Chapter 4

Unfortunately, the good fortune won’t last forever, a woman unexpectedly intrude to “her” perfect life, from then on “she” started the journey of being compared and outshined. This ordinary, plain-looking woman actually married the youngest son of the Xi family, Xi Mucheng.

When they got married, the wedding was held very extravagantly, breaking “her” record of the century wedding. Not only was “she” surpassed by what she was very proud of, but the media and citizens also stepped on “her” and supported the woman more which makes “her” feel bitter and angry.

But the story was not over yet, as “she” and this Madam Xi were natural rivals. She was originally the wealthy and noble lady who everyone envied, but was oppressed by this new Madam.

The rumors gradually spread that Madam Xi was married because of “true love”, while “she” on the other hand was married because of a deal and was just showing off in front of everyone and has no love at all.

The image that “she” saw was a post from a netizen, gossiping that Madam Xi seems to be pregnant with her second child, she just recently married to the Xi family three years ago and the following year gave birth to a son. Now she was pregnant again with her second child, this should how a sweet married life be!

On the contrary, “she” was married for six or seven years, still only had one son, even ordinary couples were mostly willing to have two to three children.

Everyone know the situation at a glance, the couples feeling for each other were not strong. Although there were netizens trying to speak for “her”, like that it could be because of the family and has nothing to do with the relationship between husband and wife.

However most the people and media already viewed “her” as fake couple with Fu Shao.

These remarks were undoubtedly a huge blow to the “she” who care about how people viewed her. Jian Ruixi can feel in her dreams, how hurt and devastated she was and wanted to comfort her.

And wanted to advise her:

What do you want to do with so much? Is there any heroine who wasn’t the winner of life? Besides it is precisely because you already had enough that you can just enjoy the other half of your life, not minding anyone’s business.

Unfortunately, the “she” in the dream could not feel this relief, she was uncomfortable, and her heart was full of gloom, which make her unable to breath.

The cheerful Jian Ruixi did not know that this mood was called depression, feeling the uneasiness, she instinctively opened her eyes and found herself laying on a soft and comfortable bed. Her boyfriend, who had been gently holding her to sleep was gone, she get up and went to find him.

Because she had just woken up, she didn’t notice the difference in the room, Jian Ruixi directly opened the door with her slippers on and called,

“Honey, where are you?”

After Jian Ruixi called her boyfriend, she found out that the door was not the same door and that she was in an unfamiliar place.

She also found out that the place she was in was a villa and was particularly big.

Immediately afterwards, the hall was brightly lit up, and several sleepy-eye women came up to her with concern faces,

“Madam, you’re awake?”

“Madam, Master Fu is still working overtime, he may not be back so soon, why don’t you call and ask?”

As the room was filled with light, Jian Ruixi automatically turned around understanding something. She saw herself in the mirror—it was her but at the same time not, the feature were identical but it was a few years younger, it looked more like the face she had in her dream.

Could it be she was still dreaming?

She doubted.

Thanks to her honed acting skills, Jian Ruixi immediately covered her forehead and feigned weakness,

“Oh, don’t call Fu—husband since he is still working, don’t disturb him. I was just awakened by a nightmare, nothing serious.”

Jian Ruixi was always been very clear about where her strength lies. Before she hit thirty, her head was full of ideas on how to marry into a rich family and did not spend any effort on learning business skills, nor was she good with her academics or a genius actress and never depend on her ability to make a living.

Her maternal uncle was only an agent, he was not boss, she can’t shamelessly asked for all the resources and could only squeezed herself into the third tier actor and rely on her face.

What could good looks do? Even if she doesn’t have the acting skills, her facial features were malleable, she can change her features depending on the make-up that was put on; seductive, cute and innocent.

As long as the project was not for big screen1, they don’t demand too much for the acting skills, and even with Jian Ruixi’s mediocre acting as long as styling was done well and even if the role portrayed was half successful it was all good to go.

At this moment, Jian Ruixi’s a green silky night gown was draped behind in contrast with her paled face, plus her big eyes that was full of confusion, she doesn’t need to put an effort to portray anything as she was a perfect impersonation of a white lotus.

The original owner of the body was from a middle class family, and had enough money to supplement her beauty. Her skin was smooth and supple than any actress she had work with—how young is she right now?

Her face was small and tender coupled with her frowning and holding her mouth as if ready to sob, she looks weak, the very representation of a white lotus, which make the old aunties in the villa pity and believe her immediately.

The result she wanted was well received but in fact it was mainly received because of the the original body, although Aunt Wang and the other servants of the Fu family were all recruited from Hong Kong they were actually haven’t much interactions with the mistress, at most it was twice.

So they really just wanted to make her stay good and make sure that everything was according to their mistress preference.

Madam Fu first visited was two years ago, the villa’s entire staff finally welcomed the new mistress. It was an opportunity for them to have a good relationship with Madam Fu, they have high expectation, so they tried to pleased her and maybe they’ll get promotion or a raise.

But with the madam’s noble status, not with their group of servants can get near her let alone talked to her. They themselves knows and feels that the mistress doesn’t want them to approach her.

Aunt Wang and the other worker stoped and just did their job; being attentive and never said a word. They don’t know what makes the Mistress dissatisfied, she only even stayed for one night and spent her remaining two days in the hotel!



big screen1–  movies that was also shown abroad

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