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Chapter 51

Jiang Hengshu’s appointment for dinner was in Huaping District in Pinghai City, which is the central area of Pighai, it also much more prosperous than Xiling District. Fu Zhen has not been here for a long time.

After getting out of the car, Fu Zhen raised his head and looked around, it seems that this place has not change much from two years ago, except that there are more billboards endorsed by Tang Wanwan in the shopping mall on the side of the road, and once you glance up her smiling face could be seen.

Fu Zhen thinks that for the sake of his mental state it is better to keep his head down.

Jiang Hengshu took Fu Zhen’s hand and walked into the restaurant across the road.

Fu Zhen looked up at the huge sign hanging on the restaurant then looked at Jiang Hengshu beside him—so what exactly did Jiang Hengshu do*?

(TL: his real work)

He heard gunshots in the bar that night—Jiang Hengshu’s work should not be dangerous, right?

In the restaurant Jiang Hengshu’s two friends were already waiting in the private room, when Jiang Hengshu opened the door, they saw them sitting at the table and chatting.

The private room is not too large, the rectangular table for eating is place by the window and you can see overlooking view of the city as soon as you turned your head. There is a leather sofa against the wall and there is also a projector next to it, so you can watch movies and or sing.

Jiang Hengshu walked over with Fu Zhen raised his hand to pull the chair and let Fu Zhen sit on it. Wang Tong stared as if he had seen something incredible and opened his mouth wide almost able to lay an egg.

“This is Wang Tong, this is Song Yize, you have all seen them.”

After Jiang Hengshu sat down beside Fu Zhen he introduced,

“This is Fu Zhen my lover.”

Jiang Hengshu’s tone was very plain, but Fu Zhen heard a touch of sweetness in it, he stretched out his hand and said,


Wang Tong shook his hand quickly,

“Sister-in-law is good. Sister-in-law is good.”

Song Yize was the doctor Song who gave Fu Zhen a drip that day, he appeared to be more reserved that Wang Tong he briefly shook hand with Fu Zhen and said hello.

As soon as the four sat down, Wang Tong thought about what kind of lover Jiang Hengshu would bring but didn’t expect that would really involve himself with this little cripple. As he remembered the first time they met on the bus, the boss attitude was very weird.

He said to Jiang Henghsu,

“No wonder boss wanted to put the little bear that day, boss it was love at first sight!”

Fu Zhen was a little bewildered, turned his head and asked Jiang Hengshu who was sitting next to him,

“What bear?”

Jiang Hengshu ignores Wang Tong and whispered to Fu Zhen,

“Once we go home, I’ll give it to you.”

Wang Tong stuck out his tongue, he didn’t want to be fed with dog food* at all. Song Yize besides him smiled deeper,

(TL: sweetness of the couple)

“Let’s order food first.”

“Boss, can I order anything?”

Wang Tong was drooling while holding the menu.

Jiang Henghsu nodded and whispered again at Fu Zhen who was sitting next to him,

“Order whatever you want.”


Fu Zhen nodded with his ears flushed.

Wang Tong snorted when he saw this scene,

“I say boss you ran to the construction site to move bricks but it turned out to be an ulterior motive.”

Regarding this matter Jiang Hengshu did not explain anything to Wang Tong.

Wang Tong chuckled and summarized Jiang Hengshu’s behavior in two words,

“Men sao.*”

(TL: outwardly cold but deep and passionate inside)

Fu Zhen knew that Jiang Hengshu went to the construction site not because of him, under the table Jiang Hengshu held Fu Zhen hand, Fu Zhen then hooked his fingers and Jiang Hengshu’s grip became tighter.

Soon after, the waiters in red cheogsam brought the dishes together. Song Yize frowned, looked at the box of beer and asked Wang Tong,

“You still ordered wine?”

Wang Tong’s tolerance was really low so Jiang Hengshu forbade him from drinking while he was on mission, Jiang Hengshu and the others do not like to drink with Wang Tong, however now that he has finally found an opportunity to drink until his heart content he will naturally not le it slip.

He was holding the wine bottle in fear that it would be snatched away by Song Yize who was sitting beside him, he said to Jiang Hengshu,

“Today is the day when boss is very happy I can’t help but drink.. come boss and take one!”

Jiang Hengshu gave him a sideway look, this person is already drunk without drinking anything yet.

When eating everyone hardly said anything, Jiang Hengshu sometimes took a piece or two of vegetables to Fu Zhen’s bowl then peeled some shrimp and poured water for him.

Wang Tong put down his chopsticks, rubbed his belly and said,

“I feel full.”

“You only took a few bites.” Song Yize said.

“Eaten enough dog food.”

Jiang Hengshu paused when he was peeling the shrimp and then give the peeled shrimp to Fu Zhen’s bowl unaffectedly and look at Wang Tong.

Wang Tong smiled and immediately picked up the chopsticks again.

After eating, Wang Tong was already drunk, holding a wine in one hand and holding Fu Zhen on one hand calling him sister-in-law, sister-in-law. Fu Zhen didn’t know what to do, he turned his gaze for help on Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu and Song Yize were sitting on the sofa, they did not move and with a smile at the corner of their lips they looked at them tenderly.

Wang Tong was acting like he would throw up, Fu Zhen was afraid that he would really throw up so he quickly took him to the bathroom.

Taking advantage of Fu Zhen absence, Song Yize approached Jiang Hengshu and asked him,

“You really want to be with him?’



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