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Chapter 49

On the contrary, Jiang Hengshu grabbed Fu Zhen’s hands on his shoulder and pulled the whole person in his direction, Fu Zhen leaned forward and sat on Jiang Hengshu lap.

Jiang Hengshu’s two arms were wrapped around Fu Zhen’s waist locking him in his embrace.

Fu Zhen’s face flushed at once up until his neck like a cooked shrimp. Nervously, he moves his body a little.

Jiang Hengshu whispered,

“Let me hug you for a while.”

Fu Zhen stopped moving immediately, his back was close to Jiang Hengshu’s chest, as he could hear the beating of Jiang Hengshu’s heart, his large palms covered the back of Fu Zhen’s hands and his breath fell on Fu Zhen’s neck.

Quietness filled the room, Fu Zhen’s heart was beating fiercely he wanted to speak several time but felt that such quietness was very good. It also feels like they are old couple enjoying their days in peacefulness.

Soon Fu Zhen notice something different behind him, his face turned redder, he twisted his body upper body to break free, but also wanted to get closer. His two hands were still hanging on Jiang Hengshu’s neck, he buried his head in Jiang Hengshu chest and asked in a dull voice,

“Do you want me to help you?”


Jiang Hengshu’s voice was bit more magnetic and sexy than usual, his embrace around Fu Zhen became tighter.

The sound of their breathing blended together and for the first time, overwhelming the gust of wind roaring outside the rental house.

They have been in their position for a long time, until the two of them calmed down, at this time Fu Zhen’s phone rang, the author of the manuscript should have sent him a message. Fu Zhen lifted his head from Jiang Hengshu’s chest and looked at the bed where the phone was, but don’t want to leave Jiang Hengshu’s embrace.

“Are you busy on something now?” Jiang Hengshu asked softly.

“I have to draw pictures.”

“Okay wait for me.”

Jiang Hengshu release his hand and Fu Zhen stood up from his lap and looked at him.

Jiang Hengshu got up and left Fu Zhen’s room but he returned soon after, he held a foreign language book in one hand and the computer Fu Zhen returned to him on the other hand. He sat down by Fu Zhen’s bed and brought the computer to Fu Zhen.

“Use mine.”

Just as Fu Zhen was about to open his mouth, Jiang Hengshu said,

“Don’t say thank you.”

Fu Zhen swallowed his words back, took Jiang Hengshu’s computer, connected the hand-painted board and then picked up another sketchbook under his pillow, sat on the bedside to start sketching again.

Jiang Hengshu was also sitting on the bed, and the room became quiet again. Outside the room was the sound of other tenants playing mahjong, crisp sound of tile collision coupled with sound of Jiang Hengshu turning the pages of the book but it didn’t feel noisy at all.

However Fu Zhen could not calm down, he put down the pen in his hand and stared at Jiang Hengshu for a while. Jiang Hengshu probably notice his gaze and look up from the book.


Fu Zhen thought for a while, put down his hand and climbed at Jiang Hengshu’s side. Jiang Hengshu tilted his head and looked at him, a smile flashed across his blue eyes, Fu Zhen was really an Eve seduced by the poisonous snake. He couldn’t help but lifted his neck and opened his lips slightly as he wanted to ask for a kiss.

Jiang Hengshu put down the book in his hand and chuckled lightly. Fu Zhen felt a little warm in his ears, then Jiang Hengshu lowered his head and printed his lips on Fu Zhen’s lips and deepened the kiss a little bit.

Until Fu Zhen was out of breath, Jiang Hengshu releases his hand. Fu Zhen lay on the bed still looking at Jiang Hengshu like a little beast returning from his hunt, his eyes were moist, his eyelashes flickered and his lips were still wet and swollen from the kiss earlier.

Jiang Hengshu’s hands crossed Fu Zhen’s face and stopped at the corners of his lips—he suddenly thought of something, got up and walked two steps towards Fu Zhen and grabbed his legs.

“Don’t ….”

Fu Zhen didn’t expect this moment to come so fast, his heart would jump out of his chest, he made a very fine syllables of rejection to prevent Jiang Hengshu from taking the action but he did not move.

“Let me look at your legs.”

Jiang Hengshu’s voice was hoarse and deep which didn’t sound believable.

But in fact, after taking Fu Zhen’s pants down to his ankle, Jiang Hengshu really only looked at Fu Zhen’s left leg.

It has been more than two years since Fu Zhen was injured, now apart from the ugly scar there is nothing to see, but his two legs looked weaker and paler than normal and the blue vessels under his skin are clearly visible.

Fu Zhen thought that underneath him now Jiang Henghsu shouldn’t see it, he still felt a little ashamed. He wanted to bring his legs together but found that he didn’t have any strength to do it.

Jiang Hengshu put Fu Zhen’s trousers back on, he (Fu Zhen) didn’t know whether it was intention or unintentional but he (Jiang Hengshu) only raised it until his thigh and stopped.

He got up from the bed, tidyed up his messy clothes, looked down on Fu Zhen who was laying on bed, who’s breathing hadn’t adjusted yet, his chest was moving up and down, his eyes were blurred and his cheeks were still flushed.

“Go to bed early.”

Jiang Hengshu retracted his gaze, bent down and kissed Fu Zhen on the forehead,

“Good night.”

“Good night.”

After Jiang Hengshu left, Fu Zhen sat up from the bed, he still felt that everything that had happened earlier was his fantasy, he looked at his trousers and his face flushed once again.



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