Chapter 7

The shining stars reflected the entire vast night sky complementing the bright lights of the bustling city.

The night was quiet as a stream flowing slowly like a river.

Qin Li stared on the road like a torch, he was grasping the steering wheel strongly with his fingers and his knuckles could be distinctly seen. He raised the speed as fast as possible.

He had never felt the torment of living for years like this moment and wished that he could appear in front of Ruan Tian in a second.

Qin Li never doubted what his aunt said earlier, also there were signs before this.

He remembered that in the hospital Ruan Tian suddenly vomited and easily lost his temper.

It was rare for him to see Ruan Tiang being so angry, now that he thinks of what his aunt said he can immediately get reasonable explanation.

Qin Li pressed his lips tightly and the string in his mind immediately tightened.

Since this matter started because of him, he will naturally be responsible to the end, and never run away from it.

“Don’t press it again and again, it’s noisy, coming, coming!”

Ruang Baitang muttered while opening the door quickly to prevent the doorbell from being pressed again.

Ruan Baitang was stunned when he saw who was impatiently ringing the doorbell.

Qin Li pays great attention to his image, and he must always goes out with suits and shoes, appearing so neat and cool, but right now he was wearing his indoor clothes and looking so hurriedly.

“Uncle Ruan.”

Ruang Baitang nodded lightly at Qin Li and said,

“Come in and sit down, why are you here? Don’t say you’re here just to say hello.”

Qin Li was very anxious and directly said, “I’m looking for Ruan Tian.”

Hu Shi was still washing the dishes, her hands were full of foam coming out of the kitchen looking at Qin Li with complicated eyes, and pointed Ruan Tian’s room,

“He went in after eating.”

“I heard everything you have told my mother.” Qin Li said, “When I finished talking with Ruan Tian I will give you an explanation.”

Qin Li has always been calm and mature, he never break his promises, since he said that, Ruan Baitang and Hu Shi naturally had nothing to say and could only wait for his explanation.

Qin Li was more familiar with Ruan Tian’s room than his own bedroom.

He knocked on the door twice and before Ruan Tian could invite him in, he pushed the door in anxiously.

Ruan Tian’s bedroom was decorated in a sunny and soft style with warm color, the whole bed was also fluffy only the place where he sleeps was covered with summer mat, there were several plush dolls on the bed to serve as protection when he falls.

A few pictures he had taken before were pasted on the wall, the young man in the sun hat by the sea looked back and smiled who amazes everyone, on other picture a handsome and that same beautiful boy gently kisses the sunflower which was even more beautiful than the sunflower in full bloom.

Qin Li’s gaze then swiftly moved from the photos and then to Ruan Tian who was lying on the bed.

Ruan Tian lay on his side holding a cat plush doll in his arms, and playing game with his mobile phone.

He was dressed with a very comfortable clothes; a white T-shirt, a pair of black shorts—the shorts only reached the thigh showing two straight white, tender and flawless long legs. Those two small feet are exquisite and beautiful, his toes were white and snowy like shelled eggs, his nail were also white and round.

He hummed softly while swinging his legs leisurely and comfortably.

Such alluring picture of ecstasy made Qin Li almost unable to control his beast inside.

He could only recite “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” a few times in silence and only then did he put out the raging fire in his lower abdomen.

Ruan Tian who was playing the game tilted his head slightly as if he had a foreboding and immediately collided with Qin Li’s eyes who was staring at him.

His expression looked like he had seen a ghost in an instant.

“You.. why are you in my house?” Ruan Tuan asked in panic.

Qin Li’s expression was cold, he could not see any traces of him being out of control.

He looked at the beauty in front of him and asked indifferently,

“Just here.”

Ruan Tian heart’s gradually showed anxiety,

“What are you doing here so late?”

“If you have something to tell me, say it to me in person.”


“You have nothing to tell me?”



“Ruan Xiaotian, you really have nothing to tell me?”



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  1. Lmao when my mom asks me if I have something to tell her, I already know that she knows I fucked up and should just confess about it before it gets worse (´;ω;`)


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