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Chapter 54

“The day of Wanwan’s wedding has been set, January 23.”

Fu Jianchen said to Fu Ting.

“Very good.”

Fu Ting said absently.

Fu Jianchen frowned and asked again,

“What’s the matter with you?”

“It’s nothing.”

Fu Jianchen seemed to noticed something, he was silent for a while before suddenly asking Fu Ting,

“Did you see Fu Zhen?”

At this moment Fu Ting was no longer willing to tell the truth to his father, Fu Ting’s face looked a little more haggard under the bright light, he lowered his head and answered,


Fu Jianchen saw that Fu Ting was lying to him at a glance, but he did not reveal Fu Ting’s lie. He remembered the kidnappers who called him—he has not found out who hacked the kidnappers number in his mobile phone.

“Dad, brother, I’m back.”

Tang Wanwan opened the door and walked in briskly.

Fu Ting turned his head and looked at Tang Wanwa, he didn’t want to smile but the moment he saw Tang Wanwan he couldn’t help but curled up his mouth when facing her, he seemed to need to be always the best brother in the world for her.

Fu Jianchen also completely forgot that he had to check the kidnapper’s phone number, as long as he saw Tang Wanwan he seemed to be facing the most precious treasure in the world.


It was already late when Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu returned to the rental room, they said good night to each other and went back to their rooms to rest.

After Jiang Hengshu quit his job on the construction site, he had more free time, he spent most of his time in Fu Zhen’s room, he would read while Fu Zhen draws.

The warm sun in winter sprinkled in the room through the glass windows, the sound of book pages being flipped and the sound of the pen against the white paper are great melody that blended in when falls in the ears.

Time flows quietly leaving only a touch of tenderness between the eyebrows.

Everyday Jiang Hengshu would report his itinerary to Fu Zhen. After spending a while in Fu Zhen’s room this morning, Jiang Hengshu put down the book on his hand and said to Fu Zhen, who was immersed in drawing,

“I will go home today.”

His mother has been urging him on the phone for a long time and finally gave him ultimatum, no matter what he is up to now, he must go home today.

“When will you come back?”

Fu Zhen put down the pen in his hand and raised his head facing Jiang hengshu.

Fu Zhen’s current appearance is so well-behaved that people would feel sadness, Jiang Hengshu rubbed the top of his head and said,

“I will be back tonight.”

Fu Zhen hummed. He thought Jiang Hengshu would go back for a long time. Jiang Hengshu asked him,

“What do you want to eat tonight, I will bring it back for you.”

Fu Zhen shook his head,

“No need to buy, I still have some noodles in my cupboard.”


Jiang Hengshu went back and change a set of clothes before he left.

After Jiang Hengshu left Fu Zhen speed increased a lot, but he would occasionally stop drawing and touched the corner of his lips that Jiang Hengshu had just kissed.

In the Jiang family’s mid-level villa, a butler wearing a tuxedo was standing outside the door, he wore white gloves and he looked like an old British gentleman.

Jiang Hengshu came over and shouted,

“Uncle Wang.”

“Master, your back.”

Jiang Hengshu nodded.

Uncle Wang watched the Jiang family grow up since they were little, he almost regarded him as his own child. He opened the door and asked Jiang Hengshu,

“What do you want to eat tonight? I will let the kitchen prepare.”

“No need to prepare, I have to go back tonight.”

Not long after this was said, Jiang Hengshu said again,

“By the way Uncle Wang please help me make a strawberry Melaleuca. I’ll bring it back.”

Although he didn’t understand why the young master, who rarely touches sweets suddenly asked for a cake, uncle Wang still complied.

“Good. Young master,” he went on, “Madam is waiting upstairs.”

Jiang Hengshu nodded and walked upstairs along the dark brown stairs. He stopped in front of the second room on the east side and knocked on the door.

Madam Jiang quickly opened the door and saw Jiang Hengshu was back, her face was instantly covered with a smile.

“You’re finally back.” Madam Jiang patted Jiang Hengshu on the shoulder and opened her arms to hug him intimately.

Madam Jiang took Jiang Hengshu to the small tea room downstairs, after the two of them sat down, Madam Jiang asked about Jiang Hengshu’s recent situation and then said to him,

“Your father will got to the south for a meeting, and he will back next week. Your grandfather has traveled abroad, it is estimated that he will come back in spring.”

“I know I called them before.”

Madam Jiang smiled and looked at her child with satisfaction and pride. She suddenly opened her phone and went to her album, she said to Jiang Hengshu,

“I have some picture of girls here, take a look and see if there is anything that fits your eyes. I will arrange it for you for you. You are already so old, and it’s time to find a girlfriend.”

Jiang Hengshu did not took Madam Jiang phone, he said.

“I already have someone I like.”


Madam Jiang was stunned and then understood what Jiang Henngshu was saying, her eyes lit up and happily asked.

“When will you bring her back for mother to see. Mother is not a staid person, and doesn’t care about status. As long as she has a good character, mother would be satisfied and happy. How old is she this year? What does she do? How did you guys meet…”

Jiang Hengshu lowered his eyes and said to madam Jiang,

“He is a man.”



strawberry melaleuca

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