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Chapter 58

Jiang Hengshu didn’t expect Fu Zhen to come over at this time, after all he just left Fu Zhen’s room, he asked.

“What’s wrong?”

Fu Zhen pushed the door open again, half of his body entered the room with a blush on his face he said,

“My bed is broken, can I come and sleep with you?”

“The bed was broken?”

Jiang Hengshu lifted the duvet off his body, got out of the bed and walked to the door,

“I’ll see if I can fix it.”

Fu Zhen was stunned for a while, he didn’t expect Jiang Hengshu to do this, he thought that Jiang Hengshu would pat the pillow and let him sleep with him.

This is very embarrassing.”

Fu Zhen quickly stretch out his hand to hold Jiang Hengshu’s clothes, Jiang Hengshu looked back at him with questioning gaze. Fu Zhen thought for a while and let go, he went to his room with Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu looked at Fu Zhen’s bed and asked,

“Where is it?”

Fu Zhen opened the bed sheet and pointed the leg,

“It’s a bit cracked here, it seems to be damage by moths.”

Jiang Hengshu squatted down and carefully looked at the direction Fu Zhen pointed. This bed leg does have a small damage—only the size of a grain. It should not affect the rest of the night.

Jiang Hengshu stood up and turned his head to Fu Zhen who’s head was down,

“You can’t sleep here anymore, go to my room.”

Fu Zhen suddenly raised his head and looked at Jiang Hengshu, he blinked, not sure what Jiang Hengshu had said to him.

Jiang Hengshu laughed, raised his hand and patted Fu Zhen’s hair, then he bent down to get Fu Zhen’s quilt from the bed and said to Fu Zhen,

“You take the pillow.”

Fu Zhen hugged his pillow, followed Jiang Hengshu dazely, closed the door of his room and went to Jiang Hengshu’s together.

Jiang Hengshu’s room was larger than Fu Zhen’s and the rent was also more expensive, so there was a double size bed and a few simple furniture inside. Jiang Hengshu put Fu Zhen’s quilt on the bed then took the pillow out of his hand and place it next to his pillow.

After the two people lay down on the bed, Jiang Hengshu raised his hand and turned off the light in the room, instantly the room was plunged into darkness. The silver moon shone through the bed curtain, leaving a thin and long bright color on the quilt.

Jiang Hengshu stretched out his long arm pulling the curtain and completely shutting the small moonlight in the room.

The room was quiet, Fu Zhen turned sideways to Jiang Hengshu, after a long time he seemed to have made some major decisions and whispered,

“Jiang Hengshu…”

The next moment he opened his quilt and got into Jiang Hengshu’s quilt, it seemed to be warmer, like he was completely wrapped in the breath belonging only to Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu put his arms around his waist and asked him in a low voice,

“What’s wrong? Can’t sleep?”

If the lights are on now, Jiang Hensghu will find that Fu Zhen’s whole body was pink because of shyness and fear, his eyes are moist as if he will cry any moment. This is the first time for him, perhaps it was the last time as well—revealing the secrets of his body to another person.

“I actually…”

Fu Zhen’s voice became smaller and smaller with nasal voice he continued,

“I am actually different from you.”

Fu Zhen grabbed Jiang Hengshu’s hand, bit his lip and took Jiang Hengshu’s hand down his body little by little, crossing a thin layer of cloth and brought his hand on that special place.

Jiang Hengshu’s fingers touched the warm skin and he immediately notice something different, although he did not have much experience in that area, the only time he did it was in a stated where he was almost unaware but Jiang Hengshu still knew something about physiology and Fu Zhen had something only belong to women.

Fu Zhen released Jiang Hengshu’s hand and he whispered,

“I’m sorry..”

After a long time, Jiang Hengshu asked him softly,

“Why are you sorry?”

Fu Zhen could not speak, his heart rang like a drum but only him could feel it. The room was extremely quiet.

He was afraid that Jiang Hengshu would treat him like a monster.

Jiang Hengshu took his hand out of Fu Zhen, put his arms around his waist, took him into his arms and comforted him,

“It’s okay, let’s go to sleep.”

Fu Zhen couldn’t believe that this incident passed just like that– however after a short while he heard Jiang Hengshu ask him,

“Do you have time tomorrow?”


“Let’s go to the hospital to have a look.”

Jiang Hengshu said.



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