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Chapter 55

“When you have time, bring her to mo—”

Madam Jiang’s voice stopped abruptly.

It took her a while before she realized what Jiang Hengshu had said to her. She couldn’t believe that this was what Jiang Hengshu would say,

“Hengshu, what you did you say just now, your mother didn’t hear too well.”

“The person I like is a man.”

Jiang Hengshu repeated.

“Hengshu you’re just joking with your mother, aren’t you?”

Jiang Hengshu shook his head,

“Of course not.”

Madam Jiang’s two eyebrows were almost squeezed together, she looked at Jiang Hengshu with a little blame in her eyes but it immediately disappeared. She looked at Jiang Hensghu still full of love,

“When.. how could you suddenly like men?”

Jiang Hengshu hesitated but still said to Madam Jiang,

“It’s not sudden, I have always like men.”


Jiang Hengshu gave a hum.

“You two…”

Madam Jiang wanted to speak a few times but there was no way to ask that.

Jiang Hengshu directly said,

“I chased him.”

Madam Jiang slumped on the sofa, she frowned and sighed in a low voice,

“What would you do if your grandpa and dad knows about this?’

Jiang Hengshu sat down next to Madam Jiang, raised his hand on Madam Jiang’s shoulder and comforted her,

“It’s okay, I will tell them.”

Madam Jiang sighed for a long time, turned her head and said to Jiang Hengshu,

“I would like to see him if I have the opportunity.”

Jiang Hengshu gave a hum and replied,

“I will bring him to see you in the future.”

Madam Jiang gently patted the back of Jiang Hengshu’s hand. She was actually not quite able to accept the fact that Jiang Hengshu was a homosexual but it was already like this, and nothing else was of any use.

Since Jiang Hengshu was a homosexual if she didn’t like this person now there would be another one in the future.

Madam Jiang is not feudal person, she is very open-minded in most things, otherwise she wouldn’t agree to Jiang Hengshu going to abroad as a mercenary. But thinking that her child will eventually live with a man for a lifetime, madam Jiang feels a little restless.

“You live with him now?”

Madam Jiang asked.


Jiang Hengshu nodded.

Madam Jiang sighed softly and looked at his son who made her proud in everything he did, she still need to compromise at the end.

Madam Jiang told Jiang Hengshu,

“Remember to prepare everything when you do something.”

Jiang Hengshu’s cold face finally broke, his face was blushing and tried to answered calmly,

“I know.”

Madam Jiang rarely seen her son’s shyness, seeing him like this she can’t help but chuckles and the atmosphere in the tea room finally becomes lively again.

“Are you going back tonight?”

Madam Jiang asked while holding her teacup.

Jiang Hengshu nodded.

Madam Jiang did not say much and chatted with Jiang Hengshu about his next plan. Watching the sky darken outside, Jiang Hengshu expression became a little anxious.

Madam Jiang thought it was funny and let go of Jiang Hengshu,

“Okay, it’s not early anymore, you go back.”

Madam Jiang sent Jiang Hengshu outside the villa and told him,

“If you have time remember to come home more.”


Madam Jiang chuckled lightly,

“It’s good that you remember but once you left you’ll forget to call home.”

Jiang Hengshu pursed his lips and did not speak. The setting sun shrouded the top of the mountain, showing an orange brilliance of the exposed land.

Madam Jiang patted his shoulder,

“Okay, you’re in a hurry, go back.”

Jiang Hengshu hugged Madam Jiang after receiving the strawberry melaleuca that the butler handed over. He went inside the car and disappeared from madam Jiang’s sight shortly after following the mountain road.

The butler noticed Madam Jiang’s face was not very good and asked softly,

“Why does madam looks like not in a good mood?”

Madam Jiang sighed,

“When the child grows up, he must have his own home.”

“Master has a girlfriend?”

The butler was so happy that this eyebrows were flying up,

“This is a happy event, why does the madam look unhappy? Are you dissatisfied with master’s girlfriend?”

Madam Jiang sighed lightly and shook her head,

“You’ll know when you see it.”

The butler understood that it was Jiang Hengshu’s girlfriend that did not satisfy Madam Jiang, he comforted her and said,

“Children and grandchildren will have their own children and grandchildren someday1, so madam does not need to worry too much.”

Madam Jiang nodded,

“I hope so.”

After Jiang Hengshu returned to the rental house, he sent the strawberry melaleuca back home to Fu Zhen.



1 children will know their parents feeling once they become one themselves

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  3. Madam Jiang seems pretty chill honestly. Coming out to your parents can go a lot of different ways. Obviously the best outcome is that they accept you immediately, but the most common good outcome is that they struggle with it for a while but end up coming around. Madam Jiang seems to understand a lot already, so hopefully she’ll be able to see that ML is happier this way soon.

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