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Chapter 56

Fu Zhen looked at what Jiang Hengshu was holding, he had just finished eating and before his brows wrinkled he heard Jiang Hengshu say,

“I didn’t buy it, I took it from home.”

His brows raised in delight and smiled instantly, Jiang Hengshu thought it was cute and couldn’t help raising his hand and touched his head.

All the strawberries on the strawberry melaleuca were fresh, the cream was light and not greasy. Fu Zhen hasn’t eaten such delicious cake for a long a time, it may also be because Jiang Hengshu brought it him but the cake was so delicious.

Jiang Hengshu sat, looking at him, the light fell on Fu Zhen’s black hair and the tips of his hair appeared a bit brown. Jiang Hengshu asked him,

“Is it delicious?”

“Yeah.” Fu Zhen nodded as well-behaved as a little hamster.

Jiang Hengshu raised his hand and wiped off the white cream at the corners of Fu Zhen’s mouth with his thumb. Fu Zhen stopped and felt that this scene was a bit similar.

On the night of New Year’s Day, he bought two ice cream cones after paying the bill, the cream was on the corner of his mouth, and just like today Jiang Hengshu did the same—wiping it with his thumb.

Fu Zhen came back to his senses, he scoop a small cake with his spoon and directly delivered it to Jiang Hengshu’s mouth, which Jiang Hengshu gently refused.

Fu Zhen blinked his eyes and clearly saw his figure in Jiang Hengshu’s eyes. He draw his face closer to Jiang Hengshu and with his warm breath of strawberry sweetness he asked,

“Don’t want to eat?”

Jiang Hengshu shook his head, Fu Zhen could only put the cake into his mouth and then stretched out his small pink tongue to lick the cream off his lips.

Jiang Hengshu’s eyes shrouded with lust in an instant, he took a step forward bent down to hold Fu Zhen’s face and printed his lips on Fu Zhen’s lips. He then plunged into his mouth to taste it’s sweetness.

After a long passionate kiss, Jiang Hengshu released Fu Zhen and calmly said,

“Have eaten.”

Fu Zhen blushed, he didn’t know if it was because of shyness or excitement. He rubbed his blushing cheeks, put the unfinished cake back into the box, and put in on the window sill to save it for tomorrow.

Jiang Hengshu sat down, glanced at Fu Zhen’s computer screen and asked him,

“How long will you draw today?”

“I’m almost done.”

“Then go to bed early, don’t stay up late.”

Fu Zhen nodded obediently, Jiang Hengshu stretched out his finger and pointed it his ears and said,

“I can hear it next door.”

Fu Zhen stared at Jiang Hengshu with both eyes, he didn’t seem to believe what Jiang Hengshu has said.

Jiang Hengshu patted his head,

“So go to bed early.”

“I know.”

Fu Zhen answered obediently.

After Jiang Hengshu left the room, Fu Zhen continued to insert color on his drawings to make the whole picture look more harmonious and then sent it to the author. The author was probably not online since he did not responded but as soon as Fu Zhen woke up the next morning, he heard the sound money transfer in alipay and the author also called him for the balance.

Fu Zhen had a rare relaxing day, he went out to watch a movie with Jiang Hengshu, had lunch and spend a long time at the amusement park.

When they came back, a live broadcast of “Chun Huashan” press conference was on the TV at the living room. Fu Zhen wanted to see if this movie was the one he made back then so he sat down on the sofa in the living room, Jiang Hengshu also sat down with him.

The host of the show is young girl, wearing a blue long dress, she was asked director Zhao Jin,

“Why did you name it Chun Huashan? Does this name have any special meaning to you?”

“When I was young, my father used to take me to climb mountains, the mountain we climb was Huashan. Growing up many life principle were thought to me by my father, for me, my father was like a majestic mountain, sheltering me from the wind, rain and holding up the sky for me.”

Zhao Jin narrated.

The host asked,

“Huashan Mountain? I don’t know where this mountain is..?”

The director shook his head,

“This happened when I was young and can’t remember where is it now. Huashan Mountain also seems to have change its name.”

The host did not ask anything further instead she asked director Zhao Jin about the relationship between father and son; if his father was warmhearted or if he has any resentment towards his father.

“What you said is really good. I believe that our audiences here also have similar experiences. I heard that your film was made two years ago, why choose to release it now?”

Zhao Jin sighed and replied,

“Something happened in my home two years ago and I had temporarily put the movie on hold.”

The host nodded and continued asking more questions,

“I also heard that when you made this movie, the funds were not sufficient so the actors invited were all newcomers.”

Zhao Jin nodded, continued, following the host’s words,

“Yes, I didn’t have a name at that time, investors saw this scripts as a literary film, and they didn’t plan to invest but I didn’t give up. This film is to commemorate my dead father. I prepared this film for him. I must make it appear on the big screen and in order for that to happened, I raise money by selling my house and my newly bought car.”

“It’s really touching. I believe your father would be pleased to see this Chun Huashan and I believe it will be successful.”


Listening to Zhao Jin on the TV saying how deep father and son love is and how much he needs to suffer in order to make this movie—

Fu Zhen had no expression on his face, he was wondering whether if Zhao Jin’s father would jump out of the ground and slap him after hearing his nonsense.

The real Chuan Huashan was actualy a small rockery in the small garden behind the Fu’s house. When he first learned how to read he liked to give name to everything he saw, the name he gave to that small rockery was Chun Huashan.

It seems that the other party really intends to release the movie that was banned back then, but he was curious how he found the copy of this movie.

Maybe Tang Wanwan helped or maybe Fu Jianchen and the others found it in the treasure chest he buried in the ground.

After listening Fu Zhen went back to the room and took his computer to log on to his previous baidu cloud account. It contained not only the original version of Chun Huashan but also some funny clips of them during the shooting and short videos of actors.

As long as these things are released Zhao Jin will inevitably fail.

But the question is, when to release it.

If it was in the past Fu Zhen would never allow anyone to defile the gift he gave to Fu Jianchen and would expose Zhao Jin but that was ‘him’ in the past. Zhao Jin would definitely not dare to put his name on the movie nor released it.

But now, he was thinking about what he could do to get the most benefit possible.

He has gone bad.



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