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Chapter 59

Fu Zhen’s body stiffened in an instant, he opened his mouth and wanted to answer Jiang Hengshu but his throat seemed to be blocked by a cotton ball and he couldn’t speak, his eyes slowly covered with layer of sadness.

He knew in his heart that Jiang Hengshu’s reaction was normal, he didn’t dislike him nor was he afraid of him, he might just be worried about his health but he still felt uncontrollably sad.

Fu Zhen was also disgusted with himself, he took a deep breath and adjusted his mood, it’s not good to be too hypocrite, he wanted to reject Jiang Hengshu. But besides Jiang Hengshu he doesn’t want anyone else to see him.

 “Not looking there.” Jiang Hengshu explained,

“Go and see your legs.”

Fu Zhen’s eyes widened, tears involuntarily fall from the corners of his eye, he couldn’t understand why he was crying, but his tears keeps on coming. He rolled on the pillow and cried.

Jiang Hengshu heard his sobbing and asked,

“Why are you crying?”

“I’m okay.”

Fu Zhen’s voice was so small like a mosquito.

Jiang Hengshu turned over, holding Fu Zhen’s cheeks in both hands, bowed his head in the darkness where he could not see his fingers and kissed Fu Zhen’s tears on his face bit by bit and finally landed on the corner of Fu Zhen’s lips.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, let’s go to sleep.”

Jiang Hengshu lay back on the bed, his palms lightly patted Fu Zhen’s back as if coaxing a baby to sleep.

Fu Zhen tilted his head and fell asleep in Jiang Hensghu’s arms.

The next morning, a tenant watched Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu walked out of Jiang Hengshu’s room together and asked,

“Why are you two going out on the same room, did you sleep together?”

Fu Zhen nodded,

“The bed in my room is broken, just stayed overnight with him.”

The tenant let out a loud voice and said,

“I thought you two have something.” Turned around and left.


Jiang Hengshu took Fu Zhen to the largest hospital in Pinghai City, he had made an appointment with a doctor for Fu Zhen yesterday so they can directly go in directly after arriving at the hospital.

Fu Zhen took off his pants and lay on the hospital bed with blushing face, the old doctor with glasses pressed his left knee twice and asked Jiang Hengshu to take him upstairs to do some x-rays.

After coming back the old doctor kept on frowning watching the film in his hand, probably affected by the doctor’s seriousness, Fu Zhen clenched his fist looking very well-behaved.

“Can his legs still recover?”

Jiang Hengshu asked sitting on the sofa behind him.

“It might not be easy to get back to the original state,”

The old doctor shook his head, “but if you want to walk normally there should be no problem.”

Jiang Hengshu asked,

“What should we do?”

The doctor’s pen paused, then raised his head and said to Jiang Hengshu,

“A lot of strenuous exercise are not allowed.”

Jiang Hengshu gave a hum and nodded

“I understand.”

The doctor sighed and said with some regrets and reproaches,

“You came too late, if you came to me when you we’re just injured I’m sure there will be no problems curing his legs.”

Fu Zhen lowered his head and didn’t speak, he was just kicked out of the Fu family when he was just injured. He didn’t have a dime in his hand, and hospitals were not a charity, what’s the use of him coming empty- handed.

The doctor and Jiang Hengshu quickly settled on Fu Zhen’s next recovery plan for his left leg, there was almost no opportunity for Fu Zhen to interrupt, but when the doctor reminded Fu Zhen that he might suffer a bit during the recovery process, Jiang Hengshu turned his head and asked Fu Zhen,

“Are you afraid of pain? If you are afraid of pain we will not do it.”

“Not afraid.” Fu Zhen shook his head, he had endured the pain of his disabled leg, the current treatment would never hurt more than what he had felt previously.

Jiang Hengshu was buying the spray medicine for Fu Zhen, while Fu Zhen will wait downstairs, he was sitting in the lobby playing with his mobile phone.

When as soon as Fu Zhen looked up he saw Fu Jianchen coming in from the outside braving the cold wind outside with his secretary beside him.

What is Fu Jianchen doing in the hospital? Is he sick? Didn’t he have a personal doctor?

Fu Zhen had many questions in his heart, but no matter what, these has nothing to do with him.

Fu Jianchen naturally saw Fu Zhen, but he only took a quick glance and then withdrew his gaze after. But the light of his eyes was still fixed in Fu Zhen’s direction until Jiang Hengshu appeared, he and Fu Zhen left the hospital together.

Fu Jianchen awkwardly asked the secretary to find out what department Fu Zhen had gone to with the young man just now. After getting the results, Fu Jianchen left the secretary and went to see the doctor Fu Zhen had just met.



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