Chapter 5

I know that person! He had a terrible end!

What else could be there, this is not written on the novel!

Lost on her thoughts, Jiang Liangchan could hear an energetic voice, a woman stood next to her and apologized,

“Master, forgive me, the Hua Shan is a little bit late.”

Jiang Liangchan immediately turned to look at her.

It is worthy of being a man’s favorite even if her status is low, not gorgeously dressed and has a light make up—it’s simple like a fairy.

The brows are perfectly curved, eyes are full of spring water there seems to be countless sorrow in it—so pitiful, she is really a little beauty who make people pity at first sight.

The little beauty was a little flustered by her gaze, enduring the fear and did not take a step back.

Yesterday Chen Fang came to her and told her that starting today, a guest officer may come to her and find troubles, and asked her to be careful.

If this person really came here to find trouble, she will send someone to find Chen Fang and ask for help.

Although Chen Fang didn’t clearly state the identity of the person in front of her, but Hua Shan understand that this person’s identity should be a noble and not a commoner, she definitely can’t afford to offend her.

Moreover others might be fooled by the sight of her wearing men’s clothes, thinking that she is particularly a handsome boy.

But being in the brothel painting fan, she had seen many man and women through her job, it only took her a few glances and realized that this young man is actually a young lady.

A splendid young lady who is pretending to be a man, and Chen Fang probably knows her since he reminder her to pay attention.

For some reason Hua Shan felt a little uncomfortable.

Jiang Liangchan stared at her and asked,

“Are you the one who will paint the fan?”

Didn’t this young lady hit someone because she was told that she looked like her?

Did she forget or is my status not worthy for her to remember?

The uncomfortable feeling Hua Shan had, become stronger, her expression constricted, still lowering her eyes she answered in a soft voice,


Jiang Liangchan didn’t notice the changes on her expression, she was still thinking on how to change the plot.

According to the novel, she would start to find faults now.

It is impossible to find trouble, and she dared not find any trouble in this life.

In the story Jiang Liangchan came to the brothel this time and directly verbally insulted her, except for her face, she also cursed everyone in the brothel turning everything into chaos.

Fan painting is one of the most prestigious work in the brothel, especially since they are cultivated by the new oiran*. The oiran was proficient in both; piano, chess, calligraphy and painting.

She saw it when she came in just now, almost all of the girls sitting at the table is playing pipa*, she thinks that this is one of the basic skill for everyone here in the brothel, and since Hua Shan was describe was excellent in the novel, she could also be proficient in other things.

(TL: *string musical instrument)

Girls loves to listen to flattery, when she finished painting her fan, she will flatter her casually so that she could save her face.

The girls in the brothel has an opening performance every day, when the guest at each table leave they would also leave some money under the plate, after the end of the day they will count their revenue and if the income is low they will be scolded.

She brought with her some money to buy some beauty*, and help her redeem her face. This hatred shouldn’t be that deep yet, right?

(TL:* buying a prostitute for a night, in her case bribing the FL)

This countermeasure should be safe and has no problems.

Aiya, she’s so clever like a genius.

Unexpectedly as soon as her words fell, the girl in front of her had stiffened and was biting her lip in embarrassment.

The young guest who was sharing the table with Jiang Liangchan turned its head and glance at the girl.

Jiang Liangchan vaguely understood something as the girl answered in silence.

However before she could react, her dear friend on the same table had already spoken out,

“Since this young master has ordered, you should play quickly. What are you waiting for?”

This dear friend of hers also took a girl earlier after he sat down and ordered to play guzheng* and pipa, she was good and they were very satisfied listening to her.

(TL:* Chinese pluck zither)

Hearing that, the girl who played the guzheng and pipa secretly disdain the girl in front of Jiang Liangchan and raised her head pridefuly

The girl became even more embarrassed, she bowed her head lowered looking very guilty.

“Gongzi* please forgive me, I can only paint fan and does not know how to play pipa.”

(TL: * young master)

The other girls sneered obviously.

The girl concealed her resentment and embarrassment in her eyes, maintaining her guilty posture while her nail almost buried into her palm.

She has a strong personality and has been competitive since she was a child, although she was sold to the brothel by her parents she was still treated as good merchandise because of her good looks.

She already has planned her future, based on her talent and beauty. If her parents didn’t come to redeem her in the future she could be a poetry historian, there is no need to sell her body and her worth would still be high, others would not dare to look down on her.

The only things is that she is not very familiar with is music, and she is slower compared to others who was learning pipa and guzheng.

But she has graceful posture and dances beautifully, so usually she will actively ask to dance and avoid her shortcoming and could still be full of glory.

It happened that this person has ordered her weakest as soon as she came and made her a laughingstock.

She finally understood, she must have mentioned herself yesterday that she looked like her (Jiang Liangchan). This young lady must be very annoyed and today she must have come here to throw her into the mud to let her know who she is, and thinks she deserves to be hit on the face by this famous lady.

And that she a good family background.

Hua Shan was furious, but she just lowered her head more..

Jiang Liangchan didn’t know what she was thinking, she only thought that she has a graceful body, soft and flexible.

Ah so envious!

As expected of the male lead, no wonder he was worried with his white moonlight.

She wanted to give a big applause but right now, she is not at the advantage.

The novel probably created a perfect image for the white moonlight but still put on a little weakness.

Anyways, she didn’t come here to insult but in the end she was still a vicious girl who humiliated the white moonlight.



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