Chapter 15

A group of artist who butted in, and said.

“Shen Yan, what do you mean? He Han told us which stock to buy that can make money but you don’t want us invest and rather wanted us to invest on some unknown that we never hear of, what do you mean by this!”

The assistant director who was still in Shen Yan side, intervened,

“What are you saying, what do you mean Shen Yan is not letting you invest? What do you want to buy or where do you want to invest Shen Yan never force any of it besides she only asked me to invest and not you guys.”

The group of artist don’t know the relationship between the assistant director and Li Jun, they just thinks that Li Jun hated the assistant director, after all if Li Jun doesn’t hate the assistant director how can he order the assistant director to send out lunches for the crew?

Mocking him, they replied.

“Since Shen Yan asked you to buy then go and buy it, aren’t she talking to you, why aren’t you buying it!”

The assistant director was also stubborn and firm. He took out his phone directly,

“Who said I won’t buy? If it weren’t for you I could have bought it much earlier!”

Although he said that the assistant director’s hand holding the phone was shaking and he subconsciously glance at Shen Yang.

Li Jun hurried over and held the assistant director’s hand,

“What are you doing?!”

“Buy stocks!”

After speaking with trembling hands he bought one hundred thousand stock worth.


Hands still trembling the assistant director held his mobile phone to show it around and said,

“Look, I bought it. You just wait for my stock to rise!”

Li Jun wanted to ask the assistant director if he turned silly after ordering him to give lunch boxes.

 Shen Yan smiled and said,

“Assistant director, you must accompany me I will open an account later, I’ll also buy one hundred stock worth.”

After buying it Shen Yan will need to eat pickled mustards tuber for the next few months, she maybe in the entertainment industry for many years but earning and saving it is the same with spending it especially since she needs to maintain “some” image as a celebrity.

Fortunately, there are still some pays that have not been settle for filming as concubine Lan, after settling the payment she should be able to upgrade from eating pickled mustard tuber to instant noodles.

Yu Ran’s stock market will probably fall when Shen Yan was done and will continue to fall down all the way.

And for the Chen’s, it will rise steadily and then earn more.

The assistant director is a little bit more confident although he thinks Shen Yan is just talking casually but as Shen Yang bole* he needs to cooperate”

(TL:* good judge of talent/talent scout)

“Well after you finish filming, I will accompany you in opening an account and buy stocks.”

Li Jun glared at the assistant director, he planned to buy more shares on Yu Ran and then help the assistant director—he doesn’t really like this Shen Yan that much.

Zhang He, who had not spoken throughout the conversation smiled at Shen Yang before saying,

“I didn’t think you know about stocks very well and as for assistant director although you bought it from Chen group just think of it as charity, the group was sold cheaply abroad.”

Hearing what his boyfriend said He Han pinched Zhang He to talk more but he didn’t continue.

Shen Yan remembered that a long time later, He Han boyfriend will hook up with Chu Chu who was also one of Zhou Ruo’s artist, she wonder if it was this boyfriend.

Everyone heard what Zhang He said, one by one there were even more determined that this Yu Ran stock could make more money, they got together in two’s and three groups saying that they were going to open an account.

Shen Yan retorted,

“I think Chen’s…”

But before she could finish talking, Li Jun interrupted,

“Okay, let’s resume filming.”

After speaking he smiled at Zhang He friendly,

“We will have a dinner together at noon, we can talk about this stocks by then.”

“But my boyfriend is a bit busy, maybe next time.”

The director wanted to say something but He Han took Zhang He’s arm again,

“Didn’t you say that you still have to attend a business meeting, just go ahead,”

Zhang he didn’t have any business meeting, he bought stocks to make money but He Han drag him over to become an investor. He wanted to make a business with the remaining money but it was not enough so he bought more stocks and just wait for the stock to grow and make money for him.

But since He Han said he has business meeting then he could only say so.

Director Li Jun doesn’t like Shen Yan and wants to find fault while filming but Shen Yan’s temperament is the same as concubine Lan so he really can’t fault, also Shen Yan acting skills were always good.

Shen Yan was filming her last scene this morning, she was sitting in the pavilion and a palace lady came said to her that the emperor had stroke. Acting, Shen Yan felt that she was doing a good job and could pass one take but Li Jun called for a cut.

“Shen Yan the emperor had a stroke, you and the emperor are had an intimate relationship but your emotions are lacking.”

Shen Yan sat there without moving, she only raised her eyes and look at Li Jun.

“Okay, once more, take two!”

Shen Yang’s voice was cold,

“Why don’t you find a good director to teach me how to act properly, if you can’t find any then my acting skills could only be this level. As the director you might as well change your profession?”

“Shen Yan!”

“Upload the scene just now on the internet and let the netizens see if my acting is good or not.”

Nobody dared to talk or intervene, they are all watching Shen Yan and Li Jun.

After waiting for a long time Li Jun didn’t speak, Shen Yan stood up and said.

“I’m finished here.”

She doesn’t want to cause grievances but she doesn’t want to be wronged also. The big deal is not whether they will filmed it again or not but whether they filmed it with another person with what she already filmed.



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