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Chapter 2

At this moment, Xue Jiayue who has just transmigrated, was sitting on the cubicle’s toilet, holding her forehead with her hand. And was very annoyed.

Why was she so unlucky and got transmitted into a book?

Fortunately she wasn’t dead yet, the vicious cannon fodder in the book hasn’t done anything that could kill her yet. But really transmigrating into the male leads ex-wife? Why not the beloved female lead, Han Mangxue instead!!

Xue Jiayue shuddered at the thought of the original body being exposed after cheating and was finally put into a mental hospital.

She didn’t want to be locked up in the mental hospital!

Luckily when she crossed over, in order to protect herself she severely beat Su Ziqiao. Naturally it would be impossible to get caught, and there will be no cheating in the future.

Xue Jiayue thought her mind,

‘If there were no cheating incident, those incidents would never happened this time, right?

But before she could calm her heart down and straighten her thoughts, the phone in her bag suddenly rang, the sudden sound, really scared the gut out of her.

Scrambling to get her phone out of the bag, Xue Jiayue’s heart beat erratically again when she saw the name on the screen.

It’s Xu Yanwen.

Looking at the name on the phone screen, Xue Jiayue’s mind comes up with Xu Yanwen’s cold face, as well as the words he used to teach the original owner,

“Don’t go to the KTV, don’t fool around, don’t go home after 10 pm, don’t….”

Ow~ that’s extremely annoying!

Just when Xue Jiayue was hesitating whether to answer or not, the phone finally stops ringing, and Xue Jiahyue was relieved.

Xue Jiayue nervously stares at her phone for five minutes, but Xu Yanwen’ didn’t call back again. She guessed that Xu Yanwen’s should not called her back anytime now and she doesn’t need to take the imitative to call either, so she puts her mobile phone back in her bag.

Remembering the family rules that Xu Yanwen had set for original body; she must go home at 10 o’clock in the evening but it’s already half past ten, and she’s still inside the original body sitting on the KTV toilet.

Bad day! Bad year ah!

Xue Jiayue thought about it, further dilly-dallying was not an option, before finding a way back to her original body, she needs a place to stay but she has no place she could think of, she was also fragile woman, wandering outside was not a good idea.

Finally after considering everything, she decided to go back to the original’s body and Xu Yanwen’s home.

Coming out from the cubicle, Xue Jiayu stood in front of the sink, and saw her current appearance in the mirror, with heavy European-style make up and exaggerated false eyelashes that looks like a ghost.

Was she not afraid of scaring people when she goes out in the middle of the night.?

Xue Jiayue unable to endure her horrendous appearance, quickly opened her bag and looked for something that could be of used. Fortunately, the original owner had a make-up remover, which she used to remove her make-up, she also removed her fake eyelashes and washed her face.

She was relieved after getting her original appearance.

She had to say, the original owner was actually very beautiful, her skin was white and tender, her willow-leaf eyebrows had a large watery eyes, she also has cute but high nose bridge and kissable lips.

Sighing she shook her head, Xue Jiayue packed up her bag and walked out of the toilet.

“Xue Jiayue ! ! !”

When people were unlucky, they will really encounter unfortunate events whether they like it or not.

As soon as Xue Jiayue walked, she heard a cold male voice calling her name.

Xue Jiayue could not help but be startled, she thought it was Su Ziqiao who’s looking for her but when she raised her head, she saw a tall, upright man with a cold face standing at the door of the men’s toilet, opposite to her!

My WORD1 mom!!

That man was not someone else, the man who called her earlier but did not answer—it was not other than the original body’s husband, Xu Yanwen!

There was a voice in her mind, telling Xue Jiayue to hurry up and run but she was so scared that her legs became weak, and in the face of the powerful Xu Yanwen’s aura, she does not even dare to breath, standing in place and not even dared to move a little.

Xu Yanwen expressionleesly walked two step forwards towards her, looked down on her and asked in a deep voice,

“It’s already very late. Why are you still here?”



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