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Chapter 60

As the doctor’s professionalism, he did not answer Fu Jianchen’s question but instead asked Fu Jianchen,

“Who are you?”

Fu Jianchen was silent for a while and answered the doctor,

“I am his father.”

Two years ago, in front of Fu Zhen he said to him ‘I am no longer your father’ but now in front of some stranger where Fu Zhen can’t see he claimed to be his father.

The doctor shook his head, and complained to Fu Jianchen while sorting out the files,

“You’re the parent? If he came here early his leg won’t be like that now. He just need to recover for a few days, and eat some food but now, he has to suffer a lot and no matter how much he suffers he will never be able to recover as before.”

Fu Jianchen opened his mouth as if he still wanted to asked something but he couldn’t say anything, he left the doctor’s place in daze and when he returned back to where his secretary was he calm and serious as usual.

The secretary watched Fu Jianchen walked straight out of the hospital and quickly asked him,

“Boss, are not going to see a doctor?”

Fu Jianchen shook his head and said calmly,

“No need, let’s go.”

The secretary touched his head and felt that the boos was a bit weird today but seeing Fu Jianchen’s face was not good he did not dare to asked.

After Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu returned to the rental house, they saw a romance film on the TV and coincidentally there was no one in the living room, so they sat down and watched.

Fu Zhen was leaning on Jiang Hengshu’s shoulder, he actually still has a lot of work that needs to be done today, but at this time he was extraordinarily lazy and doesn’t want to move.

The door of the rental room was suddenly pushed open. A tenant came back from the outside, when he saw the two people on the sofa, he frowned and said in disgust,

“How can you two big men stick together? That’s disgusting!”

Although the man immediately added that he was joking, his eyes still revealed some disgust. He could not stand homosexuality and was deeply homophobic person.

Jiang Hengshu took Fu Zhen back to his room. Fu Zhen took out the computer and drawing tablet and started drawing. Jiang Hengshu was reading his book, the afternoon sun was bright and warm making people drowsy.

Jiang Hengshu suddenly looked up from the book,

“How about we live in another place?”

Fu Zhen stopped drawing and asked,

“You want to move out from here?”

Jiang Hengshu nodded and said to Fu Zhen,

“I have a house in Jinsha District, let’s live there.”

One day other tenants will eventually discover the relationship between the two of them, instead of having to leave after some disputes, it is better for them to leave first.

Fu Zhen originally wanted to wait until he saved enough money to buy a house, but now it seems that he doesn’t need to do it anymore. If it were not having any alternatives he would actually did not want to live in this dilapidated rental house.

He nodded,


“We will move out tomorrow.”

“So soon?”

Fu Zhen’s eyes widened, his house contract will end in two months.

Jiang Hengshu nodded,

“The house over there has been renovated a long time ago and the furniture is already complete. You just need to pack the things you want to take with you.”

In that case it will not take too long.

After drawing the draft, Fu Zhen dragged out a suitcase under the bed and began to pack his luggage. Jiang Hengshu helped by the side,

“You don’t need to bring any beddings we have it at home.”

“As for other daily necessities we will just buy new ones.”

“Why don’t you throw away these clothes and let’s buy a new ones together.”


Fu Zhen didn’t have a lot of things, after selecting and picking, there was even less left, he could even pack it in a box.

The next morning Jiang Hengshu drove downstairs and pulled all his things away.

The area of Jiang Hengshu’s house is not particularly large, and the decoration style is also very simple, it is just right for two people.

The location was also good, although it is not city center, the location is still very prosperous and the air is much better that the city center. Fu Zhen estimated that the price is not cheap.

Fu Zhen took out his luggage and put them away one by one, looking at his clothes and Jiang Hengshu’s clothes in the closet, Fu Zhen finally felt that he had a home again.

He turned his head and said to Jiang Hengshu who was ordering food,

“I want to keep a cat in the future.”

Jiang Hengshu nodded,

“You can.”

“Let’s go out in the afternoon and buy some potted plants or something.”

“Will listen to you.”

“Then can we have a hot pot tonight?”


After Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu bought potted plants they came out of the flower shop and walked towards Jiang Hengshu’s car, when a woman’s voice suddenly called behind him.

“Fu Zhen?”

Fu Zhen turned his head and found it was Tang Wanwan, and know right away he knew that there was a Republican-style mansion nearby. Many crews were filming in the area, it is not surprising that Tang Wanwan would appear in front of him.

Tang Wanwan looked at Fu Zhen in front of her and her eyes widened, the two brothers of the Liu family clearly told her that Fu Zhen was dead. Then why did he appear before her?

 She thought that since Fu Zhen was dead, she can just directly announce that she was going to shoot Shazou Chronicel without buying the copyright, but now Fu Zhen appeared in front of her—perfectly fine.

What’s going on?

Her money was already invested, and she told the big guys in the entertainment industry that she had already obtained the copyright of Shazhou Chronicle.

What should she do now?

Tang Wanwan was not reluctant to buy the copyright but when thought that money would flow into Fu Zhen’s pocket she felt uneasy.

She pressed all these thoughts to the bottom of her heart and her eyes fell on the man next to Fu Zhen, although this man was wearing a cheap clothes, he had a good temperament, he was also tall and handsome.

What could be the relationship between this man and Fu Zhen?

Tang Wanwan frowned slightly, she seemed to have seen this man before—it was outside the small broken building where Fu Zhen lives. Yes! She remembered it was the man who held Fu Zhen while walking upstairs.

Fu Zhen is indeed gay.



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