Chapter 2

Assistant Wen greeted everyone, and they responded enthusiastically, at the same time they didn’t even forget to greet the driver and body guard Da Chen.

President Fu was born as a celebrity in Hong Kong because of historical and social reasons. The security in Hong Kong was not as good as that of the mainland, kidnapping and extortion cases of the wealthy families occurred from time to time, especially in the world of renowned wealthy families such as the Xi’s, Fu’s and the Ye’s.

The younger generation of the each families were even more good targets, for the sake of their protection bodyguards was a ‘must have’, on most of the wealthy families whether on abroad or at home.  

As the only heir for three generation of the Fu Clan, his body guards can form a two volleyball teams, it was said that all of them were special force soldiers with extraordinary skills, experts on both tracking and concealment.

However these two groups of volleyball teams were a bit useless when they reach the mainland where public security was strictly controlled, especially in the capital. President Fu no longer needs to have everyone surrounds him every time he goes out, at most he only had two body guards who will accompany him when he goes out.

One of them also needs to be a driver at the same time, those who can stay with him were naturally confidants so even if they were all groups with annual salary of seven to eight figures, the executives were still respectful in front of a mere bodyguard driver.

Fu Shiyuan was not in the mood to listen to many humorous question, he leaned on the seat and ordered,

“Let’s go.”

Da Chen immediately started the car, assistant Wen closed the windows obediently and waited for the car to drive several meters before he reportedly quietly.

“President Fu, I talked to Lina she said nothing happened recently, but Madam leaves Jin Bao1 yesterday after having lunch with her and said that she suddenly wants to see you, because it was too sudden Lina failed to catch the plane, this time madam came to the capital alone.”

Fu Shiyuan closed his eyes, and calmed himself down as if he was unwilling to listen to Assistant Wen’s report but if someone observed carefully they would see his knuckles were lightly tapping his knees, this was his habit when thinking.

Lina was his assistant wife, since they got married Lina has been serving Madam Fu, but in terms of familiarity and understanding his husband was indeed inferior than Lina, therefore when Lina said there was nothing important she should not be wrong.

But she came back to the capital so suddenly, and she was anxious that she couldn’t wait for her trustworthy Lina, could it be related to her father-in-law and mother-in-law?

Jin Bao1 is a high-end community in Hong Kong, second only to Haitang Bay, he has a villa there, he also has many other estate properties under his name. When his son was born, his parents gave their grandson gifts such as yacht and stocks. All attention were on their grandson.

The media attentively reported everything into the world, but he didn’t say anything and just quietly picked several properties in different cities and transferred them including Jin Bao1 under her name. Because Jin Bao1 was located in Hong Kong and the surrounding area was good, his wife asked her parents to move in.

Therefore after hearing that his wife suddenly decided to come back after recently arriving at Jin Bao1, Fu Shiyuan could not help but think of his in-laws although the his wife’s family has a small business, his father-in-law was an intellectual person, his  mother-in-law was also smart and capable.

There should be some reason on this matter, President Fu frowned and Assistant Wen’s heartbeat speeded up, he anxiously reminded,

“There’s another thing, recently I heard that Madam Xi is pregnant with their second child, as you’ve know madam was always compared to Madam Xi and there were also some post on the internet…”

This kind of reason was ridiculous, assistant Wen himself knew that the Madam, as the young lady of the Fu would not be short tempered by the gossip outside and behave abnormally—regardless of what were the news outside, the madam has money and status, she also has a lot of shares in her hand. And the fourth generation young master was born from her, and is the next heir despite the storm2, does she still need to be affected by such rumors?

While telling this Assistant Wen was carefully observing the president’s face, fearing that his irresponsible speculation would cause dissatisfaction, unfortunately President Fu has no expression on his face and his eyes are close, he can’t tell whether he was satisfied or not.

Fu Shiyuan was actually analyzing, although the reason given by the assistant was absurd it was not impossible, his wife came to the capital in a hurry—was she here to look for him? It was the word ‘second child’ that reminded him.

His parents, including his father-in-law and mother-in-law repeatedly persuaded them to give birth to two more child while they are still young, the reason was that their family could afford more sons and daughters, and someone will help with the business in the future.

So she thinks that the people who got married two years later are “late-comer lives above3” and can’t sit still?

Thinking of this, Fu Shiyuan had a headaches he pinches his eyebrows—she couldn’t even take care of a child, she hadn’t been to school to pick up their son from school for two months she stated here and had not time to accompany them for vacation, since there were also a few conditions that comes with giving birth—


The car slowly drove into the Longquan Bay Villa, it was already half past one in the morning, Fu Shiyuan did not want to disturb the people and asked the assistant and driver to return to the hotel where he stayed and let them stay there.

He open the door and entered the house alone, he didn’t want the lights to be lit up but the living room was already brightly lit up and the servants came running. He could smell a good aroma from the kitchen.

Living in the capital alone, Fu Shiyuan hasn’t felt this kind of lively atmosphere for a long time, Aunt Wang who was at the kitchen door heard the movement poked her head out to greet him and explained the situation in a few words,

“Master Fu your back, do you want to want to eat dinner? Madam was awakened by a nightmare in the middle of the night so I am making some soothing soup..”

While she was talking sister Zhang came down from the upstairs again.

“Aunt Wang madam said that she wanted to eat sweet; egg tart, cakes or something similar can you make it—ah Master Fu your back?”

Fu Shiyuan nodded and smiled,

“How is my wife?”

Sister Zhang and the others have been in ‘cold palace’4 for a long time in an empty villa where they rarely welcome their master and mistress. They wanted to show their enthusiasm but was a little bit embarrassed fortunately Fu Shiyuan came on time.

Madam was depressed and needs company from her husband Aunt Wang embarrassingly added before replying,

“I can make a little cake madam wants but it would take too long to make it and it’s a little bit late now…”

Fu Shiyuan answered,

“Then do it for her tomorrow.”

After speaking, he went up to the second floor, recalling the last time his wife came to live in Longquan. That was, for the first time the group held its annual meeting in the capital two years ago.

She needed to accompany him, that time she stayed in Longquan for one night but as the mistress she needed to worked with the servants and needs to order Aunt Wang the things that needs to be done as the mistress of the house but on the contrary she was treating herself as a guest.

He saw how uncomfortable she was, so he simply accompanied him to Guanhai—she was more comfortable living in the hotel therefore he thought that this time she would also chose to go to the hotel and didn’t expect her to come directly here and turned the whole villa around, what an authoritative mistress.

Thinking of these, Fu Shiyuan reached the master’s bedroom on the second floor, the light is on in the room and the door was close, he knocked twice and push the door open, his face softly looked the woman sitting on the bed.

“I heard you have a nightmare, how are you?”

Jian Ruixi who was working hard to smooth the memory, raised her head when she heard a sound, seeing Fu Shiyuan standing at the door—her finally clear mind crashed instantly

F*ck the damn novel didn’t tell her that Fu Shiyuan who is a supporting character is so handsome that people can’t close their legs.


1 Campbell is location in Hong Kong, used the Chinese name instead, but you could comment below if you want me to change it Campbell 

2 stay calm during tense situation

3 the pupil surpasses the master/the up-and-coming youngsters outstrip the older generation

4 desolate, cold shoulder


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