Chapter 48

Jiang Hengshu sat on one side and looked at him, since his legs were very long he stretched it little bit forward, Fu Zhen squatted beside him his head almost touching his thigh and Fu Zhen breath warm breath spreads to his body piercing his clothes, Jiang Hengshu’s muscle were tight and his tongue rolled in his mouth.

Only on the surface he still looks calm, his eyes are gentle with a slight smile.

The air in the room seemed to be even hotter and there was a rustling noise from the plastic bag Fu Zhen was holding. He then pushed the box back under the bed and raise the chopsticks in front of Jiang Hengshu,

“Let’s eat together.”

“I already ate.” Jiang Hengshu shook his head and replied otherwise he would bought two chopsticks.

Fu Zhen put the pair of chopsticks that was taken out, he has never been in love or in a relationship before so he can only please Jiang Hengshu on his own way awkwardly and hesitantly.

Maybe couples shouldn’t use words to please each other, he just hoped that Jiang Hengshu would be happier when he was with him than when he was alone.

Fu Zhen clipped a small steamed bun to Jiang Hengshu’s mouth, Jiang Hengshu was taken aback he didn’t expect Fu Zhen to do this. His black eye were as dazzling as obsidian under the light and his figure was reflected inside. Jiang Hengshu opened his mouth and swallowed it in one go.

Fu Zhen squinted his eye and looked very pleased, he was sitting next to Jiang Hengshu holding the preserved egg porridge brought back by Jiang Hengshu he once again fed him with xiaolongbao without any mind.

Jiang Hengshu felt a little strange, he pulled the collar of his sweater and folded his legs together—the air in the room became even hotter.

Seeing that Fu Zhen wanted to fed him again, Jiang Hengshu spoke first,

“You eat it, I won’t eat anymore.”

The room was quiet, only Fu Zhen beside Jiang Hengshu made a small chewing sound could be heard, Jiang Hengshu raised his head and look at Fu Zhen’s room.

In fact, there is nothing beautiful, Fu Zhen’s room is small and so cramped, it won’t fit any large furniture except a bed. The walls are full of old and yellowed scratches, Fu Zhen sketchbook was placed at the end of the bed, Jiang Hengshu knew that every page in there was a drawing of himself.

After Fu Zhen had his dinner, he was about the to pack up the plastic bag and throw them into the garbage by the door, planning to throw them away when he will go out tomorrow.

Jiang Hengshu retracted his gaze and said to him,

“Tomorrow we will go out for dinner.”


 Fu Zhen blinked and the movements of his hands stopped, as if he didn’t hear what Jiang Hengshu had said.

Jiang Hengshu calmly added,

“I’ll introduced a few friend to you.”

Fu Zhen immediately understood what Jiang Hengshu meant, generally speaking after entering into a relationship most people will post a couples photo in moments or weibo to announce to those who follow them that they are not single. Now Jiang Hengshu wants to introduce him to his friends the meaning should be the same.

Fu Zhen was very happy, this means that Jiang Hengshu decision to be in this relationship was not on impulse—which could fill Fu Zhen’s heart from the sense of loss.

If possible he also wanted to introduce Jiang Hengshu to people he knew well but he seemed to have no one to tell.

When that happened, his relatives and friends all stood up on Tang Wanwan’s side accusing him of using such cruel ways to deal with a girl not to mention that girl was his half-sister.

The argument between him and Tang Wanwan at that time had reached a white-hot stage. After being taught by Tang Wanwan and Qin Zhao at that time, he just wanted to teach Tang Wanwan a little lesson but it ended up infuriating Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting.

He didn’t know why it happened but the plot was instead turned out, was that he was cruel and wanted to disable Tang Wanwan.

But in the end the one who was disable was he himself.

But what’s the point of thinking of these now, it just adds to his worry.

Afterwards, Fu Zhen often thought perhaps he was really not likable than Tang Wanwan so after that happened everyone left him.

Now, he finally has a life of his own, he has walked out of the shadow of that incident a little bit. Those in the past will one day be completely sealed in the distant memory by him and when he gets old it will be buried in the soil with him.

Jiang Hengshu noticed the changes in Fu Zhen’s mood, he did not speak but watched him quietly when Fu Zhen moods gradually stabilized he asked,

“Will you go?”

Fu Zhen nodded, “Go.”

He put the trash at the door standing in front of Jiang Hengshu, looking at the man sitting on his bed—something more intimate had already happened between them but at this time Fu Zhen still felt a little hot on his face.

The light on of the incandescent lamp above his head is not soft, Fu Zhen’s shadow is reflected on Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu raised his head, two pair of eyes intertwined, Fu Zhen seemed to be bewitched and took two steps forward.

Jiang Hengshu’s legs was already spread apart and Fu Zhen stood in the middle of his legs, he raised his hands on Jiang Hengshu’s shoulder.

And then…?

What to do? Fu Zhen pursed his lips, he didn’t know it himself he could only look at Jiang Hengshu’s blue crystal eyes.



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