Chapter 6

Jiang Liangchan was feeling a little angry.

She wanted to know if the author of the story could see the world in this book.

Is she can, she would like to write a review on top of her head and show it to the author, tell her to completely write the book truthfully and just don’t deliberately leave things behind in order to create a perfect character.

Otherwise just let the vicious woman die.

After a while, Jiang Liangchan cleared her mood, put away the complaints in her heart and focuses on what was in front of her.

In any case she is the vicious female who has awakened her self-awareness and will not be easily defeated.

Jiang Liangchan laugh awkwardly, pretending to be quite indifferent and said,

“I’m most annoyed listening to pipa, it’s too noisy. I’m afraid that you little hoofs are not sensible so you show off and play a pipa, but you—since you are honest I’ll buy you some snack.”

The little girl was taken aback and look at her in surprise, he body immediately became less stiff.

Her dear friend was also a little surprise and was a little loss.

“Ah? But when watched little peony playing the pipa just now you listened very deeply and praised her for playing so well.”

Jiang Liangchan “…..”

It seems that the author was right not to give lines to this brat.

Why are you talking nonsense?

Do you know that it will deviate from the plot?

Looking at the girl, her body was stiff again and her face was flushed.

The face of the girl playing the pipa and guzhen in front was also little stiff.

Jiang Liangchan didn’t get angry and was just afraid that the plot would deviate so much so she could only bite the bullet and said,

“That was just earlier, it’s different now, when I saw Hua Shan she was eye-catching and is so good to look at. “

She faces Hua Shan and told her,

“You just need to do what you are good at. If you agree with this young master you surely get your reward.”

Hua Shan was suspicious after all Chen Feng reminded her yesterday that this person is aggressive and not kind at all.

But looking at her, she didn’t seem like those fierce and wicked ones.

No matter what she thought she had no other choice, she gritted her teeth and dance a popular flower dance.

Jiang Liangchan held her cheeks, tapped his fingers on the table watching intently.

In all fairness the dancing posture of Hua Shan was indeed beautiful and those moves, as if flowers and willows- combined with her spring field eyes, a little tenderness at the fingertips, overall she’s charming and not tacky.

It was indeed the white moonlight of the male lead, they were indeed match made in heaven.

Jiang Liangchan breathed a sighed of relief and finally found a safe place.

After finishing the dance she was naturally going to cheer her up.

Due to her identity she was not really good at blowing rainbow farts so she has to hide her face and try her best to praise loudly instead.

After making sure that she was done, Jiang Liangchan reached out for a reward.

The story has rarely written about the amount of good in this world, Jiang Liangchan hesitated when she reached on the money.

She was not afraid of paying more, what she was afraid of was paying less.

Jiang Liangchan felt that she was very witty today. Not far away, on an elegant seat someone happened to finish dancing and the guest were rewarding the dancer.

The reward looked like a fifty silver ingot.

The guest was white and fat, dressed gorgeously and was followed by small number of servant, he was supposed to be a rich man. When he looked at the dancer’s expression he was full of laughter.

Well, fifty taels should be a lot.

Jiang Liangchan called Hua Shan and raised the corners of her mouth to make her look like a romantic boy, she coolly grabbed the money out from her sleeves and place fifty-two silver ingots on the table then calmly observed Hua Shan.

A slight surprise flashed on Hua Shan’s eyes and there was also little joy but it was suppress with arrogance.


Jiang Liangchan smiled a again, took out a hundred taels of silver ingots and place them once again on the table.

Hua Shan’s eyes suddenly widened, it’s not that no one at Hunchun has ever won such a big reward but those who received such payments were all famous orians, when they were in flower viewing parties, most of the time it was the loyal customers who paid for their favorite oiran, that’s why it was reasonable for them to get big amount of money.

It was rare for someone to put on such big amount, everyone around him also sees it and was amazed.

“Your dance is worth the price.”

Jiang Liangchan raised her eyebrows, giving a befitting explanation and save a lot of face for Hua Shan.

Hua Shan was proud, especially when she found that the girls who were still mocking at her just now were jealous and envious of her. Although she wanted to hold back but the corners of her mouth were moving upward showing it’s pride.

Jiang Liangchan seemed to be sitting loosely but he kept hanging a big stone in her heart, carefully observing every tiny expression on Hua Shan’s face.

When she saw her obvious satisfaction she was finally relieved.

Today’s trigger of death was finally saved.



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