Chapter 1

Early in the morning at 12:30 the capital was so quiet and seemed to be in a deep slumber, the usually busy and traffic streets are very quiet. Located in the Fu’s building of CBD, a group of executives just got off the work, high-level of elites walked out of the office building talking and laughing.

Someone from the group suggested,

“Since it’s rare to end the work this early today, why don’t we go for some dinner together, what do you think President Fu?”

Everyone present in the group is at the level of director and general manager, they are all the bosses on their respective department and are still bosses outside the office but the president Fu in the person’s mouth is obviously different from those directors and general managers.

He is the prince of the Fu Group. In recent years the chairman began to retreat behind the scenes, and sooner or later the huge business empire will be handed over to the young prince, President Fu who is the only heir.

Now that he asked President Fu, he naturally wanted to let Mr. Fu express his opinion as the crowd already tacitly agreed. The young president who was in the middle of the crowd looker over.

President Fu is about 30 years old, the average age of the senior executives in the Fu group are about 40 plus, but this young and promising prince is in his early 30’s.

In addition to his upright figure, and face like jade—among this middle aged men who have been busy all day, and are inevitably haggard, he is even more elegant, handsome and dashing.

It is conceivable that even if President Fu is not surrounded by the crowd or the stars cup themselves around the moon1 he is still the spotlight and is eye catching enough wherever he goes.

But he is probably going to fail to live up the expectations of his subordinate today, president Fu stopped, glance at his watch and said with an approachable smile,

“You go and have fun, just put it under my name. I still had something to do and need to go home first.”

Several of the senior executives asked in surprise,

“Return home? To Lonquan District?”

Longquan District Bay is one of the most high-end residential area in the capital. Its status is equivalent to the Repulsive Bay in Hong Kong City. It can’t be bought even if you have money, your status and connections should also be indispensable for you to own any property at Longquan District.

Without a doubt President Fu is one of them, he was born into a wealthy family with both status and connections. At Kensington Palace Garden Avenue all the mansions are bought by him so entering Longquan District is nothing more than a word from him. The group of executives are not surprise by this.

Guan Canghai is a luxurious and high- end hotel under the Fu Group and has branches all over the world. As the young owner, all hotels under President Fu have reserved exclusive suites for him, it is said that even the interior decoration and the layout are made for him—enjoy the warmth of a home.

The hotel still has a 24-hour butler service and the level of service is inferior to that of the butlers at home, to make sure the President Fu will live comfortably.

Thinking about working overtime until midnight today and a regular meeting tomorrow morning—President Fu does not go back to a nearby hotel to rest but instead goes to Longquan District, isn’t that a bit illogical?

Fu Shiyuan smile at everyone’s curios eye and said to them,

“I can’t do anything about it. My wife’s order.”

“Haha, we understand President Fu, hurry home, lest Madam Fu worries.”

They didn’t need to listen to those rumors in the internet, about President Fu and his wife’s relationship, the couple seems to be in harmony—their judgment is seeing is believing.

It has been six or seven years since President Fu and his wife’s, world famous wedding of the century, at that time the group was already paying attention to the development in the capital. In recent years he had adjusted his focus and stayed in the capital for more than half a year.

It reasonable to say that Madam Fu is not busy, during the time that President Fu was in the capital it is normal to visit her husband from time to time but they never saw Madam Fu’s figure once—but maybe Madam Fu is just low-key and don’t want to involve with the people in the company, however she doesn’t also attend any party, isn’t too low key?

The senior executives of the Fu don’t talk about it but everyone knows in their heart that is impossible for the ‘crown prince’ and ‘crown princess’ to respect their marriage, it is impossible in this life so they are respecting each other and pretends to a couple model in the eyes outside.

On the contrary Madam Xi and her husband next door are inseparable, from business activities or private dinner they were always together like the smell of love.

But all of this has nothing to do with them, since President Fu made a genuine reason they can certainly just believe it. While talking a black Bentley steadily stopped in front, the last three of the license plates are 668—this was the exclusive car that Preside Fu uses.

The person who proposed to have a dinner quickly notice the car, he quickly move stepped forward and move his hands to open the door for President Fu.

“President Fu, take care.”

Fu Shiyuan politely thanked everyone and said,

“See you tomorrow.”

He gets in the car after speaking.

Assistant Wen who was setting on the co-driver seat was robbed of his job and had to pull down the window and greeted everyone.

He is the personal assistant, to be precise he is mainly responsible for President Fu’s private life and social aspect. It different from the senior special assistants around Fu Shiyuan. In everyone’s eyes they are all ‘jin chen’2, on the other hand assistant Wen does not care about the work in the company though he is the only one who follows the President 24 hours a day. Assistant Wen’s room in Guan Canghai is next to President Fu, who else in the entire company can receive such treatment?




(1 idiom, the core figure/revered leader, 2 member of the monarch’s inner ministerial circle)


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