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Chapter 50

Now he and Jiang Hengshu are really together. Jing Hengshu doesn’t remember everything that had happened that night so he doesn’t know his body is actually different from a normal person.

Fu Zhen pursed his lips, he should find some time to tell Jiang Hengshu clearly, if… if Jiang Hengshu can’t accept him like this…

Fu Zhen didn’t want to think about the result. He sighed, he fell back on the bed and pulled the quilt up, hiding his face under the quilt.

He thought of that absurd night.


Early the next morning Fu Zhen received a message saying that his express has arrived, when Fu Zhen left, he glance at Jiang Hengshu’s room the door was closed tightly, not knowing whether he was inside.

When he came back from the outside, he saw Jiang Hengshu coming down the stairs with a bag. He Fu Zhen walking towards him, Jiang Hengshu raised his hand touched Fu Zhen’s head and said to him,

“I’ll go out and be back by afternoon.”

Fu Zhen hmmed as a reply and watched Jiang Hengshu’s figure gradually disappear from his line of sight.

At less than two or three o’clock in the afternoon, Jiang Hengshu came back with a black suitcase in his hands. After returning to the room, he threw the suitcase in the corner, the quality must probably not very good since after directly hitting the floor it split in half, revealing stacks of banknotes inside, Jiang Hengshu walked over and kicked the box under the bed nonchalantly.

When he came to Fu Zhen, Fu Zhen was drawing pictures, he sat down beside him and said,

“You paint first.”

The sketch was about to be completed, Fu Zhen responded and the pen in his hand did not stop moving, Jiang Hengshu watched him silently from the side. He liked the appearance of Fu Zhen when he was working seriously.

About half an hour later, Fu Zhen put down his pen, after looking at Jiang Hengshu he turned around and took out a small black box from the drawer of the bedside table, held it in front of Jiang Hengshu.

His eyes were shining and he said to him,

“This is what I wanted to buy for you before Christmas.”

Jiang Hengshu did not expect that Fu Zhen would buy a present for him, he took the box and opened it in front of Fu Zhen. Inside was a white tie with dark silver striped, clearly the workmanship was meticulous.

Fu Zhen doesn’t have much income, and the price of this tie should be a big expensive for him.

Fu Zhen was afraid that Jiang Hengshu would not like it, since he knew that Jiang Hengshu’s background was much better that he had imagined before, so he said to him with some embarrassment,

“I wanted to buy a pair of leather shoes but I didn’t know your shoe size so after thinking about it I bought this.”

Jiang Hengshu gave a hum and sent the tie to Fu Zhen, Fu Zhen’s pupil shrank, he thought that Jiang Hengshu didn’t want such gift but then he hear Jiang Hengshu said to him,

“Help me. Tie it up.”

Fu Zhen looked up at him, Jiang Hengshu’s expression was serious, Fu Zhen couldn’t help but think of his high school teacher, but his head did not have much hair nor was he as good looking as Jiang Hengshu.

The suit Jiang Hengshu wore today was not suitable for a tie, but Fu Zhen would not refuse Jiang Hengshu, he took the tie out of the box, measured it on Jiang Hengshu’s chest and then wrapped it around over his neck.

Fu Zhen hasn’t worn a tie for a long time, the last time he wore one was estimated to have been three years ago. Now his technique was a bit rusty, it’s crooked and not pretty after tying it several times, Fu Zhen lowered his head and Jiang Hengshu’ breath passed over his head.

Fu Zhen took a step back, looked at Jiang Hengshu from head to toe and scratched his head, tie doesn’t really suit on what Jiang Hengshu wore tonight,

“Don’t tie it.”

Jiang Hengshu gave a hum, when Fu Zhen pulled his tie, Jiang Hengshu’s head lowered and kissed Fu Zhen’s lips.

Like animals in heat they want to eat each other whole, their bodies every movement, exchanging of saliva, and when they finally separated the tie that was originally on Jiang Hengshu’s neck was now in Fu Zhen’s shoulder.

Jiang Hengshu raised his hand, rubbing his fingertips on Fu Zhen’s lips, turned his head and glanced at the sky outside, he said to Fu Zhen.

“We should go now, let’s change your clothes first.”

Fu Zhen hummed sticking out his tongue licking Jiang Hengshu’s finger.

Jiang Hengshu’s eyes dimmed but he didn’t do anything anymore and pinched Fu Zhen’s face lightly,

“I’ll wait for you outside.”

Jiang Hengshu waited outside Fu Zhen’s door, a tenant passing by saw him and was very curious came and asked him,

“When did you have such a good relationship with this cripple?”

“It was always been very good.” Jiang Hengshu replied.

Not long after Fu Zhen opened the door and walked out of the room, he was wearing a white hoodie and matching black leggings, his hair was neatly combed and his face seemed to be painted a little, his complexion looked much rosier that usual.

He had the appearance of the young master of Fu family back then.

Jiang Hengshu frowned and said,

“Wear more.”

Fu Zhen didn’t move, today he will be meeting Jiang Hengshu’s friends, most of the winter clothes he buys are mainly for keeping warm and there is no style. He hoped to give Jiang Hensghu’s friends a better impression.

Jiang Hengshu doesn’t want to make an unreasonable request but Fu Zhen just look at him with a pair of big black eyes and protest silently.

He took Fu Zhen into his room opened his closet, picked for a while and found a woolen coat and handed it to Fu Zhen.

“Put it on.”

The coat was bought by Jiang Hengshu in autumn today and he didn’t wear it much. Fortunately Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu are not too different in size and they look good on Fu Zhen.



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