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Chapter 53

Fu Ting nodded and said to Fu Zhen,

“I also remember that our contract was not signed in the end.”

Fu Zhen moved his lips, he thought that even if the contract was not signed in the end, Fu Ting probably didn’t want to see him but it didn’t seems to be the case.

Speaking of it, Fu Ting now looks a bit like a stalker ex-boyfriend moreover it is the kind that is not very good and jealous type, the one that would to pour sulfuric acid on him at any time. Fu Zhen is amused by his own analogy.

Fu Ting looked at Fu Zhen’s face under the street lamp a small particles fell on his hair, his eyes were smiling, his heart moves and there was a sudden urge to take Fu Zhen home.

Fortunately this impulse disappeared immediately.

Jiang Hengshu stepped forward and guarded Fu Zhen behind him, he looked at Fu Ting in the car and asked him calmly,

“Excuse me, this gentleman who are you to Fu Zhen?”

Fu Ting looked at Jiang Hengshu moved his lips but he said nothing, he really shouldn’t have stop the car, and just watched the two men holding hands, relying on each other but seeing this there was a huge anger in his heart for no apparent reason, he finally couldn’t endure it and stepped on the brake.

“Who are you?”

Fu Ting asked through gritted teeth.

“I’m Fu Zhen’s boyfriend.”

Jiang Hengshu answered calmly.

“Fu Zhen’s boyfriend?”

Fu Ting sneered, he was about the sarcastically criticize them but he was interrupted by Jiang Hengshu by asking again.

“Who are you to Fu Zhen?”

Fu Ting opened his mouth but was speechless, Fu Zhen was kicked out from the Fu family. Fu Jianchen also severed his father-son relationship with him, he is no longer considered Fu Zhen’s brother—he is no longer his older brother.

Seeing that Fu Ting didn’t speak, Jiang Hengshu clearly said,

“Since you don’t have any relationship, then this gentleman shouldn’t have to ask so many personal questions.”

Fu Ting looked at Jiang Hengshu in front of him, his eyes were filled with anger, he didn’t know where this anger came from, it’s just he feels that as if something important was being taken away from him.

Jiang Hengshu ignored Fu Ting, he turned around, took Fu Zhen hand and said to him,

“Let’s go.”

Fu Zhen replied with a hum then left with Jiang Hengshu.

On the long pedestrian road, the shadows of branches swayed under the lights and the fine snow fell one after another, soon layer of white shallow was spread on the bushes.

Jiang Hengshu patted Fu Zhen on the shoulder, silently comforting him.

“Fu Zhen do you really want to be with this man?”

Fu Ting asked loudly from behind them.

Fu Zhen turned his head and looked at Fu Ting’s direction, who still remained with his previous posture—sitting motionless in the car looking straight at them. Fu Zhen lowered his eyes, hesitated but slowly moved, withdrawing his hand from Jiang Hengshu’s palm, he said to Jiang Hengshu,

“I want to come myself.”

Jiang gave a hum, he stopped where he was and watched Fu Zhen walk towards Fu Ting.

Fu Ting watch Fu Zhen slowly walked towards him, and a certain segment of the past flashed in his mind. The setting sun dyed the beach golden yellow and a boy ran towards him quickly from the other side, calling him brother.

Right now, Fu Zhen’s left leg was slightly limp and he was swaying when he walked, for an instant somewhere in his heart it seemed to be held tightly by something and the pain made him completely speechless.

Fu Zhen walked in front of the car window and stopped, he bent slightly and said to Fu Ting,

“Although I don’t why you suddenly stopped us today, I thought that even if we don’t sign the contract you we still don’t want to see each other.”

Fu Zhen paused, wanting to hear Fu Ting’s reply but the latter did not speak, he remained silent and looked at him unblinkingly.

Fu Zhen pursed his lips and asked,

“Isn’t that right?”

After a while, Fu Ting visibly nodded,


A smile slowly appeared on Fu Zhen’s face, he said to Fu Ting,

“So, then we won’t see each other again.”

Fu Ting looked into Fu Zhen’s eyes, the street light looked like Han Xing1, he remembered the day Fu Zhen left home, just like today he seemed to be looking at him with pleading eyes.

When Fu Ting recovered, Fu Zhen already left from his car window.

He and Jiang Hengshu continued to walk far along the road.

Fu Ting still didn’t move, the cars driving behind him kept on honking their horns to urge him to leave but his thought flew far away where he didn’t know.

How did they and Fu Zhen ended up like this?

After a long time, Fu Ting lowered his head and his eyes fell on the rear mirror outside the car, he saw Jiang Hengshu waved to stop a taxi, opened the door to let Fu Zhen sit in first and then got himself after.

Until the red taxi completely disappeared from his sight, Fu Ting looked like a person who had just been thawed and slowly moved the car back home.

There was an eerie silence in the living of the Fu family, Fu Jianchen was having dinner, seeing Fu Ting returned he asked the butler to bring another cutleries for Fu Ting to accompany him for dinner.

Fu Jianchen noticed Fu Ting’s mood tonight was not right, he put down his knife and fork in his hand, folded his hands on his lower abdomen, leaned back slightly and asked Fu Ting,

“What’s wrong with you?”

Fu Ting remembered the scened of Fu Zhen holding hands with the man under the street lamp, even if he told Fu Jianchen about this matter, he would probably not care about it he shook his head and did not speak.


1 a military general and one of the three heroes in early Han dynasty


TL: actually I don’t really know the relation why author describe the street lamp as Han Xi…? one more is coming…

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