Chapter 3

Jian Ruixi had a dream after a long while, the dream was about the novel she read many years ago.

At that time Jian Ruixi was only seventeen or eighteen years old, as a beautiful young girl at the age of youth, and as a nerd, they will ‘close their ears to the outside world and would only read the holy books’, of course Jian Ruixi was also keeping the trend.

She had no interest on chasing stars for love but chased novels instead with her friends on her spare time, it’s just that she has a special taste, she often read novel with style such as, “Rich and Young love, also “Cinderella’s Noble Son” to put on simpler words she likes the Mary Sue style.

When Jiang Ruixi saw these Mary Sue’s, it’s not that she had too much interest in it rather she wants to ‘learn from it’.

Yes, Jian Ruixu also wanted to be like Cinderella who married into a wealthy family, she was a standard money worshipper, frankly speaking she loves money. She still remembers when she was in elementary, the teacher asked the students what they wanted to be when they grow up, her friends and classmates all said like; doctors, scientist, soldier, writer and other glorious professions, only her Jian Ruixi was different, expressing that she has no dreams and just wanted to marry a rich man.

Both of Jian Ruixi parents were high school teacher, in 1990’s they were undoubtedly respected intellectuals and people’s impression on intellectuals were poor and noble. With such pair of parents no one took Jian Ruixi’s ‘great aspiration’ seriously, her family, friends and neighbors often use this to joke with her instead, such as she needs to eat well and raised herself well so that she can marry a rich man.

The adult’s remarks confuse the young Jian Ruixi, for a long time she though that “being rich” meant “marrying a rich man”. After many years she finally understand that marrying was only one of the ways, she can also becomes wealthy through her own efforts, however Jian Ruixi took advantages of what she had, that a successful person may had, and finally found that she seemed to had her face only.

Maybe it was god’s special arrangement, destined to be like Cinderella. Jian Ruixi accepted her fate and since then she carved the goal of marrying a rich man deep down to her bones.

Unfortunately in the end Jian Ruixi failed to marry a rich man. In her junior year, her maternal uncle who work as agent in the entertainment industry finally made a name, it was rushed but Jian Ruixi decisively pestered her uncle to sign her.

Jian Ruixi was full of confidence, her features were exquisite, pure and beautiful, and even in entertainment industry she can be regarded as a rare beauty plus with her little uncle, it was more than enough to make her a star.

When she became a star, does she still need to worry if there was no chance to marry into a rich family?

Jian Riuxi admits that she worships money and enjoys it, after her debut her income increases and her life became more and more extravagant but it doesn’t mean that she was going to get along with those bratty kids from the rich family.

After all she can now have her own money, it was time to raise the criteria for her spouse. Jian Ruixi began to look for a wealthy son with a high-class origin and good family to be her target but then again a good young man with upright personality—isn’t it better for them to find a good girl with good background? Than mixing themselves with female stars.

Thus, Jian Ruixi receives more and more roles, she became more popular but her good and young wealthy spouse candidate never appeared.

In a blink of an eye, she reached 30 years old, and marrying into a rich family has just become her pipe dream. Jian Riuxi begun to look at the present, and was more realistic, focusing more on her career and make real money on her own.

Getting back to the main point, Jian Riuxi’s long lost dream that represent a girl’s heart should be related to what was happening to her right now.

A few days ago, the drama she starred in was officially ended. This was a big production, the supporting characters were veteran actors, the male lead and the second male lead, were even more remarkable; one has won best actor while the other one was a raising star.

During the shooting, as small actor she was tossed to death and lose six to seven pounds of meat during the half year she stayed in the site.

Once the filming was done, she jump with joy and immediately applied for a vacation leave and flew to America with her boyfriend.

Although Jian Ruixi was now 30 years old, her boyfriend was recently graduated from college. His professor from college was a special advisor of the crew. The young man accompanied her on those months and she had taken fancy on him.

Jian Ruixi’s taste has always been very picky, in the entertainment world where she was surrounded with beautiful men with different styles but only few matches her criteria for her spouse.

And because she really wanted to live a good life, beautiful men was indeed tempting to her but the thought of getting sick, risk of getting drag on scandals and her agent who always keeps an eye on her keeps those beautiful man away.

Her preferences make her difficult to fall in love. Obviously she had a few sweet relationship when she was on high school and even found her peach blossom on college, however after her debut and for many years in the entertainment industry she can only count with her one hand the relationship she had.

Before going out with Chen Han, Jian Ruixi had been single for two to three years. Chen Han was very persistent, he had chased her actively and after settling her doubts, she accepted Chen Han and started dating.

It’s just that they were still filming, it was not good to act too intimate, so they maintain platonic relationship for a few months.

Because of this, for their vacation, Jian Ruixi holds a lot of expectations; beach, sunshine, and a hot lover which was undoubtedly the best compensation for Jian Ruixi who worked hard for most of the year.

She started to relax and began to dream, in her dream Jian Ruixi was not the female lead character but was rather the supporting character who does not have much role and appears late in the novel.

Probably because she shares the same name with the character and did not think too much about it, she continued to have a pleasant and beautiful dream.

In her dream “she” was a model rich lady. When she married her husband, they spent hundreds of millions on the wedding alone, betrothal gift was not yet included. According to rumors the betrothal gift was more than nine figures in cash alone.

“She” became the “high price bride” and “million dollar bride” that media were competing to report, and even after the wedding the people began to call the ceremony as the “century wedding.”

And giving birth to a child has made “her” famous again.

Before marriage, the husband’s betrothal, in addition to cash there were luxury cars, high-end villas and expensive rare jewelry, but it was only after “she” gave birth to a child that she could really get the dowry2.

“She” not only has reserved fund worth of hundreds of millions, but also yachts and private plane. There was a poem that she remembers from ‘Princess Yang’3 who asked a poet for a poem,

Thereupon all season the land under the heaven, parent will not give birth to a new man and woman.

Jian Ruixi’s fame in her dream was similar to the poem.

After “she” got married, from a middle-class daughter, she became the rich woman, and together with “her”, the parents also benefited—they became a dignified rich, who doesn’t want to follow suit?



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