silver and left.

(TL: * type of green tea)

This man wears a hat and has an attractive face under the hat, it’s just that he has been sitting in the shadow that even Hua Shan did not notice him.

Chen Feng condenses his eyebrow slightly.

He thought Jiang Liangchan would come and vent her anger but her performance today made him a little confused.

She thought she was well disguised but in fact she easily looked flustered and didn’t seem to be able to drink and eat properly—she would just do it after peeping at others.

Like a country bumpkin who entered city for the first time, she didn’t understand anything and was afraid of being embarrassment so she like a peeping tom, learning by watching, secretly.

But the real mystery was, who was this Jiang Liangchan?

In this capital city where drinking, eating and having fun, she and her brother are recognized second to none—if recombined were first..

Coupled with her weird attitude towards Hua Shan.

What kind of medicine was she selling?*

(TL: what is she plotting this time)

Chen Fang walked out the entrance of the Hunchun brothel and saw Jiang Liangchan hadn’t gone far, the man that was sitting with her also followed out walking together, the two of them had talk as they walked.

He recognized the man.

That person’s name was Chu Qing, Jiang Liangchan’s fiancée, he came loitering at Jiang Mansion to find Jiang Liangchan several times but was stopped by Chen Fang.

In front of Jiang Liangchan he looked a little affectionate but on Chen Feng perspective as a man this so-called affections was not true, it could easily be broken with a poke.

He didn’t know if Jiang Liangchan was blind or what, as she believed his affection for her.

The arrogant Jiang Liangchan in front of her fiancé was like a little girl facing her crush.

This little girl’s heart was the only tenderness left in her body.

Chen Feng remembered that when Chu Qing asked to sat down earlier, he asked Jiang Liangchan if it was her first time in the capital and Jiang Liangchan answered yes.

Could it be that Jiang Liangchan was afraid of being recognized by his fiancé so she kept on pretending to be a country bumpkin?

She has never concealed everything before but, was she afraid of losing her appearance in front of her fiancé?

Also, she has never found fault with Hua Shan today, and was afraid of showing her true colors in front of her fiancé—afraid of being rejected by him?

It turns out that Jiang Liangchan also knows how disgusting her behavior was, but was she really ashamed?

It could be, but this shame was only in the presence of her fiancé.

Chen Feng came to a clear conclusion:

Jiang Liangchan should like her fiancé very much.

He lowered his eyes, reflecting no emotion at all and turned to another lane.

 Jiang Liangchan and her dear friend who was walking in front didn’t notice anyone behind them and was still chatting.

Jiang Liangchan thought that this brother was very enthusiastic, he was the first stranger she met in this world so she aked,

“I haven’t asked my brother’s name yet.”

There are no pictures in the story so she can only recognized name but she doesn’t also know what they look like in the real world.

If the person in front of her was not a character who opposes the plot, then naturally she will make him her friends.

Her dear friend scratches his head and said,

“Call me Liu Zhi.”

After Jiang Liangchan asked she searched in her mind the name.

Liu Zhi? I haven’t read this person’s name. It seems that he is someone who does not deserve any name in the story.

Minor character stamp undoubtedly!

She was relieved and happily exchange her name but fearing to get known she made up an alias.



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